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buildonce250x250I know all networkers and Internet Marketers believe that theirs is the best compensation plan, but my Premier Cashback sponsor Kevin has made a video that shows how this business compares to traditional networking / multi-level marketing businesses.

(A huge thank-you to Kevin for use of these images and the video – I couldn’t have done this without him!)

Seeing the video just reinforces to me that we have here the fairest and best network marketing compensation plan I have ever seen.

But I’d like you to watch the video yourself, and make up your own mind.

Kevin’s video is aimed primarily at ex-networkers (like me just a few weeks ago) and it compares two typical MLM compensation plans with the way Premier Cashback works.

Grab a coffee and watch this excellent video that’s freely available to be used by people in my team who choose to spread the word about Premier Cashback – because remember, that’s optional.

Even passive members will get paid, but as a passive member you can’t control WHEN you get cashback – because you’re relying on other people generating purchases on your behalf. However you will have received the goods you paid for, so any cashback – for doing nothing – is surely a bonus 🙂

After seeing the video you may like to study the frames I’ve extracted below as being the most important for any networkers familiar with the usual pitfalls of MLM: the reasons I, and maybe you, failed in previous multi-level marketing programs.

Loyalty Card Concept

First a quick reminder of the “loyalty card” and “tell a friend” concepts on which Premier Cashback is based. On the left, a typical loyalty program, on the right the Premier Cashback loyalty program.


With most loyalty card plans, your card will only fill when you make purchases yourself.

Every time you make a purchase in one of Premier Cashback’s partners’ shops your “card” is stamped, and when your card completes, you get cash-back. Like a typical loyalty card program.

BUT…. the Premier Cashback card can be “stamped”

  • When you make purchases in any of the partners’ shops
  • When friends / customers you introduced make purchases
  • When their customers make purchases (etc)
  • When other members worldwide make purchases
  • AND EVEN when non-members buy direct from Chartfords Gallery
  • Your card can even fill with purchases made in shops other than the shops you use!

So your card fills far faster than if it was based solely on your own purchases – AND you will get an interim payment.

That’s really taking the best of the network marketing business model and applying it to your advantage.

Network Structure – Ideal

When you’ve seen presentations of network marketing plans in the past, you will probably have been shown an “ideal” scenario, like the one below, where everyone introduces three people (which sounds SO achievable on the face of it) and it’s assumed that these groups of three all hit their monthly sales targets, and everyone is happily making their commissions.

Network Structure – What Really Happens

In truth that rarely happens. The actual network is much more uneven because very few people actually introduce three in the first place, then as people fail to achieve their sales targets they become disillusioned and leave.

The network fragments, incomes drops and eventually the “General” at the top of the tree moves onto the next project – where the same probably happens. Has this happened to you?

Network Marketing Retention Rate

The most important statistic about any network marketing compensation plan is what the retention rate is.

It’s a fact that in most network marketing plans 80% of people fall-out – or in other words, fail. Because you wouldn’t be likely to “quit”, as the “generals” sneeringly call it, if you were making money!


Distributors in other network marketing businesses often leave because they get frustrated by the cost of auto-ships, and may even end up purchasing goods they don’t need, just to retain the ranks they reached.

Premier Cashback has a 100% retention rate because you only need to make ONE initial purchase to stay a member. When you qualify for any rank, your retain it.

There are NO monthly commitments. There is an annual fee of c$250 paid into the “world wide pool” BUT you only pay that after you ave earned at least $1000. 50% of that goes to the company, and 50% is distributed to Emerald and Diamond members.

rankAnd that (above) is why Premier Cashback has 100% retention of its members.

Let’s look briefly at some more networking structures.

Binary Compensation Plan

binary compensation planA popular compensation plan is the “Binary”.

This looks good in theory because you only have two people on each level and the rest “spill over” onto the levels below, helping you build your business. The catch is that you get paid on your “balanced” legs.

In practice what usually happens is that one leg (in this example the right leg) fills up far faster than the other. For “pay-outs” the company “draws a line” across the legs at the balanced point (here 20k) and pays you on that portion.

In the better companies the remainder is held over for you to “catch up” next month – although you probably never do – but in some companies that money goes upline / to the company.

Breakaway Compensation Plans

break-away-px_250One of the worst features I’m aware of in compensation plans is the breakaway. In a nutshell, in some plans if someone you have introduced reaches / supercedes your attainment level, they break away from your organisation and you lose the majority – or all – of what you were earning from them.

So, you’re more or less living in fear of your team’s success, because it will cost you. Obviously the company designs the plan like this so that you’re continually running to keep up and find new business – but what a way to live.

Don’t get me wrong – there are some very successful distributors making a lot of money with companies using breakaway type models. But it can be something of a treadmill having to replace successful distributors as well as unsuccessful ones.

Let’s face it, life can get in the way of your business – especially if it’s a part-time business, like mine.

I prefer the more relaxed approach of Premier Cashback, because when ANY member, worldwide, is successful we all rejoice, because everyone is “pushed along” by everyone else’s success.

And if life throws me a curve-ball my rank and team will still be there when I come back.

Support Bonuses If You CHOOSE To Be Active

I mentioned that introducing others to the Premier Cashback is optional, but here are the support bonuses you’ll get in the Alpha and Omega plans if you introduce new customers. These are to compensate active members for their help in growing the company and supporting new customers.

Alpha, Omega, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond are different levels in the plan. Alpha and Omega are available to all members, the others are subject to qualifications.
I won’t describe levels beyond Ruby – the position I’m working towards – but the ultimate aim is to become an Emerald or Diamond Premier Cashback member and participate in the World Wide Members pool.
I hope that extracting these slides from the video has been helpful – if only to temp you to watch the whole video. It really IS well worth your time and should change how you feel if you’ve had any bad experiences of networking companies. Having watched the video, if there are any points that you don’t understand, please contact me on Facebook.

You can register for a free Premier Cashback account here to look round with no obligation. When you’ve done that, please contact me and I’ll introduce you into the Facebook group where you can watch more videos and meet the rest of our team.

More Information About Premier Cashback

But first you need to register – see below….

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Donna Merrill - August 29, 2015

Hi Joy,

As promised from your last blog post you sure have given us the entire plan! It must have taken you a long time to put this together.

The information is so clear and the visuals are amazing. Now, I do have a clear understand of this!

Thanks so much,


    Joy - August 30, 2015

    Hi Donna,

    I’m pleased you think I’ve made it clearer. I had a LOT of help from my sponsor!

    Thanks for your feedback which encouraged me to add some clarifications.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Joy

Barrie Evans - August 30, 2015

Interesting. I’ve never thought of a loyalty card having such a compensation set up. Certainly an eye opener for me and possibly something to think about.
Thank you.

    Joy - August 30, 2015

    Hi Barrie,

    It’s a great concept and what I like is that it takes away ALL the problems that cause people (well… me!) to fail in the past, because after your initial purchase you can get on with the rest of your life – OR take action to build a business. All as and when you have the time.

    This is a real “keeper” for me, after years of struggling.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Joy

Erika Mohssen - September 5, 2015

Hi Joy ,
you did a amazing job explaining this ,
I am sure it was a lot or work 🙂
All sounds very interesting and
seems something worth thinking about .
Thank you

    Joy - September 6, 2015

    Thanks Erika,

    It’s the result of a lot of teamwork. Never had such amazing support in a team before.

    Busy couple of weeks ahead!


Mary Sloane - September 5, 2015

This is a great description and you have really laid out a complicated plan very clearly. I now have an excellent idea why you and your team consider this to be the best compensation plan.

all the best


    Joy - September 6, 2015

    Thanks Mary – I had a LOT of help from my sponsor 🙂

    And over the past weekend the health products launched successfully.

    Busy times ahead!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Joy


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