What Is TPS

Wondering what is TPS? TPS (The Perfect Solution) is an established e-commerce business, with over 1 MILLION members, where you “Shop, Share and Get Paid”.

I am an Independent Affiliate of TPS; so are any of the leaders in my team who I may ask to help you.

Do you shop online, or do you know anyone else who shops online? If so…. TPS is for you

About TPS – Taster Video

Here’s a very short video to give you a taster of the appeal of TPS for earning additional income.

Start Free With TPS

risk free online businessTry out TPS and our support system by opening a FREE account, and explore the 4 ways to get paid as a free store owner.

This is 100% risk-free.

Stay as a free store owner for as long as you like and still shop / share/ get paid (see video). No auto-ships.

I upgraded to be a paid store owner to access extra ways to earn.

You’ll understand why, when you spend a little time learning about us, but there is no pressure.

Where Is TPS Available?

countries where TPS is available

If your country’s flag is not showing here, we have free Drop-Shipping training to help you earn, but be aware that needs skill and more effort. In some countries it may not be feasible – contact me to tell me your country and I’ll check for you.

If your country’s flag is shown here, you’re in luck…. either:

BUT – don’t wait – there are important reasons to take your free starter account as soon as possible.

Why Join TPS ASAP?

From the day I opened my free store, TPS have given me over 7,000 members in 4 months. Why would they do that?

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, so I had to qualify for those commissions. But don’t be “put off” by that. Qualification is simpler than you may think – and there are several different paths you can take.

In many years of online business, I have never yet seen a company share profits from its Global Sales Pool with members at such an early stage with the company.

How To Enroll With TPS – Free

Looking at TPS is 100% risk-free. So to get your free TPS store, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Send me a friend request on Facebook/joy.healey so I can plug you into our free support system.
  2. Ask for membership of our TPS Prospects Group and read the pinned post. Tell the admin Joy Healey sent you.
  3. Your enroll link is in (4) below, but watch our “Get Started With TPS” video to avoid a couple of banana-skins (no need to wait for the friend request) here’s the link: http://vipglobal.web.rackdot.com/initial-steps  NO NEED to upgrade – it’s optional. Decide when you’ve had a look round!
  4. This is the link you need for enrolling: http://joyhealey.com/TPSEnroll We’re a global company so if the page doesn’t load in English,  select the best flag from the top left-hand dropdown. (Please read note on support below.)

Support For TPS Members

To advance right the way to the top of the career path with TPS I only need THREE upgraded members.

I already have these three, so the link above will probably be for you to enroll with one of my upgraded team leaders. They’re looking to advance their careers with TPS too, so I have every incentive to give you the same support I would give you… AND you have access to me, and the whole of our support team in your back office and in Facebook groups.

More Information On TPS

To learn the full power of TPS, watch this video that explains “What is TPS?” – the reasons why you should get involved – at the least at the free store level, to try us out.

Grab a cuppa – it’s well worth the time you spend. This 36 mins could change your entire online business career. It did for me!

Next Steps

  1. Scroll up a little to the risk-free enrollment instructions to claim your free e-commerce store.
  2. Contact me on Facebook.com/joy.healey so I can hook you up with one of my leaders. Just message me: “Help me with TPS, my enroller is (and include the enroller link from above).”.
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