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wallet-px_300Regular readers of this blog may notice I’ve changed the theme. Not exactly a mainstream job but there were a few things that were irritating me on the previous one that I couldn’t resolve, so being me, I had to sort them out.

I’m not completely rambling here – there is a business lesson to follow on!

The sad thing was that I rather liked the existing theme, to the extent that I was considering upgrading from the free version to the paid version if it that would fix the problems.

So there I was – wallet at the ready – I contacted the authors, well before Christmas, to ask about the features of the upgrade.

No reply.

So my thought is that if that’s their pre-sales support, what would they be like when they’ve got my money? And of course, as you can see – I chose a different theme instead.

Update June 2016 – I eventually upgraded my blog to use one of the Thrive Themes which you now see me using, although this post, being an old one, doesn’t use most of the features. Needless to say, Thrive passed the support test and have a dedicated forum where help is readily available.

Another example of poor pre-sales support

In an offline business, at an art exhibition, I once saw a beautiful oil painting I liked and took the author’s business card to contact her so that I could ask to see more of her work and check out pricing information. Being an “on-line” type of person I emailed her.

Again no reply, and because I was busy at the time I never followed-up either. So she probably lost a sale by not checking her email. Of course I could have rung her, but if she bothered to put an email address on her business card, she should have been checking it.

This is yet another reason to automate your business and send regular newsletters to prospects and customers with an auto-responder. I’d happily have given this lady my email address in return for a preview of her new work. What a great email newsletter that would make now it’s so easy to include images into emails.

Moral of the story – think carefully if your pre-sales support is letting you down.

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RobG - January 21, 2013

Hello Joy, I think your themes looks very nice, it’s clean and easy to read. I don’t think I’ve seen your theme before this one.

It’s very important keep up with business and customers because it says a lot about the person running the business.

Thanks so much for sharing your post with us Joy have a great day

    Joy - January 21, 2013

    Thanks Rob, I’ve tried a few themes now and this one (zeeBusiness) has many options and was easy to configure, so is my current favourite. A few more changes I’d like to make, but it’s so easy to get side-tracked! Look forward to reading more of your posts.

      RobG - January 21, 2013

      Joy have you try StudioPress themes? I have to say they’re very nice and also easy to configure.

      They also have a few nice FREE ones as well if you just want to test drive them. Just wanted to mention it in case you did not know about them…Talk to you soon my friend

        Joy - January 21, 2013

        Thanks for the pointer Rob. I’ll check those out for some of my other blogs I’m not happy with. Joy


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