Review of Listbuilding With Padlock Income


Listbuilding For Beginners?

Listbuilding with Padlock Income

Padlock Income is a copy / paste system that shows even the newest person to Internet Marketing how to get started building a list.

Experienced marketers can give this to newcomers, free, to train them in the basics and let them see some success quickly.

Update October 2017: I started using Padlock Income while waiting for the soft-launch of Global Shopping Rewards and then, once we went into soft-launch, I left Padlock Income unfinished.

However, I bumped into one of their videos a day or so ago and was pleased to see that Padlock Income is still forging ahead. If you're still learning the craft of Internet Marketing (and don't have the $499 to join Global Shopping Rewards) the best thing you can do is get started earning with Padlock Income.

Information was correct a couple of months ago, and it's only got better since. Splash out ZERO dollars and give it a try.

Review Of Padlock Income

Critics (including myself, initially) may watch the marketing video and say it's too hypey, because those of us with more experience have learned that while the owner, Jeremy Rush, may have made $64,712.04 in 2 days using these techniques, 99% of online marketers won't. Fact!

But … his message is what beginners want to see.

Once he's brought people into his free system, he proceeds to teach them the hard facts. That money didn't drop out of the sky into his lap, he worked hard for it. No work = no success.

He then lays his methods out in videos, none so far longer than 3 minutes, with simple tasks to achieve before you can progress to the next level.

Unlocking The Padlocks

You start at padlock level 1, which is free training on building a list on Facebook, and you can stay there as long as you like, just building a list. Your contacts and leads are easily accessible, so you can download them and market any program you choose to them.

Admittedly the training is geared towards the “Make Money Online” niche – BUT the principles would quite easily transfer to any niche. Simply adjust the done-for-you groups and ready made images and adverts. If anyone joins through my Padlock Income affiliate link and wants ideas on transferring the methods to another niche, just contact me.

review of Padlock IncomeSome have said that it's too difficult to get access to the system. It's NOT! I did it, and so did a few thousand other students.

The few steps you need to navigate are the first stage in differentiating between quitters and those who will persist rather than moving on at the first hurdle.

If people won't follow the simple steps to investigate the free training, they're unlikely to invest the recommended minimum of 15 minutes a day to implement it.

So…. don't waste your time with them. Work with those who WILL. Tough love.

A huge benefit to me is that the Padlock Income system will follow-up for you automatically with a series of pre-written emails to encourage participation, and attendance at free training webinars.

Earning With Padlock Income

Padlock 1 is free entry, so you won't earn with it. You can only start making an income once you have progressed to Padlock level 2 and paid the entry fee.

What? There's a fee? Padlock Income must be a scam. They said it was free.

Panic not…. level 1 is free list building training for as long as you like. You will not even have the opportunity to pay until you have proved that you can apply the training to build a list of at least 10 directs. So if the training hasn't worked for you, or (more likely) you haven't worked to apply it, no-one wants your money.

The Padlock Income 2 fee is a one time $10 plus small processing fee (mine was less than $2) and that unlocks the training in level 2 (Twitter and Google Plus).

You can only start to earn when you reach Padlock Level 2.

  • You have proved you can apply the training
  • You have built your first small list of action takers
  • You can continue to access earlier padlock levels to build bigger lists
  • Money has been generated that can be paid out. $7 goes to your direct sponsor, $1.50 goes to their sponsor, $1.50 goes to the company.

Small beer? Yes, but you are building, and earning from, a list of action takers who are being encouraged to become buyers. That's always more valuable than a freebie seekers list.

As further padlock levels are unlocked (always by achieving success in a previous task) the potential income increases to higher ticket items, with recurring commissions, and entry to these levels can be funded by your success in previous levels.

Listbuilding With Padlock Income – My Story

My Padlock Income sponsor, Fred,  is someone I have worked with before – and I'll be honest – Fred made money in one of Jeremy Rush's programs that I joined through Fred, but I didn't:-( So I wasn't particularly well-disposed to joining another of his programs.

However, there's something about Jeremy Rush that I admire. Yes, he's had some disasters (and of course NONE of us has ever made a mistake online LOL). But, he always picks himself up, learns from what went wrong and starts again … better.

Also, I had a bit of a marketing gap (waiting for the westernised ecommerce site), and list-building is always worthwhile so I decided to give it a try.

The first task involved posting in Make Money Online Facebook groups, and when I saw a mass of similar posts my initial reaction was “Ridiculous – you can't all post the same stuff, you have to stand out”.

But Jeremy has a cunning plan. The wall-to-wall coverage is to overcome the huge churn rate in the Facebook groups by showing that there are loads of people working the same business. It's a massive TEAM – because we are all asked to Like, Share and Comment on each others' posts for the greater good.

It actually worked, because I achieved my first 10 directs (within just a few days) at a time when I paused posting to handle a work crisis, and I'm guessing those were because of the team effort.

So, I made it through to Padlock level 2 – which many people don't do. I see pleas for help in the support group, and most can be answered by “Apply the training or click the Forgotten Password link”. Unspoken: If so many other people can login and make it into levels 1 and 2, why can't you, using exactly the same system?

There's less competition in level 2 (which I've only just started) but still the same team spirit as I help complete strangers to promote their links, and they help me.

Talking of competition…. I'm NOT a “play games online” person, but I'm actually enjoying the “gamification” concept of unlocking different levels of Padlock Income. It's driving me on, because I want the satisfaction of completing the current level, and to satisfy the curiosity of unlocking the next padlock to seeing what's in the next level. Jeremy Rush is a smart marketer and I guess he's tapped into the gamification trend deliberately.

The system is two weeks old (at the time of writing, June 2017). Are there glitches and “work in progress”?  Oh yes. If you're expecting perfection from your free (or $10) system, do us all a favour and PAY for one of the many higher priced list-building tools on the market.

Is Padlock Income For YOU?

Only if you can answer yes to these questions…

  • Would you like free training to help you (or your team) learn list building techniques?
  • Although the free system remains free as long as you like, you accept that profits can only be generated after a small one-time fee (less than $12) has made it possible for a commission to be paid out.
  • You can follow simple instructions: For example, on one of Jeremy's training hangouts he offered a free “direct” to people who made a simple post in a specific place and format. I was given a free Direct, but it was sad to watch others doing completely the wrong thing, even when mentors in the hangout chat were TELLING them what their mistake was.
  • You are willing to apply the training for a minimum of 15 minutes a day, consistently.
  • You want a system that builds a buyers' list and filters out tyre-kickers.

If you answered yes to those questions, please join Padlock Income through my affiliate link.

Padlock Income – The Next Step

Smart marketers will reach out to their Padlock Income directs on Facebook etc, and engage them in conversations to learn more about their aspirations and their specific needs. The Padlock Income list-building system has already identified for you who is an action taker and who is a tyre-kicker 🙂

Please share

I left it too late to plan for a financially secure retirement. Don't make my mistake. Start building an extra income with a part-time (or full-time) business online. Think you don't have time? Can't afford the start-up cost? Can't meet sales targets? Contact me for free advice (no obligation) on the best fit for your circumstances.

  • Durga says:

    This post is surely the best place for the beginners to know about padlock income. Your review is really genuine.

    • Joy says:

      Hi Durga,

      That’s right – it’s genuine because I have participated in the Padlock Income system and seen it in operation. It’s the only way to write an honest review.

      Joy – Blogging After Dark

  • Mandy Allen says:

    Hi Joy, this sounds like a system that could work for a lot of people. As you say taking action is the key and a lot of people online do not take action. We are currently working with some beta testers for our next product and it’s clear that some, even though they say they want to make some money online, will not do the tasks. Everything takes work to start it off, it’s only later that we see income for less work.

    Enjoy the journey!

    • Joy says:

      Hi Mandy,

      Well, I think if people who want to start an online business won’t do the tasks in this system, they might as well forget it.

      Yes, there are other approaches to take, as a more advanced marketer, like attraction marketing. But this system is a good grounding in some of the “starter” techniques that people will do anyway.

      As they advance through the padlocks, the skills become more sophisticated.

      Joy – Blogging After Dark

  • Hello Joy,

    Great piece of information up here 🙂

    Never thought that padlock income could be so effective. I have never been through this and this is something very
    new to gain information through your site.

    Thanks for the share

  • I am so many balls in the air at the moment that even though this sounds as if it is a great program I will need to wait until the Fall to research further. Thank you for pointing out needing some time to study it.

    • Joy says:

      I know just what you mean about having so many balls in the air.
      By all means, come back in the Fall – there will probably be even more training added by then.
      Joy – Blogging After Dark

  • P V Ariel says:

    Hi Joy
    This is really am informative review on Padlock Income.
    Thanks for sharing it in detail.
    Will surely have a try.
    Keep sharing.
    May you have a wonderful weekend.
    ~ Phil

    • Joy says:

      Hi Phil,

      I hope you will find Padlock Income helpful = if you have any problems, check out the webinars in the back office. They go through all the common problems that people have with getting started.

      Thanks for your visit, Joy

  • Sue Bride says:

    These sound interesting, Joy. I’m particularly interested in how to effectively use those FB groups. I’m one of the 56% mentioned in the Padlock video who has trouble writing emails to my list. If it helps with that I’ll be pleased 🙂

    • Joy says:

      Hi Sue,
      I agree, I’m both bad and inconsistent with emails. Also, I tend to rabbit on, whereas people in the “make money online” market-place, that Padlock Income “as is” targets, seem to have the attention span of gnats – present company excepted of course 🙂

      Padlock Income is a great system to get started with learning about Facebook groups etc.


  • Rajkumar says:

    Hey Joy,
    What a post! It will really help many people involved in blogging. It’s great for beginners but not just useful for beginners but also for one’s already in this field.

    • Joy says:

      Hi Rajkumar,
      Padlock Income is aimed more at people in the “Make money online” marketplace than at bloggers, directly. But if bloggers are approached for ideas by complete beginners who don’t have the time or enthusiasm to put into blogging, it’s the perfect answer when you are asked that perpetual question “How can I make money when I have little or no startup cash?”.

  • Hi Joy,

    Thanks so much for doing such a comprehensive review. I like the part of your own journey for that personal touch. It seems like a great way to get started and there is support too. That’s always an issue lol. Good support doesn’t come easy and this is amazing.

    I will pass it on.


    • Joy says:

      Thanks Donna,

      I always like to add a it about my own experiences of using a product.

      One thing I really like about Padlock Income is how it clearly segregates those who won’t take action from those who will. Some people have joined it and just keep trying to chat on Facebook (which there is a place for, of course), but despite being pointed in the right direction, they do nothing productive! It’s been quite an eye-opener just for that.

      Have a good week, Joy

  • Hi Joy,

    Candid review, as per usual. Padlock sounds like an innovative list building system that rewards workers. If I was in the market, I’d be signing up just about now!

    Have a great week,

    • Joy says:

      Hi Edward,

      Glad you like it. It’s not for your client base, but for anyone looking to learn internet nmarketing in the “make money online” market-place it’s an excellent program.

      Catch up soon, Joy

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