Free Online Shopping Store For You

free online shopping storeOne of the questions I’m often asked is how to start an online business at no cost.

Until now I have always said it couldn’t be done.

But over the last few days I have changed my mind.

Because I have discovered…..

How To Have a Free Online Shopping Store

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Do you ever shop online?

Do you know anyone who shops online?

Chances are you can answer yes to both of those, because apparently:

  • Over 80% of people have already shopped online
  • In 2015 online shopping surpassed offline shopping
  • Online sales increased almost 20% in the last 12 months
  • Online spend per person per annum is over £1,000

So, e-commerce is here to stay.

But let’s consider if it is a viable way for the average person to start an online business or monetise a website.

The Advantages of Shopping Online….

…. hardly need rehearsing:

  • No more traveling in poor weather, queueing in traffic jams, dealing with crazy shoppers in packed stores.
  • Easy to research online, check reviews and price compare.

While the former are good news for customers, the latter are not so good for retailers, and anyone with ambitions to have their own online store or earn an income from drop-shipping.

Selling Physical Products Online

I first tried this – say – three years ago. While the theory of selling online and drop-shipping sounded good, it didn’t work out as hoped for. Certainly I shifted a few items on eBay, but the process needed such regular intervention from me that it just wasn’t viable, and neither were the profits.

Some people do really well with ecommerce stores on eBay and Amazon – and congratulations to ecommerce-px_250them – but for a part-time, low cost business it didn’t work for me. I don’t think this venture even made it to my blog as a viable possibility for a part-time business.

I sell some Salustra products online (from Premier Cashback) and commissions still come in regularly from my team sales – but I’m not living the Internet life-style on them 🙂

I didn’t want to handle products; and checking out the costs of selling with Amazon, Shopify and eBay showed I couldn’t have a free online shopping store for all but the occasional sale.

My trawl of the market-place hasn’t been extensive, and no doubt eagle eyed commenters with more experience will put me right, but I didn’t find a simple yet profitable way to have a free online shopping store for physical products.

Selling Digital Products  Online

As well as physical products, I sell some digital training products online – which is great because there’s no stock to hold or purchase. The snag is that some of these sales need manual confirmation of money received – so my involvement is still needed, and what will happen when I want to go on holiday?

Furthermore customers mostly need to be encouraged from a low start purchase to a higher-ticket item for better commissions. With more manual interventions along the way.

affiliate marketing vs own productUnfortunately one of the downsides of being an affiliate is that you are in the hand of the product / funnel producer and if they change the rules, tough!

So it’s been with great frustration that I’ve watched my chosen digital product businesses and the associated funnels chop and change their business model to the extent that I recently put a hold on promoting them until they get their act together properly. It was becoming like trying to pin jelly to a wall wondering what they’d do next.

They’re fundamentally good businesses, and I’m confident that once everything settles down, I’ll be happy to promote them again. But until I REALLY know what’s on offer, they’re on hold for me.

By the way, I still haven’t wavered from my feeling that, for me, as a part-time entrepreneur, affiliate marketing is preferable to developing and marketing my own product.

Read why I prefer affiliate marketing to developing your own product.

A Low Cost, Low Risk Online Start-up Business

risk-px-250So, I felt I was temporarily back to the drawing board, hunting for a business that the average person can start online with minimum risk.

That’s not a great problem – the benefit of developing multiple streams of income is that when one stream hits a snag, you can work on another.

Even so, I was busy with my offline business, rather than looking for something different, when I was approached by my team leader from Premier Cashback.

We’d worked well together on that project so I was open to looking at his additional income stream.

What he had found was a way for a part-time entrepreneur to …..

Paid to ShopYour Own Ecommerce Store

  • You can offer, and take advantage of, the convenience and online savings on high quality products.
  • You and your customers buy ONLY goods that you want and need in every-day life.
  • No auto-ships. No convincing people to buy something they wouldn’t normally buy.
  • Easy to start and very low risk.
  • NOT a start-up. Proven model that has been trading for 18m in USA, Hong Kong, China and S Korea
  • Launching in the UK early 2017, so meantime I can build a team of affiliates in the UK and these countries. 3 people front-line lets you go right to the top of the compensation plan (should you wish to).
  • Full training and support included
  • Plus training to run an optional drop-shipping business for those who have the time to commit. (I don’t!)

Videos About eCommerce

To watch more videos, check out this page > Videos About Free eCommerce Sites

How Low Risk Are The Stores?

Try – free, forever, if that’s what suits you best.


Are The Products Priced Well?

wallet-px_300It’s no good having your own online store if the prices aren’t competitive, because at the end of the day, every-one’s loyalty tends to be to their wallet – rather than to any particular shop.

UK stores are still very new, butUSA affiliates are very satisfied with their savings and profit shares.

At the end of the day, if you find a better deal on Amazon – well, you’ll buy from there won’t you? (Unless you would lose team bonuses by not spending in your own shop.)

Range Of Products?

Your free online ecommerce store comes fully stocked with 2 million every-day products from well-known names.

Here are my two online stores:

The free ecommerce store

The $5 a month “Super Affiliate Store”

You can learn more about the business and the company by clicking “Get free online store” here.

For no-obligation entry to our Facebook group where you can watch videos and have your questions answered, contact me.

I hope you will agree that having a free online shopping store is a low-risk online business that anyone can start, part-time or full-time. Videos About TPS Free eCommerce Sites

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I left it too late to plan for a financially secure retirement. Don't make my mistake. Start building an extra income with a part-time (or full-time) business online. Think you don't have time? Can't afford the start-up cost? Can't meet sales targets? The businesses I promote overcome all the problems you may have had with Internet Marketing before. Contact me for free advice (no obligation) on the best fit for your circumstances.

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Lea Bullen - October 31, 2016

Hi Joy,

Shopping online has changed the way I shop, period. It is definitely part of the future and isn’t going anywhere. If anything people are probably buying more and more things that they used to only buy offline online.

Having an online store is like a no brainer. You can reach more people and they can shop at their leisure. Thanks for sharing low cost methods.


    Joy - November 3, 2016

    Hi Lea,

    Likewise – I hardly ever go to the shops now, and even if I do, I do all my research online first, and if I like what find I’ll but it online and save the queues and fighting to park.

    I like to bring people a variety of possible “work from home” businesses, and this is a gem because you can earn and access company profit pools even as a free member. Very rare.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Robin Khokhar - November 1, 2016

Hi Joy,
Running a shopping store isn’t easy these days. But as always you have made the post so good and relevant.
So, Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day.

    Joy - November 2, 2016

    Hi Robin,

    No, it’s not – and drop shipping isn’t as easy as many people tell you either!

    Which is why it’s so good that TPS (The Perfect Solution) have given all the training and set up the stores free.

    People are joining to test out the concept and over 70% then upgrade to a paid store (still only a few dollars) once they have proved to themselves that it works.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

DeeDee Lynn - November 2, 2016

Hi Joy. I’m kind in the same spot you are. I tried a high ticket program the last couple of years, couldn’t make it work and am now having to use some retirement money to pay off credit cards. Argh!!

This looks like something I might be interested in down the line. Thanks for sharing this information.

BTW, I came here via the PAC rotator.

    Joy - November 2, 2016

    Hi DeeDee,

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. Luckily I’m hoping that my high-ticket programs are on hold, until they get their act together, rather than dead ducks.

    Depending on which program you joined, I may be able to put you in touch with a group of people who are marketing the high-ticket programs via a funnel. And a group that has some free training that may help too.

    Would love to connect on Facebook (see my blog sidebar) and see if I can point you in the right direction.

    Regarding the online shopping program, it’s generated a lot of interest because it doesn’t need “extra spend”, just “redirect spend” – and the qualifications are so low, especially for free members. Watch this space!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Edward Thorpe - November 6, 2016

Hi Joy,

Like you, my research into operating commerce stores are way too labor intensive for someone who chooses to spend limited time online.

Your mention that if your offers can be purchased cheaper elsewhere, you’ve a losing operation out of the gate.

Yet, this biz intrigues me. Plan to check it out. Have a great week. (How’s your Dad doing?)

    Joy - November 8, 2016

    Hi Edward,

    Yes, I certainly haven’t the time and patience to run my own online store, but the concept with this one is that you can just redirect a portion of your ordinary spend at the supermarket to profit from team earnings.

    In the UK we’re largely team-building until the UK shops get going, but due to a rather neat twist in the compensation plan I have over 200 members in my team already, most of them in China where the company is growing fast.

    I was talking to someone today and he’s paying $49EU a month for his monthly store and, if the review I read is to be believed, other members are paid out of that commission. What I like about TPS is that members are paid out of profits on sales of actual goods, not other people’s membership fees!

    The 4 TPS videos at: http://JoyHealey.com/TPSvideos are a good place to start, and come back to me if you have any questions.

    Thanks for asking about my Dad. We chat every day and he’s bright as a button mentally, still running his business aged 94! But frustrated that he’s not very mobile any more. (I can’t climb ladders – he says.) My sister is going to see him tomorrow, then her son the week after, and I’ll be up with him for Christmas.

    Have a good week,

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

ikechi - November 7, 2016

Hi Joy

This is indeed very interesting and a wonderful concept. I will definitely check it out because Ecommerce is not losing trends. Thanks for sharing. Take

    Joy - November 8, 2016

    Hi Ikechi,

    Glad you find it interesting. eCommerce is growing all the time. I’m afraid I hardly go into a shop now (apart from groceries) which is bad news for retailers, but very good news for TPS online store holders.

    Please let me know if you need any information beyond what you can see in the videos.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Amar kumar - November 21, 2016

Hey Joy,

These days, everyone can be a creator. Technology has democratized the creative process, and almost anyone can now sell creative online products such as music, photography, videos, eBooks and artwork online. Selling digital goods in new markets with effective strategies helps to instantly increase our revenue. Eventually, thanks for reveling a light on this topic.

With best wishes,

Amar kumar

    Joy - November 22, 2016

    Hi Amar,

    It’s relatively easy to sell digital goods online. However, these ecommerce stores sell a wide range of physical products so you can shop at your own store and earn commission in one of 4 ways, even as a free store owner.

    The free ecommerce store videos here explain the system well.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Joseph Chikeleze - November 26, 2016

Ecommerce is taking the world by storm. I can’t recall the last time I buy gadgets offline – hmm.

I will like to start mine as soon as possible. Would like the free product, if things work out, then upgrading won’t be an issue.

What do you suggest, Joy

    Joy - November 26, 2016

    Hi Joseph,

    Exactly! We all sit here shopping online but don’t get part of the profit.

    I’ll be doing another blog post this weekend on the subject, but to get started we ideally need to connect on Facebook so I can add you to our prospects group where you can see more information. Please send me a friend request and message on Facebook at Facebook.com/joy.healey or if you can’t do that, let me know in the contact box and I’ll send you an enroll link.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark


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