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Blogging After Dark !

Are you trying to start an online business part-time? If so, I can really relate to your challenges – because I run my online business alongside a busy off-line business.

My online business goal is to provide a supplementary income for my retirement, to maintain the very comfortable lifestyle I have now.

If work from my offline clients is “all done and dusted” I can spend more time developing my online business – but when my offline clients send me work I have to put them first. Because they pay me very well 🙂

So you’ll find me Blogging After Dark…. when most sane people are asleep, watching TV, or enjoying a social life.

Starting an online business in your spare time CAN be done. It’s harder, but on the other hand you probably have the security of an income, so can divert some of that into paid resources / training to work smart rather than hard.

Follow my progress, on this blog, and I’ll tell you what has and hasn’t worked for me, so you can avoid my mistakes.

How I Will Help You

My name is Joy Healey and you can read more about me as a person, and how I got into Internet Marketing, further down.

But for readers in a hurry, wondering what they will find on this blog, my main aim is to prevent newcomers to online business from making the mistakes I made getting online.

If you will let me, I can save you:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Frustration

Claim A Free Consultation

I made more than my fair share of mistakes; YOU needn’t! For subscribers who have (or choose to) request free information on the Internet Marketing topic that most interests you, I offer a free consultation / coaching call on your chosen topic:

  • When taking any business online let me help you avoid the hurdles that tripped me up. I offer a 30 minute free consultation to get to know your needs. Learn more and contact me here.
  • Any business can benefit from a well-maintained blog – we’ll talk about the best way for YOU to have one.
  • OR – if you really don’t want a blog
  • Are you maintaining a list of the email addresses of your customers and prospects so that you can promote your products even if they don’t buy from you on the first site visit? If not – I can help with this: Learn about email Marketing Services. Hint: it’s easier to make a repeat sale to a happy existing client than to find a new one.

Whatever your industry, the skills I have learned in a life-time of self-employment and years of online business are transferable. So take advantage of my online experiences and training. If I don’t know to do something – I have trusted colleagues to turn to for solutions and will be happy to point you in their direction.

What We Will Discuss

First we need to establish what type of online business you want to run. I run online businesses in two areas:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Network Marketing

I have years of experience in both of these business models – some of it good and some of it bad, so I want to pass that info on in a free half hour consultation with YOU.

While both of these are great models when done ethically, many people – including me, in the past, have had challenges.

Why am I offering a free consultation? Because I hate to see what can be a life-changing industries tarnished because so many fail. Anything I can do to help reduce failure rates of online businesses will help the whole industry’s reputation.

Choose Your Online Strategy

From bitter experience I know what makes a program good and if Network Marketing is NOT for you, we can discuss the Affiliate Marketing option. Best learn the pitfalls of both up front, before before wasting time and money going down a route where you will fail.

In your free half-hour coaching call we can discuss what is right for YOU as you start your online business.

Follow the instructions and contact me here to request your free consultation.

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Affiliate Marketing

This has been my preferred route for earning an extra income online since I produced my own product and realized exactly how much time and effort is involved – over and over again!

I much prefer to promote a professionally produced product where the main (and technical) work has been done for me, leaving me to concentrate on the promotion – which I would have to do for my own product in any case!

So I started affiliate marketing….. but didn’t get the success I hoped for until I discovered that the most important skill for any online marketer is list building – see below.

Affiliate marketing is largely related to digital products (eBooks and training courses). If you prefer the idea of a physical product, Network Marketing may be the choice for you. Whichever you prefer, it’s important to be realistic and choose the right business for your time and finance available.

Learn List Building

Your number one online marketing skill should be list building, because your prospect / site visitor is very unlikely to make a purchase commitment first time they see your site, you should always take the opportunity of giving them a free taster of what you’re offering, to see if it’s of interest to them.

If they’re not on YOUR list, there’s every chance they’ll get onto someone else’s list and buy from them, having completely forgotten who you are (unless you have forged a good relationship with them in some other way). Sad but true.

Whether you’re new to Affiliate Marketing, or you’ve been online a while (like me) you’ll quickly discover that most course material is simply rehashed PLR – and you “knew it already”. I’m not saying I “know it all” – far from it! But I have been around the block a bit, and I really need to be convinced that a course is offering something new before I part with any money.

My main online business is in the Network Marketing (MLM) arena, for reasons explained below.

Network Marketing – Choosing A Company

Network Marketing has been the model that’s produced me the best returns over time – mainly because my online business is part-time, and I’m not good with technical stuff, so I like a “Done For You” business.

I have joined a few Network Marketing (MLM) companies. In some I have been very successful, but – being honest – I failed with the majority of them. This wasn’t because the products were bad, it was, quite simply that they didn’t fit into the time and / or budget I had available.

Furthermore, anyone I introduced had the same problem, so any team I built evaporated as soon as they found that the company wasn’t the “hoped for” fast route to riches.

I had given up on the idea of success with an MLM business – which was a shame, because in its purest form, network marketing is a superb, low-risk way to start a home business, part-time or full-time.

Then I was introduced to a business that solved all the problems I’d found before and – most importantly of all – (a) no monthly auto-ships (b) recruiting is completely optional, so it fits perfectly alongside my other family and business commitments.

Click here to learn how to plan your Future On The Net (affiliate link).

Below is a little about “me”, the person behind (or in front of!) the business.

My Story Started A Long Time Ago…

My business story, that is!  It’s too long a story to tell in full, but here are the main milestones:

  • I have been self-employed in the Information Technology industry for over 30 years now, as director of a software development company which, to this day, supports clients with bespoke software.
  • My very first software client is still a happy customer, and that business runs along well without too much intervention – leaving me to pursue other interests, one of which was complementary therapy, and – in particular – migraine.
  • I got so fascinated by all the different ways to prevent and treat migraine that I wrote an eBook on the subject – and decided to sell it online – like you do, before you realize “It’s not as easy as that!”

Several Headaches Later……

To cut a VERY long story short, selling my complementary health eBook online wasn’t the “walk in the park” I imagined it would be, even with all my years in the computer industry! But I did it, because I’m such a glutton for punishment.

After this experience I decided to concentrate on affiliate marketing, because – to be completely honest – even when I’d “put my all” into producing the eBook, there were better ones available!

If I had realized the importance of investing in training, I would have got started online faster than “teaching myself”.

  • During my “fight to get online” I made so many mistakes I still can’t believe I didn’t just “give up”. But I’m far too stubborn for that… and I learned such a a lot.
  • I’m still learning, because the best Internet Marketers agree that, as in life, if you stop learning, you slip backwards.
  • Of course it’s easier for me now, because over the years I have built up a network of trusted colleagues that I can turn to for help.
  • In recent months I am proud to have been featured on these other blogs.

The Fruits Of My Learning

So… after a few false starts, I have put together everything I learned over the last few years starting an online business, and here is my dual path for 2017 and beyond.

Both are free to start, but remember – you only earn money when sales of products / services are made to genuine customers (which can include yourself).

  • TPS – “The Perfect Solution”, e-commerce stores. Prelaunch in the UK, fully live in USA.
  • e-Conomize – Help people save money getting the best deal on bills they would pay anyway.
  • UK ReadersCheck YOUR bills, never pay more again for utilities, telecoms, business broadband

Joy Healey The Offline Person!

That was “Joy Healey the business-person”, now I’d like to introduce you to “the real Joy Healey”.


  • I live in the beautiful city of Norwich, UK and have two sons, two grand-daughters and three grand-dogs Bailey (shown on on the left), Bella and Dog-Dog.
  • My elder son, Russ, is the computing genius who helps my business by rescuing me when technology gets the better of me – all too often! He has an IT degree and worked for 7 years as a network support engineer for a major international company until redundancy struck. He is now pursuing his own business, and supporting mine!
  • My younger son, Matt, has a successful property business. He keeps my house comfortable, looking just the way I want it – and in good repair.Lucy-web
  • I’m blessed that they both have lovely ladies who let me share in their lives.
  • I also have two beautiful grand-daughters (right)
  • In my personal life I’m a confirmed workaholic, but very undomesticated round the house.
  • I enjoy good food, good wine and….. CHOCOLATE!
  • I’m a member of the Norwich University of the Third Age described as “for people no longer in full time employment”. We have courses in Arts, Music, Current Events, Psychology, Languages, Yoga, Maths and even Computing for Beginners. Russ sometimes threatens to enrol me for that one!

  • My other hobbies are Line-dancing, which is great fun. Our brand of line-dancing isn’t “yee-hah” with thumbs in belts. We go for a “sparkly” style which is much more fun. I like getting dressed up in my glitz
  • I love reading – crime fiction mostly

So there’s a whirl-wind tour of my life and “out-of-working-hours” interests to date. No wonder I hardly ever get to bed before 2am. You can usually find me “Blogging After Dark“.

Before you go, remember to contact me and suggest convenient times for your free half hour consultation. Talk soon!


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Angela McCall - February 3, 2013

Wow…you are a remarkable woman, Joy! Self-employed for 30 years, that’s AMAZING!!!! And I like your approach to preventing migraine via drug-free treatment. So, not only you are a nutritionist, you are also a programmer. Double AMAZING!!! Coz you know if you have at least knowledge on designs, HTML, and variables, it really helps your business online.

Well, I have been a freelance graphic designers since I graduated from school in the early 90”s but didn’t venture my business online till NOW…so you are my INSPIRATION. Keep doing a great job. I’m so glad I have met you. I am truly blessed by you.

Joy - February 3, 2013

Kind of you to say so, but graphics totally defeat me!

I do VERY little in the HTML side of things, but sometimes it’s handy to know the basics.

Darleen Prangue - April 3, 2018

Hello there Joy,

This is Darleen Prangue from makingmoney2blog.com

I just saw your comment at a good friend of mine – Richard Monssen.

The purpose that I am writing this letter is to make my blogger network circle wider.

If you could accept, I would like to share my thoughts about SEO with your audience.

Well, probably you get a lot of these “outreach” cold emails, but this ain’t one of them.

I am truly trying to get more people into my circle, where you could benefit too. Other fellow bloggers would come here comment, critic my writings, they always do both of them, lol!

Wouldn’t be better people to comment and share your articles?

Well, that’s what exactly I want to achieve.



    Joy - April 14, 2018

    Hi Darleen,

    I’d love to have your thoughts about SEO on my blog. It’s an area I’m not very good at – so if you’d like to submit a guest article, please do so.

    Rathe bizarrely my requirements are outline in the post http://joyhealey.com/rejecting-guest-articles/ which I wrote after getting fed up with some of the submissions I had.

    Hope you don’t find them too onerous and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Cute Pet Dogs - October 29, 2018

Appreciate you sharing your story Joy, and interesting to read about your Information Technology experience. Your blog is informative, and I really like your writing style, and infographics. Maybe in the future you can share a blog post about Bailey and Dog-Dog with lots of cute pictures.

Best Regards,


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