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What Is GSR

Wondering what is GSR? Global Shopping Rewards is an e-commerce business where you “Shop where you normally shop and get paid for it“.

I am a Brand Ambassador of GSR; so are any of the leaders in my team who I may ask to help you.

Do you shop online, or do you know anyone else who shops online? If so…. GSR is for you

About Global Shopping Rewards – Taster Video

Here's a very short video to give you a taster of the appeal of GSR for earning additional income.

(VIP Global is our free training partner)

Start Free With GSR

risk free online businessYou can stay a free customer earning cash-back OR you can build a business (full-time / part-time).

Your choice. To check out GSR and our support system you may start by opening a FREE  customer account.

This is 100% risk-free.

Stay as a free store owner for as long as you like and still shop / share/ get paid (see video).

Build A Business With GSR

If you like the concept of getting paid to shop online, you can upgrade to be a Brand Ambassador with a one-time purchase of a marketing kit $499, plus a monthly hosting fee of $24.97 after 30 days.

No auto-ship required. Choose from hundred of products every month. If you choose to turn GSR into a business, never again will your team quit because they're fed up with buying the same product every month!

I upgraded to be a paid store owner to access extra ways to earn.

You'll understand why, when you spend a little time learning about us, but there is no pressure.

Where Is GSR Available?

Our cash back stores are available in USA, UK and Canada. Coming soon to Australia.

If your country isn't open yet, you can use Drop-Shipping to help you earn and make the sales you need to qualify for commission, but be aware that needs skill and more effort. In some countries it may not be feasible – contact me to tell me your country and I'll check for you.

Why Join GSR Soonest?

From the day I joined them, GSR have been giving me members whose purchases I can earn on. Why would they do that?

There's no such thing as a free lunch, so I had to qualify for those commissions. But don't be “put off” by that. Qualification is simpler than you may think – and there are several different paths you can take.

In many years of online business, I have never yet seen a company share profits from its Global Sales Pool with members at such an early stage with the company.

Crypto Mining With GSR

One of the latest developments in GSR is their crypto-currency mining group.

At the moment it's in beta-testing, but soon it will be open to all members – free customers or Brand Ambassadors.

To stay in the loop about developments it's simple to Join GSR as a free member.

How To Enroll With GSR – Free

Looking at GSR is 100% risk-free. So to get your free GSR stores, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Send me a friend request on Facebook/joy.healey so I can plug you into our free support system.
  2. Ask for membership of our Facebook group to see what others think of GSR
  3. Choose the link you need for enrolling:   Join GSR UK / Rest of World   OR  Join GSR USA

Support For GSR Members

We have Facebook groups, chat boxes, regular training sessions and team calls. If you can't make these, most are recorded.

To advance right the way to the top of the career path with GSR I only need six upgraded members so the link above could be for you to enroll with one of my upgraded team leaders. They're looking to advance their careers with GSR too, so I have every incentive to give you the same support I would give if you joined direct with me … AND you have access to them, and the whole of our support team in your back office and other GSR members in Facebook groups.

More Information On GSR

I can arrange a 3-way call with one of our leaders to answer all your questions. This is how we work with new Brand Ambassadors to explain the business to others. So once you have joined, you will not be left to build your business alone. There are plenty of others to call upon.

Next Steps

  1. Scroll up a little to the risk-free enrollment instructions to claim your free e-commerce store.
  2. Contact me on so I can hook you up with one of my leaders. Just message me: “Help me with GSR”.
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