Promoting Premier Cashback Offline

Promoting Premier Cashback


Now that Premier Cashback’s new retail partner, Salustra, has successfully launched, it’s time to concentrate on promoting the overall concept.

Of course promotion is completely optional, and I could just be a customer and wait for the cashback rewards to come, but I’m treating this as a part-time business, so that they will come faster!

Most of my visitors are familiar with online promotion methods, so today I want to concentrate on a way to reach a different audience.

Promoting Premier Cashback Offline

I come from a conventional small business background so I will confess that if someone had come up to me and started talking about generous cashback returns, I would have thought they were some nutter and run a mile.

However, what actually happened was that I was taken to a meeting in a smart hotel in London, where a couple of presenters (both distributors / customers of the company) explained exactly where the cash back rewards would come from, and where they had been coming from for 7 years (actual product sales!).

At this presentation I was totally convinced of the legitimacy and long-term viability of Premier Cashback by seeing one particular slide, and talking to other small business people quietly making a sideline residual income to build up their pensions. (Something I’ve been very bad at doing.) Some are even running it as their full-time business.

No! It wasn’t one of those dreadful Rah-rah motivational meetings where you have to jump up and jiggle about or hug someone new every quarter of an hour. Memories of those were enough to put me off networking meetings for many a year.

This was a quiet and professional presentation. Every question from the floor was answered and we could see an attractive display of genuine products being bought and sold, only when people wanted them. (No scary sales targets or auto-ships!)

There are several meetings round the country each week, and this is how the business has been built successfully over the last seven years. Let me know if you’d like to attend one and I’ll let you know what’s available and when/where.

So while posting messages in Facebook groups may be working for some people, I have to confess that, personally, I’ve found it a bit of a waste of time. (Also if another person approaches me with offers of life-time love from across the sea on our first message…. I will cry!)  I digress…

I still hope that some of the online contacts I know as “proper people” from blogging may become interested in Premier Cashback, but it’s a long-term business and there’s no rush.

If anyone is interested in Premier Cashback and the Elite Online Training group that’s been put together exclusively for our team, Best Opportunity.

Best OpportunityGiven that I’m not finding the type of contacts I’d hoped to find while marketing on Facebook and Twitter, I need to look further afield. (Disclaimer here: I have yet to start paid marketing online, but I wanted to get all my materials in place first. The Elite training resources made available just a few days ago, exclusively to our team, means I’m within days of being able to do that.)

Local Networking Groups

Despite all the online marketing resources available, I can’t get rid of the nagging thought that Premier Cashback has been successfully marketed to small business people at local meetings for seven years – so that formula already works. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

So, equipped with GetResponse (free trial here), and smart new landing pages from the Premier Cashback Elite resources I’m looking to build a contact list from offline local business people.

Why Local Business Groups?

  • They’re not totally skint, as are some of the people I have found on-line. Premier Cashback requires a one-off purchase of £50 + P&P to get started.
  • They are already in business so understand they may need to invest in resources, such as an auto-responder and the Elite landing page package if they want to promote the business.
  • If they’re already running a successful business they will probably already be using these (or similar) tools, so there’s nothing extra to purchase.
  • They probably already have their own list of customers / contacts to approach with the cashback reward concept.
  • They are at the group to build their businesses, so they may also be open to a sideline business.
  • They understand that building any business takes time, and there’s no “get rich quick” plan.
  • If you don’t have a blog, or much in the way of online business promoting skills, local business groups are ideal – all you need are some business cards – see below.
  • Other members often include networkers from other MLMs that you’ll recognize, and who might be interested in a second, part-time, string to their bow.

Basically, I see joining local business groups as a way to make contact with people ready-trained in “business”, as opposed to looking for “bright shiny objects”.

The Best Local Business Groups

So the next stage was to determine which groups to spend my time at.

Regular visitors may remember that I tried a few local groups a while ago, with mixed results, but that was as a website-designer / blogger!

As an aside, I have to confess that if any-one thinks network marketing is saturated, they should try being a website designer! I found that really tough, and although I picked up a little bit of business, the competition was fierce from very tech-savvy teams I couldn’t hope to compete with.

It was obvious that to find any benefit from local business groups, it had to be with something novel, and something completely different from the existing members.

Then my local business group visits were curtailed by family problems, and the death of my Mum, so I was finding it tough enough to cope with my existing  business, without looking for more, and I stopped attending the groups.

Now I’m back in a position to take more time to grow my business, and I have a business that’s different from any-one else in the group, so it’s time to re-start visiting local business groups.

As someone who works alone at home, it’s also very refreshing to get out and meet other people who understand about the pressures of being self-employed.

I won’t go into which groups didn’t survive my cull of groups, but I will promote the one that I have found the best value. No affiliation, just information 🙂

Links 4 Growth runs regular meetings of local business people for coffee, breakfast, lunch or an evening drink. So that gives you plenty of choice of meeting format to suit all budgets and life-styles. The meetings are friendly and small enough to be non-intimidating, but large enough that you meet plenty of new people. There’s also an online forum, and one meeting attendee I was chatting with yesterday said that most of his full order book came from contacts via his profile on the forum. Highly recommended.

The second group I’m going to mention, I’m taking a bit of a flyer on – because I haven’t actually been to any meetings yet, but it was recommended to me, just yesterday, by a member of Links 4 Growth and meets on a different day from L4G, so I can attend both.

Look at 4Networking to find your nearest group. There are four within five miles of me, and I hope you’ll find one near you. Although it’s a little more expensive than L4G, you can attend any 3 meetings to try it out before you have to make a commitment. After that you’re free to attend any meeting in the group, and as many as you want – so it’s up to you to maximise the value of your subscription. One very interesting feature is that every meeting you attend includes three 1-to-1 presentations, to get your business message across.

These are UK groups, but I’m sure if overseas readers Google “local business groups” they’ll find a wide selection.

How To Promote At Local Networking Groups

The traditional method is by exchanging cards, maybe giving a one minute “elevator pitch”, and then following up. For this, the landing page tools in the Premier Cashback Global Elite team are a must-have.

I’m currently producing a business card in conjunction with a lady recommended to me at L4G. It’s “good form”, but not compulsory, to trade within the group.

cashback rewardsThis is the “back-side” of my card – taken, with permission, from a slide in Kevin Wilkes’ excellent video. I’ve not quite finalized the wording for the front side, but the idea is that you show people the back of the card, to explain the concept quickly, then give them the card and encourage them to register on your auto-responder for free information.

If any existing Premier Cashback Global Team members would like a price for cards like this but with their own details on the front, do get in touch. I’m sure that the larger the order we can place, the better price we’ll get. I don’t want to make a penny from any card orders – I just want everyone in the team to get a few cards out there to increase membership of Premier Cashback.

Thanks to several members of the Elite group who have contributed ideas that have crystallized and inspired me to try this approach.

Have You Tried Any Local Business Groups?

So – over to you, to share your experiences of promoting online vs promoting offline.

  • Have you tried any local business networking groups?
  • If so, what have been your experiences?
  • Have my thoughts on why these might be good places to promote Premier Cashback inspired you to give it a try?
  • What will stop you from attending the free meetings at 4Networking?

I’d love to hear your comments below this blog.

Please share

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Andrea Ansari - October 12, 2015

HEy Joy, first time I visit your blog via PAC and I like it! Great writing style, super useful tips about how to promote premier cashback using local groups! Will come back!!

    Joy - October 12, 2015

    Hi Andrea,

    Welcome to my blog from PAC. I’m glad you liked my tips about promoting Premier Cashback – and of course they apply equally to any other business. I sometimes think we get over-seen in Internet Marketing and neglect what’s under our noses.

    Look forward to welcoming you back again soon, Joy

Dr. Erica Goodstone - October 12, 2015


I have found networking groups to be a mixed blessing. Although I don’t tend to get a lot of business directly from them, I have made many long-term connections and friendships. What bothers me is that I am an easy target. I attend an event without having a clear objective of something I want to sell. As a therapist, I offer counseling sessions but I certainly do not push that on anyone and legally I need to maintain privacy. But the other people at the event have no qualms about shoving their business opportunity at me, forcefully attempting to enroll me, and sometimes I have given in to the pressure. Then when I leave the event I find myself entered into many people’s emails lists, without my having to opt in, and sometimes with no way to unsubscribe.

That stuff has made me reticent about attending events unless I have a specific product or event I am promoting. Even then, it feels so much easier to promote online without being pushy toward people who are not interested.

Attending events is especially useful if you have a product to sell, like you do. Most important thing is to ask questions and find out if the other person has any interest in even exploring an MLM type business. If not, do not continue to hound that person. Just share your stuff and maybe they have a friend who would be interested. And ask more about their business, showing a real interest.


Dr. Erica

    Joy - October 12, 2015

    Hi Dr Erica,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences of local meetings. Really dreadful that people would add you to their lists with no way to unsubscribe etc – bad business as well as just rude. I hope no-one does that to me, I’m on way too many lists already 🙂

    I’m actually a very shy person and it’ll be all I can do to get myself there and hand over a business card LOL. It’s taking me right out of my comfort zone but online there seems so much “noise”. I am hoping that when people meet me and realise I’m not pushy they will be interested – and of course if they’re not I’d prefer them to unsubscribe – or not subscribe in the first place. After all – they’re taking up a paid place on my GetResponse list!

    I’ll certainly keep your helpful tips in mind and let you know how I get on.


Erastus Klose - October 12, 2015

Thanks Joy for a really good article about local business. I think it will help me find a better way for my new local business

    Joy - October 12, 2015

    Hi Erastus, I hope they go well for you. Please let us know. Joy

Donna Merrill - October 13, 2015

Hi Joy,

I don’t do local business. Only if someone asks me “what do you do” and they are interested. I’ve done just a few, but mainly focus on online marketing and producing digital products.

But this sure has given me lots to think about. Maybe I should’t be so careless and plunge ahead when a local business wants me to do something for them lol.

Wheels are spinning in my head!


    Joy - October 14, 2015

    Hi Donna,

    It’s funny really – I found it easier to GET the local jobs, from chatting one-to-one, but doing them took longer than I had budgeted for, because the face-to-face meetings took almost as long as doing the job! (That was producing blogs for people.)

    I think (hope!) it would be less time-consuming with the Premier Cashback business cards at local meetings, because that would just be a “hand out card and product sample” to get people onto my list, and after that the auto-responder does the donkey work. That’s the theory!

    As your digital products are already prepared I think local businesses would be a good marketplace, because many of them have already set up their own site and are more interested in knowing how to promote it when they discover that just having a site there is only the first stage! I think your coaching would be a great fit.

    I’ll be interested to hear what comes out of those spinning wheels and I’ll let you know how my own local marketing ventures turn out.


Adrienne - October 13, 2015

Hey Joy,

I’m happy to have you back blogging and I’m sure you’ll do really well with this program. Sounds like you’re pretty sold on it and just now going to weed yourself in the direction that you know you need to go in order to start building this business.

I haven’t particularly liked the networking meetings myself because I think everyone goes in there with the same agenda. To get some business but I’m sure that just like your presentation that there are certain groups who are more open or perhaps even laid back and just eager to network without being so pushy.

I’ve never heard of this program but I do wish you the very best. I know you’re going to give it your all.


    Joy - October 14, 2015

    Hi Adrienne,

    Great to see you back here again.

    As well as holidays and a few family crises, I’ve mainly been writing and getting content onto my site for the last couple of months, so not done a lot of blog visiting and commenting. My posts were mainly “promotional” so I didn’t want to keep ramming it down people’s throats, but I had to get the information onto my blog so that my team could use it.

    It’s been a busy time all round, but hoping to settle down a little for the final quarter of the year.

    The group I have visited the most has been very friendly. There were one or two people who were very pushy but they no longer go now, which is good. The new group I’m looking to join has some educational talks too. None of them cost a fortune to join, so it’s worth a try.

    Funnily enough I hadn’t heard of Premier Cashback either, but it’s been quietly building away for 7 years, mostly via off-line meetings. What I like best is the way it’s flexible enough so that I can put it on hold when my offline business takes over.

    Busy times ahead, as always 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by, Joy

Rachit - October 14, 2015

Hi Joy,

I am visiting your blog after such a long time. I heard about premier Cashback when I last visited your blog. I am glad to see that you are promoting the awesome service both online and offline.

The Facebook group is doing awesome as well.

Best of Luck, and welcome back to blogging Joy.

    Joy - October 15, 2015

    Hi Rachit,

    Great to see you back after your exams – hope they went well.

    I’ve been adding content to my blog regularly, but just gone a bit slowly on the blog commenting as I’ve been on holiday and also had a lot of work in my offline business.

    Yes, I’m building my promotional activities for Premier Cashback – we’ve got some great tools within the group.

    Do let us know how the exams went! Sure you did brilliantly, Joy

sazia kazia - October 17, 2015

You are promoting a great service. This is the first time I read about Prmier Cashback. It is looking like a good opportunity. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Joy - October 18, 2015

    Hi Sazia,

    Welcome to my blog – I hope you will take the time to read some of the other articles on Premier Cashaback.


Monna Ellithorpe - October 17, 2015

Hi Joy,
It sounds as though you have all of “Your ducks in a row” with good advice and plans. Local is not an option for me as I don’t get out very much being a caregiver. I have thought of getting business cards to leave around when we do go somewhere but haven’t moved forward with that.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and advice.

    Joy - October 18, 2015

    Hi Monna,

    I do understand how hard it can be to make it to meetings when you’re a carer, however meetings are just one of the ways on offer, as the weekly webinars are also excellent.

    That’s a good idea, leaving business cards around, because these can then promote a squeeze page and get people onto our lists.

    It’s good we can all share advice and tips, Joy

Mary Sloane - October 17, 2015

Joy it makes me really happy that you have found something that works for you.

I don’t think there is a right way or a wrong way to promote anything. I thihnk it is a good idea to take one way and master that,

Hotel meetings have worked for a very long time for anything associated with network marketing for the obvious reason, you can see people and decide if they are trustable.

It can just be a challenge if you have to travel long distances or it is difficult for people to get to the hotel meeting.

I think things like Periscope are going to be a real boon for people as they can hold that same sort of meeting online and it is real time and very visual

But master what is working and run with that until you have exhausted that and MUST reach out in a different way.


    Joy - October 18, 2015

    Hi Mary,

    Yes, I’m really pleased too. I have to confess that the hotel meetings are pretty easy for me to get to, but I think it’s worth everyone making the effort to go to one “just to see”, and then I have contacts that I can introduce ask to “look after” visitors if the venue isn’t convenient.

    I like the meetings before they’re “done for me” – which isn’t because I’m azy – it’s because I want to show prospecdts that they have a recruiting tool they can use from day 1. We also have online webinars if the meetings really aren’t convenient.



James McAllister - November 25, 2015

Hi Joy!

I’m glad you touched on the benefits of promoting offline and making people aware that it really is a viable option for many people, especially in the BizOp space. I actually really got started here because some of my earliest payments were Hostgator affiliate commissions from people wanting to do what I was doing.

These days I have to admit that I don’t focus on offline promotion as much as I probably should, but I do make a habit of networking whereever I go. I’ve found that even if somebody isn’t interested right away, you never know when they will change their mind – or need them for something. In any case, I want quick access to them and their skillset.

– James McAllister

    Joy - November 27, 2015

    Hi James,

    Yes – I forgot – your hosting commissions were the perfect example of offline networking. The health products lend themselves well to offline promotion to.

    It’s probably a fairly slow route, but certainly well worth exploring – especially at the low cost networking groups.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving,



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