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testing your autoresponderI have been working with my son Russ to set up an additional income stream for him, working online, helping small businesses set up a blog on a combined hosting and auto-responder package.

Our site is – this is the bespoke software company I have run for over 30 years now, but as we no longer advertise the accounting software, it seemed reasonable to use the domain for a current purpose!

While starting up this service we have been introduced to “Host Then Profit” an excellent online hosting and marketing package that comes at an unbeatable price, so I mention it here in case it’s of interest to anyone.

Costing less than $10 a month the package includes:

  • Hosting for 4 domains
  • Auto-responder for 500 subscribers
  • Video Producer
  • Blog Builder
  • Conferencing Facilities
  • Training videos, plus fully staffed support desk

The feature that excites me most is the thought of combining an auto-responder and hosting at under $10 a month! For some of my older sites I was paying $19 a month to Aweber on top of my hosting costs with Hostgator.

I have moved this blog across from Hostgator to test the HostThenProfit (HTP) service, and all seems well so far. In fact HTP did the move for me, free of charge, which was another bonus. Obviously Russ’s site is also hosted with HTP.

When I have had support questions they have been answered promptly and – what’s most important to me – the answers come from humans, because they answer my actual questions. Nothing irritates me more than automated answers that have obviously just found a keyword in my question and guessed at an answer to send me away for another 24hrs. (Sorry, rant over!)

HostThenProfit is a start-up package added to the GVO / Joel Therien offerings, so the parent company is well-established, and their hosting service is used by many well-known Internet Marketers. They will have far more stringent requirements than I am likely to hit, and still seem happy to recommend the GVO brand. Although I hasten to add that they won’t be using the $10 service…. There are, obviously, upgrade paths to as your business expands.

However, if you know a small business looking to get on-line for a minimal cost, HTP seems to offer an extremely well-thought-out package.

If you already have a site, and are dissatisfied with your present hosting company – OR worried about expensive auto-responder costs as your list grows, HTP is well worth a look. Click here. Should you purchase hosting, you will also be qualified as an affiliate and can earn a commission for introducing other customers.




After-thought….. if you don’t want to take the fairly drastic step of moving your hosting, I can see no reason why you shouldn’t just use the auto-responder to take advantage of the savings.  Have you checked how much your current auto-responder will cost when your list has grown? You can take a $1 trial of Host Then Profit by clicking here.


  1. Tammy says:

    This sounds great! Right now, my hosting has been fine, and I’m not using Aweber, but if I ever need to switch, I’ll remember this!

  2. Bonnie Gean

    I no longer use any of Joel’s hosting plans or services because I had the displeasure of finding out where they get their computers that run their hosting services.

    Trust me.. they’re worse than Hostgator UNLESS something has changed recently with how they acquire computer parts. :)

    So, I wish you well in this endeavor and hope it pans out for you with the hosting package.

    I stick with Aweber because my emails get through to clients. I don’t trust other autoresponder services because most of them get blacklisted. I don’t want to pay for autotresponder services unless I am guaranteed delivery of my items.

    I wish you well with this switch, too.

    • Joy Healey

      Hi Bonnie

      Thanks for dropping by, I value your opinion and will watch how things go.

      At the moment I’m very much in cost-saving mode! The emails I have sent from Aweber haven’t been getting read, but I fully accept that’s probably because of the quality of people on my list rather than any fault of Aweber. As as user I actually like Aweber, it’s only the cost I find difficult to justify.

      UPDATE: Several months later – despite Bonnie’s misgivings I have been pleased with the service from GVO / HostThenProfit. My blog loads far faster than it was loading before, and I’m getting about the same deliverability from the GVO emails as I am with the remaining subscribers on my Aweber list. Also I understand Joel now gets his computers from a different supplier.
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