Free Traffic Methods

One of the most frequent questions online marketers ask about is free traffic methods.

I have found a really useful resource with good advice on free traffic methods for you; but first I want to remind you that free traffic is something of a myth, because you will have either spent time or money in generating it.

Perhaps you have spent money on:

  • Pay-per-click(PPC) where you can easily overspend unless you keep a close eye on budgets
  • Buying solo-ads – select your supplier by recommendation from someone you trust
  • Paid-for advertising (such as Facebook ads, text and banner advertising)
  • Traffic exchanges – spend a little time surfing these yourself and consider what you think about how this traffic is generated and therefore what you think of its value

Then – when we start to investigate free traffic methods – you will soon realize that you pay for this kind of traffic with your TIME. Of course sometimes there will be reasons why you have more time than money, so this is your only choice.

Remember that there are some tasks that it’s more efficient to pass onto an acknowledged expert rather than scrabbling about trying to learn yet another new skill. No-one can be a master of every traffic method.

With those caveats out of the way, as promised, we’ll get onto …..

Free Traffic Methods

Instead of producing information in this post that can easily go out-of-date, or is just my opinion, I have chosen to direct you to an Internet Q&A forum where some of the most skilful online marketers gather to pool their knowledge. This will give you access to a broad range of discussions between these very experienced marketers, and be updated as new ideas surface.

This is one of the most helpful free resources I’ve come across online. Not only can you join free, have your questions answered and/or give answers yourself, in addition by joining in with the forum topics you will earn credits that you can use to advertise on the forum or even exchange for free software.

Of course the forum itself is one of the free traffic methods you can take advantage of. When you have participated at even a low level you can post with a signature that will promote your business in this forum which is rapidly building up to become a high traffic and well-respected authority site.

So whether you are:

  • A new-comer looking for answers
  • An expert with answers and advice to contribute
  • Somewhere in between
  • An experienced marketer with a relevant service to promote….

…..this forum has a benefits you will love You can join free here.

To return to the topic of the post, free traffic methods is just one of many recent questions being discussed on the forum. To read the answers, click on: What’s your best source of free traffic? (opens in a new window). Before you read the answer, be sure to register, and the more you participate, the more points you accumulate.

The other clever twist recently introduced is a WordPress plugin I’ve added to this blog and you’ll see underneath this post that it is generating “related questions” – and potentially taking visitors into the forum where they may stumble across your advert or signature.

If you think this is a helpful forum, someone else will too, so do your friends a favor – please “Share” this post.

PS  Another tool I use is The Online Ad Network. This isn’t free traffic, but it’s an extremely affordable source of paid advertising, where you can put up an unlimited number of text and banner ads. I use it to test the effectiveness of different advert wordings and styles of banners. It actually has one of the best click-through-rates of any of my paid advertising sources AND you can earn money from selling-on the service. Every serious business person should have a small budget for paid advertising. Click here for a 14-day trial.
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