Legitimate Business Opportunities

I have been writing about my own home business (Premier Cashback) for several weeks now – to get information about it here on my blog.

So in the interests of impartiality, it’s time to look at some other legitimate home businesses that I can recommend with confidence because of either their longevity, and/or because I know the distributor promoting the MLM.

But first, for anyone who has stumbled onto the post outside my regular visitors, a quick reminder of why you would want to start a home business.

Start A Home Business

start a home businessThere are many reasons for wanting to start a home business:

  • More freedom and flexibility
  • Quit the daily commute
  • The chance to be paid what you’re worth
  • Do what YOU want to do, not what a boss wants you to do
  • Build your own wealth, not someone else’s
  • Work from home to care for a young, or elderly, family member
  • Redundancy or just can’t find the right job

Whatever your reason, there are many ways to work from home, and I’ve covered some of them in earlier posts. But for today I want to focus in on network marketing (MLM).

I have written earlier about the pros and cons of network marketing, and there’s still no doubt in my mind that – if you choose the opportunity that’s right for your circumstances, and stick with it – MLM can be a very low risk way to start an extremely lucrative new career.

Take my long-time friend Roy Strong…. Roy was one of the earliest people I met in network marketing. I have known him for about 17 years now, going right back to the time when he ran his own extremely successful perfume business.

Then he turned to networking / MLM, still within the perfume industry, and has been spectacularly successful, building a huge team within the FM Group for almost 10 years. Please take note that Roy has consistently built his business in the perfume industry for 17+ years, including 10 years with the same company (FM Group) to achieve the success he deserves.  He didn’t buy any “one-click-wonder” software – he grafted consistently and built a team!

I’m hoping I can catch Roy between overseas trips to add a comment on this blog about how success in his networking business has changed his life. He’s now the most successful networker I know personally, yet Roy has never stopped being a real friend. About a week ago he rang me just for a chat and it was great to catch up on old times and mutual friends from those 17 years.

I’m a happy FM perfume and cosmetics customer, but I couldn’t give the business the time it deserved for various reasons that were problems with “me”, not the business.

So I’m happy to recommend the FM Group network marketing business to anyone ready to put in some time and effort; and you won’t find a better sponsor than Roy, or one of his leaders. You can read more about the FM business below.

FM Group – Perfumes, Cosmetics and Household Productsfm perfume group free information

FM Group has fabulous ranges of FM perfume, skin care, body care and spa products, as well as FM Cosmetics, FM For Home products and delicious FM Aurile coffee and tea too. There is no minimum order, just order whenever you wish. It is free to register too.

Based on the simple idea of high quality fragrances and cosmetics at affordable prices, FM Group has over 750,000 men and women around the world who wish to save money on their own purchases and earn money too by recommending our FM perfume, cosmetics and other products to family, friends, colleagues, in fact, everyone they know!

Check out Julita Habet and Roy Strong‘s website FMPerfumeGroup.co.uk here.

Other Legitimate Business Opportunities

Another long-term friend business and networking of mine is Tom Gibson. We chat regularly on the phone about business, dogs and the world in general. Tom is a great networker too and has promoted the Traffic Wave auto-responder for many years.

TrafficWave Autoresponder

As well as being an essential tool for any business, Traffic Wave has a very lucrative network-marketing style compensation plan attached. So Tom is building a networking business with the TrafficWave MLM, as well as using it in his Internet Marketing business.

This is a shrewd move because the auto-responder is one of the last tools any serious online marketer will give up.

TrafficWave was founded in the year 2000 to develop and manage AutoResponder technology for small and medium sized businesses and now has customers in over 140 different countries. Again note the longevity of this networking business.
You can take a free trial of TrafficWave HERE.

However, of late, Tom’s attention has been caught by another network marketing business. He only joined it a few days ago, but it looks very exciting. (Tom’s enthusiasm encouraged me to become a playing member!)

LottoSpring – Social Lotto Game

LottoSpring Social Lottery game Lottery Players can enjoy being part of this fun business and have the chance to win Cash Prizes in the world’s most winnable social lotto game. Use people power to beat the odds, and benefit from the company’s social media marketing campaign to track and re-target potential players.

€ 33 Per month or free if you introduce 3 paying friends

  • Millions in prizes every month (jackpots insured)
  • 8 entries per month for personal prizes
  • Up to 400 entries per month for Jackpot prizes
  • No product training necessary – everyone knows what a lottery is!

Click here for free information from Tom Gibson or register at > LottoSpring.

(Sorry, not available in USA, France. and just a few other countries.)

Premier Cashback

My own home business is Premier Cashback <<link best viewed on a mobile device. joyhealeynet

It is networking for the time and/or budget challenged!

  • World-wide business
  • One-time purchase (minimum £50+P&P) qualifies you for cashback from our retail partners
  • No monthly purchase commitment
  • No sales targets – keep any rank attained forever
  • Earnings for active and passive members (Disclaimer – passive members are relying on other people’s efforts to earn them an income, which can take a long time BUT you will have the product you purchased. For faster results – build an active team.)
  • Unparalleled support available within our private Facebook group

Check out the information on my mobile site JoyHealey.net and register for a free account if you’d like me to add you to the Facebook group for more information.

Promoting Your MLM Business Here

Just because an MLM isn’t in my list doesn’t mean it’s a scam. Far from it. There are so many legitimate business opportunities I couldn’t begin to review and list them all.

So if you have a product based networking business, please feel free to comment, including your affiliate link, and tell us how long you’ve been involved and what success you have had. I’m not looking for affiliate marketing links, advertising or training type programs today – nothing against them, it’s just that I want this post to focus on product based MLMs.

Please share this post on social media to celebrate the success of these long established legitimate businesses and my friends who have worked so consistently over the years.

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Tom Gibson - November 16, 2015

I have been a subscriber to TrafficWave for many years as I find it one of the best and easiest autoresponders out there. It takes very little understanding and is an essential marketing tool for any serious marketer. There is also a very lucrative business opportunity that may appeal to people who want to earn additional monies by introducing others to trafficWave.

As an enthusiastic lottery player I also joined LottoSpring when it launched and whilst I have not had a win in the first two draws I do know people who have and no doubt I will too. This is the first Social Lotto system that I have come across and is certainly well worth a shot. Maybe you will win big or at the very least be playing for free.

    Joy - November 16, 2015

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for adding your experiences with Traffic Wave, and we’ll watch this space with LottoSpring. It certainly got off to a great start by launching on time – unlike many other similar businesses.


Lea - November 16, 2015

Hi Joy,

Nice round up of alternative business opportunities.

FM Group sounds something like Avon and Mary Kay with a bit of Amway. I never really knew of any other competitors in the cosmetics industry so this is an interesting find.


    Joy - November 18, 2015

    Hi Lea,

    Yes, I guess it is like those other businesses, although Roy chose FM in preference to them and he’s a very experienced networker, so FM Group must have had some advantage over Mary Kay and FM. When he first joined FM it was a fairly new business, but it’s certainly stood the test of time now.


Edward Thorpe - November 17, 2015

Hi Joy,

Fair and balanced. I like that and expect nothing less from my friend Joy Healey!

You don’t try to poo-poo the reality that (in some circles) mlm/network marketing is tainted. Good on you.

Having made considerable profits with a mlm structured business, I know for a fact that some mlm opportunities are legitimate business opportunities.

The businesses, and the business people, you’ve profiled in this post, are obviously legit.

They’re obviously mlm operations, also. Plus, they obviously offer reliable products & services that consumers will buy ‘without’ a business opp attached to their shiny little behinds…A must, in my experiences.

But, I ‘obviously’ ramble…Interesting post with admirable intent. Have a great week!

    Joy - November 18, 2015

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks for your kind words – I do believe in telling it “like it is” as I hate people to get nasty surprises.

    You’re not rambling 🙂 That’s a very good point you made, that these are products people buy because they want the product, NOT because of the business opportunity. That’s really important. I’m still an FM customer because I like their make-up and it’s competitively priced. Even though I’m in network marketing, the FM business opportunity isn’t one I actively promote (too busy!) I just like their make-up and recommend it to friends purely on the product quality.

    You have a good week too, Joy

Chery Schmidt - November 17, 2015

Hello Joy, I really liked how you started this post out sharing the reasons why you would want to start a home based business, this should be the first step HUH?

I did also enjoy your recommendations on legitimate business opportunites, I have learned it is so important to do your due dilligence before jumping into anything.

Thanks for sharing
Chery :))

    Joy - November 18, 2015

    Hi Chery,

    Yes, well, “they” say that if your WHY is big enough you can accomplish your goals, so it’s always worth reminding yourself WHY you want to start a home business. For myself, it’s time-freedom and flexibility (and keeping my brain active too).

    It’s a shame that a small number of rogue businesses have tarnished the very ethical nature of MLM companies such as those above, and of course, your company DSD, and now Infinii.

    Thanks for dropping by, Joy

Neena - November 17, 2015

Hi Joy,
This is very helpful for people that want to start a home based business but are not sure who to trust. Too many times companies make lots of promises that don’t convert.

I don’t have experience with the companies that you mentioned so this is helpful information.

    Joy - November 17, 2015

    Hi Neena

    Please to be able to recommend these companies. Trustworthiness is very important when looking for a networking company because, although you probably won’t be putting down a lot of money, you will certainly be putting in a lot of time.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

Chris Miller - November 18, 2015

Hello Joy, thanks for putting this blog together on Legitimate Business Opportunities – I feel sure it will help many people make an informed choice when considering the options out there.
I have been involved in the network marketing industry for 28 years now so I suppose I’ve seen a lot of opportunities in that time and I know if someone is serious about creating a residual income there is no better way than utilising the time leverage this industry provides. My current business is Winning Express which I came across four years ago – it is a private Members club that exists to provide Members with tax free profits and there is a network marketing system that helps promote the opportunity if you choose. My team has grown nicely and my residual income now exceeds £9,500 each month so if you are looking for an opportunity please visit my website http://www.taxfreegains.co.uk

Wishing you well with your decision!
Regards Chris Miller

    Joy - November 18, 2015

    Hi Chris

    Thanks for providing us with information about your business. That’s a very impressive residual income to have achieved in 4 years.

    I haven’t been involved in the industry as long as you have, but I guess we’ve both learned from failed businesses, so I’m pleased you’ve found something that’s working for you and your members and wish you continued success.

    Best wishes, Joy

Vishal - November 19, 2015

I have never joined a MLM or thought to start one myself and I really don’t have a clue how that thing works actually. I would be happy if you can shed some lights on MLM for me?

    Joy - November 19, 2015

    Hi Vishal

    I would never advise anyone to START their own MLM. The reason for joining a networking business is to take advantage of a professional ready made business with low start up costs and low risk.

    You can read more about the pros and cons network marketing on my post here: http://joyhealey.com/solving-the-problems-of-network-marketing/ also the one in the link below.

    You can get started for as little as a one-off £50 plus P&P to almost any place globally.


Kim Willis - November 19, 2015

Hi Joy

I’ve not tried a traditional mlm for a long time ( the last one was Herbalife more than 20 years ago!), but have kept up my interest in the sector since then.

For the last nine years, I’ve simply been promoting various affiliate offers including big ticket offers that pay pretty good commissions.

In the last couple of years, I’ve been developing my own products and training platforms, as well as launch a done for you services business, which is targetted at budding online marketers as well as traditional businesses, who don’t want to do all the work themselves.

So all of these activities and projects keep me pretty busy. But I still like to see what others are doing, so appreciate your post here today, Joy.

So thanks for your honesty and candor, Joy


    Joy - November 19, 2015

    Hi Kim,

    We’ve sort of taken the opposite approach 🙂

    I had a very successful network marketing business about five years ago, until it was taken over by a company that, literally overnight, shut the doors on the MLM side. That was a big ouch, and I vowed “never again” on MLM, until I found Premier Cashback, which solved the problems that many people have when starting up a network marketing business.

    So between my “I hate MLM” and my current “MLM is the answer” phases I had a spell promoting affiliate offers. The mistake I made was promoting low ticket offers on the assumption they would be easier to sell.

    I now understand why promoting low ticket items was another not-to-be-repeated mistake on my part, so it’s good to hear that you’ve been successfully selling big ticket items for such a long time.

    Typical of me to have to learn by my mistakes, but – hey – I’m still here, and those mistakes have led me to a great solution.

    Yes, it’s good to keep up with different sides of the industry.

    Thanks for your visit, Joy

      Kim Willis - November 22, 2015

      Looks like your doing well now, Joy

      Keep moving forward

      I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, but here is what I’ve learned – use them as building blocks for the future.

      All good!


        Joy - November 22, 2015

        Hi Kim,

        I’ve made many a blunder in the past, I have to confess – but as you say – I’m using them as lessons to move forward.

        Beyond that, I would like to share them with those just starting a home business so that I can help them avoid the mistakes I made.

        Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

Ryan Biddulph - November 19, 2015

Hi Joy,

These look like solid opps indeed. I always tended toward partnering with a mentor when I started any venture. A solid, trustworthy mentor of course. Because they made my journey easier and cut my learning curve. Following a guy like Ray Higdon is a simple way to get clear on your journey; he has been there, and has messed up so many times, and he’s also succeeded wildly so he knows one way to home based opp success. Thanks for sharing Joy and enjoy your day 🙂


    Joy - November 19, 2015

    Hi Ryan

    Great to welcome you back to my blog.

    Having a reliable mentor is extremely valuable and I’m lucky to have a few inside our team, and outside too.

    It’s funny, yet reassuring, to think of someone as influential as Ray Higdon having messed up. I only notice his huge successes in the home business market-place. But there again, as long as we keep getting back up again – wiser – it doesn’t matter how many times we fail.

    As the UK weather forecasts get worse, I really envy you Blogging from Paradise. Enjoy 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by, Joy

Roy - November 19, 2015

Thank you Joy for your excellent article and your kind words.

Avon, Mary Kay and Amway are all good companies too, the main reason I choose FM was fragrances. I’ve sold many different products over the years, but perfume is the simplest to sell and FM has the right combination of fragrances that are stronger than those normally purchased in shops and yet about a quarter of the price that people would normally pay 🙂

I was an Office Manager for a specialist insurance broker when I joined FM, but after a few years I was able to leave the insurance industry behind. I still work at building my FM business because I want to help my team reach even higher levels, but as you can imagine it is much more enjoyable than insurance, varied too and I’ve got to meet so many wonderful people. I’ve qualified for many amazing holidays including Malta, Majorca, Portugal, Turkey, Dubai, Italy and a Mediterranean cruise (and just qualified for another one!), plus I get to go to the annual event in Poland (my favourite country in the world) each year.

It is interesting to see how the network marketing industry has changed in recent years, we have all had to learn to do things differently to keep up with modern technology and communication. I was at Go Pro Recruiting Mastery in Manchester a few weeks ago, and what was clear was that whilst many of the basic ideas are still the same as when I came into the industry, the way we do them is altering all the time. Myself and Julita are working hard to make sure our FM team keeps ahead of developments 🙂

    Joy - November 20, 2015

    Hi Roy,

    Thanks for dropping by and adding your previous and more current experiences, to tell us more about how your FM business has change your life.

    It’s been my pleasure to see how, with application, you – and in fact several in your team – have made it right to the top in a network marketing business. The same plan that was available to everyone else who purchased their starter kit, yet you put in the work to gain the rewards.

    Yes, things are very different these days! Remember doing mail-shots? Actual snail mail? LOL No webinars and hangouts then!

    Keep up the good work, there are many people out there for whom an FM business will be a life-changer too.


Joan M Harrington - November 21, 2015

Hi Joy,
Thanks for sharing all of these legitimate business opportunities 🙂 Always good to know that there are some real good ones still out there!

    Joy - November 22, 2015

    Hi Joan

    Yes, there are plenty of genuine ones out there. Funnily enough the ones that get the most publicity are often the “new launches” that often crash and burn within months. While the old established ones plod away quietly, hidden gems, working for those that work consistently at them


Kathryn Maclean - November 22, 2015

Hi Joy,
Great article on business opportunities that are legitimate.
I liked the 8 reasons why someone might want to work at home.
The businesses you talk about look like great opportunities from
friends in Networking / MLM. You provided good back ground info.

Your friend Roy who is 10 yrs in the business built a team, and the
other a great networker for an auto-responder and your biz -worldwide.

I am with Life Mechanic University who has just associated with
Modere a cosmetics type business, but for now is only in the USA.
Thanks for your great article Joy.

    Joy - November 23, 2015

    Hi Kathryn,

    I think it’s important we keep in mind that, despite all the scams and bad news about people getting “burnt online”, there are some great success stories.

    Life Mechanic University is new to me – but if it’s only in the USA right now, that’s why. I know you will have chosen wisely and wish you much success building a team. Good luck, and please keep us updated with your progress.

    Thanks for adding another legitimate business opportunity to the list.


Barrie Evans - November 22, 2015

Hi Joy,
Great information here. It’s important to know about legitimate and successful business models, especially when looking around for one.
Thanks a lot.

Devidmillar - November 24, 2015

It’s always good to make a timely plans for the long run.

I have read your article and am interested to read more articles about your program.

Naman - November 25, 2015

Thanks for sharing this good content. Although I’m just a student and not into any business but it was very good reading the post. Will be sharing it.


    Joy - November 26, 2015

    Hi Naman,

    You’re building a solid foundation by your blogging and everything you are already doing, so if – in the future – you look to join a business, I hope you’ll remember my post and come back to check out these legitimate business opportunities.

    Thanks for sharing, Joy


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