Customer Loyalty Rewards

Would you like to be rewarded for customer loyalty? I get regular customer loyalty rewards. Read how below.

But first, my little rant….

How NOT To Treat Loyal Customers

This week I had to buy my annual motor insurance again. I dread this each year because it takes up (probably) half a day of my time trying to hunt down the best deal and remember all the apparent traps set by insurance companies, but mainly because the renewal concept on which it is based is so stupid.

My instinct with my OWN customers is to reward my loyal and regular clients with my best attention, to KEEP them loyal.

But oh no, that must be very silly of me, because many of the “big” companies I spend money with have a different approach. Something along the lines of…. “To hell with loyal customers, we’ve ‘hooked’ them, let’s just find some new suckers.”

However, the home business I am promoting believes in rewarding loyal customers. To see how, scroll down to: Rewards For Loyal Premier Cashback Customers.

Time To Compare The Market!

Meerkat200x355useAs a potentially loyal customer, I gave the old company a chance to quote to retain my business, but “Company A” that was great throughout the year and welcomed me as a customer last year, now wants on renewal to charge me double the best comparable quote I found elsewhere. Yes, double! I wouldn’t bother for a few quid more, but double is just taking the Mickey.

I’m no boy-racer, nor am I completely in my dotage (yet), and my usual annual mileage is below 5,000. The only change to my driving circumstances over the year has been that I’ve added yet another “conviction-free and claim-free” year of driving to my previous 25+ years.

Even Company A’s telephone renewal support lady was embarrassed and apologetic. She must get the same complaint over and over again, because I can’t imagine there are many people who don’t yet know to shop around and visit the many online comparison sites. What a waste of everyone’s time, processing switching documents instead of rubber stamping a renewal! (Don’t get me started on banks and utility companies….)

Because I don’t have money to burn, every year I visit my favorite comparison site CompareTheMarket.com and as expected I found a great deal and switched to “Company B” who is offering me a great welcome price this year, plus a Meerkat toy like Sergei (pictured in the fur above). Sadly I suspect that next year I’ll have to do the same old hunt round.

Another Example Is Satellite TV

I was a happy and a pretty trouble-free customer with Sky for years; loyal you could say. Then my fairly ancient TV box broke down so I rang to ask for another. They would only supply me with a new one if I paid (from memory) £100. I was fairly outraged that they would treat a loyal customer like that so after a bit of argument I upped-sticks and moved to Virgin Media and have been delighted with them ever since.

Sky then proceeded to try and “win back my lost custom” by sending mail-shots for MONTHS – including, you guessed it, an offer of a free satellite box. Why couldn’t they have just done that in the first place and rewarded a loyal customer who would probably have stayed with them for years more out of sheer inertia? Having moved away, with that bad memory, there is no way I would switch back to them from Virgin!

Why Are Customer Rewards Only For New Customers?

It’s not even quite the end of the story with my arrival at Virgin. I love their service. In fact their cable Broadband has been the only reliable service I can make work in this suburb of London that is, bizarrely, “too far from the telephone exchange” for reliable Broadband. But it’s so irritating that they keep delivering information about offers to NEW customers that aren’t available to me, as a loyal customer? Well, of course I know the answer to that, and I suppose it makes sense, but why don’t these big companies offer rewards for loyal customers.

Actually, I have to confess, I’m being a little unfair to Virgin, as they HAVE regularly upgraded my Broadband speeds over the years. (Unlike the ISA and saving companies that trap you with great interest rates and forget to mention it when they’ve dropped the rate to flumpence.)

So, hats off to VirginMedia and CompareTheMarket. Boo-hiss to Sky and insurance companies.

Rewards For Loyal Premier Cashback Customers

Well, I’ve had my little rant, I’ve got my cheap car insurance deal.

So what’s the point of this article?

Well, the comparison between how loyal customers vs new customers are treated is very relevant to me at the moment because the business I am promoting is built around the familiar concepts of

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Cashback Rewards
  • Tell-a-friend

These values sit well with me, because they reflect the ethics I was brought up with in my parents’ family business. I have carried forward into my own business life.

Premier Cashback Customer Loyalty Rewards

cashback rewardsIn short, Premier Cashback supplies top quality products to a loyal group of regular customers. If you choose to purchase health (or any other products) through the Premier Cashback umbrella the company rewards you with generous cash rewards based on:

  • Your own purchases of quality goods, when AND ONLY WHEN you want to buy them
  • Purchases of your friends (IF you recommend any – it’s optional)
  • Purchases of other clients worldwide that you will probably never meet!

Learn More About Premier Cashback RewardsCash Rewards125x125

A short article today – too much time wasted on the phone with motor insurance companies!

But if this article has sparked any interest in earning cashback rewards on your purchases, you can do so as a customer. There are no regular purchases required. Just buy when / if you want to.

Or you can get involved as a sideline income with no sales targets to reach.

A Part-time Or Full-time Business With Premier Cashback Rewards

Premier Cashback offers an excellent part-time or full-time business for anyone looking for an extra income. Because it has no sales targets, and ranks attained are never lost, it genuinely CAN fit round your existing commitments.

Premier Cashback is completely product based and all cashback rewards are funded entirely by product purchases.

For an overview view of “What Is Premier Cashback?” click HERE.

Click HERE to learn about the best cashback rewards plan I’ve found in home business.

For answers to your questions, request an invitation to a free Premier Cashback webinar.

Or watch a short video about Premier Cashback and open a free account (no obligation to make any purchase).

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Mary Sloane - September 14, 2015

Boy that is hard to believe although our cable companies do the same thing they fight like mad to gain you and do nothing and make no effort to keep you

Strange attitude

Sp people bounce from company to company to company annually

We only have one car insurer, which is a government sponsored insurer. so you are guaranteed of bad service.

Really makes you wonder why people open businesses in the first place, if they are only there to pi_ _ people off

Great article


    Joy - September 18, 2015

    Hi Mary

    Yes, it’s really incredible. I wasn’t brought up that way at all in the family business.

    Interesting what you say about the one government sponsored insurer – I didn’t know that 🙂

    Thanks for your comment, Joy

Theodore Nwangene - September 16, 2015

Hello Joy,
This is really a good post and i agree all your points. Its always very necessary for a company to be rewarding their loyal customers very well because it will make them to stick around for long without looking at your competitors.

I’ve also experienced the same attitude SKY gave to you and it made me to quickly migrate to somewhere else, where i will be appreciated.

    Joy - September 18, 2015

    Hi Theodore,

    I think we all like our custom to be appreciated, and why not? These companies should remember we have a choice.


Deborah Ten Brink - September 28, 2015

Oh my, Joy:

I hope you don’t mind me saying so but you got me laughing right away! (That’s a good thing!). Your frustration is apparent, but you keep your sense of humor and just push on.

We went “unplugged” earlier this year (no satellite, cable, or paid TV period). We are loving it! We get to watch only what we want to watch and don’t pay for TV at all. It fits our lifestyle perfectly. I was tired of satellite and cable packages that charged us for things we would never ever watch in order to get the few we did want to watch. Why can’t we pay a la-carte? In other words, decide which channels and shows we wanted and only receive and pay for those channels? Oh, well, that makes too much sense!

What a great post Joy, I feel your pain and frustration but you persevered and you made it through!


    Joy - September 28, 2015

    Hi Deborah,

    Yes, it’s crazy isn’t it – your approach would be much too sensible!!!

    I actually watch very little TV and even the cheapest package gives me far more than I ever have chance to watch. I suppose what I’m actually paying for is the ability to have my preferences recorded automatically so that when I DO get round to watching, there’s something I want to see – AND I can skip the adverts LOL

    Also it’s good to have the catchup on the Kids TV for times like now when my grand-daughters (1 and 3) come to stay and desperation kicks in!

    Yes, if you didn’t laugh you’d cry 🙂


Ravi Chahar - October 29, 2015

Hi Joy,

Customer service is an important thing to focus for companies.

When we talk about rewards then it should be provided to regular customers only. Though they may provide it to any new customer so that giving that reward may add another regular customer in the list.

You frustration is genuine. Companies should pay attention to their customers. Buying a motor insurance should be done by comparing with the price of other companies.

Great post.
Have a nice day.

    Joy - October 29, 2015

    Hi Ravi,

    That’s another good technique you mention – rewarding regular customers for introducing new ones. In fact it’s the basis for the growth of Premier Cashback, but a softer approach, because with Premier Cashback it’s optional rather than compulsory.

    I can think of some “conventional” (non-MLM) companies that reward their current customers for sending their friends, but not many. Hopefully the trend will grow.


Romjan Dhayan - November 13, 2015

Yeah, Exactly. You’re absolutely right. Loyal customers reward you more than the normal, because loyal customer keep more trust on you that’s the reason why a loyal customer come again and again to buy products. Thank you!

    Joy - November 13, 2015

    That’s one reason why Premier Cashback customers come back – of course the other is that they get health benefits from the products. If the products weren’t delivering health benefits they wouldn’t keep buying them.


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