Premier Cashback – Promoting With A Web App

Update on Promoting Premier Cashback Offline

I recently wrote about my ideas for promoting Premier Cashback offline, at local business groups. These plans are progressing, but very slowly.

It’s all slightly stalled at the moment as producing the business cards I wanted is taking far longer than I imagined it could possibly take. I must have selected the busiest graphic designer in the whole of NW London – which is great for her, but not for me.

In fairness, the lady concerned probably thinks I’ve been a dreadfully fussy customer because I didn’t accept the first layout she came up with. But the addition of spelling mistakes and omissions from the supplied text have all conspired for an unexpectedly longer process than I’d imagined possible.

Shame really, it’s just another example of what normally happens when I try to out-source a task to someone who should “do it better” than me, to free my time for something else. I usually end up wishing I’d done it myself to save the delays and irritation of chasing.

But happily, there are exceptions…..

Promoting Premier Cashback Online

joyhealeynetI have made better progress preparing for my online promotions, due to the addition of a new web app totally devoted to my Premier Cashback business. On the right you can see what it looks like. Pretty smart in my opinion. Produced by Roy Hale it is designed for mobile phones but also has a nice tablet/laptop view.

It is great for prospects anywhere (Premier Cashback is a worldwide business) as it translates into over 40 different languages at the click of a button.

Unlike the experience with the business cards, buying a site from Roy has been a totally stress-free experience and I’m thrilled with the result.

Could I have produced a “DIY” version? Considering how long it took me to get this blog set up, I very much doubt it. My new web app has been one of a very few success stories of out-sourcing a task to someone else.

Do have a look: it’s at JoyHealey.net – but for best effect, look at it on your phone and you’ll see it’s perfectly optimized for mobile viewing, so people can easily send me a message asking for more information.

Roy is doing a special offer on sites like these for other Premier Cashback members, or he will produce one designed for any other business you might be promoting. To learn more, go to JoyHealey.net and use the “Get Your Own App” button to contact him.

Web Site Or Web App?

So…. I have this blog and I have the Premier Cashback company websites – why would I want to be promoting with a web app too?

I make no claim to be technical, as regular visitors will know, so for those who wonder what’s the difference between a website and a web app – click here!

That was the “technical explanation”, so I’m indebted to my good online friend Edward for the non-technical explanation he added for me – check out his comment below.

And while you’re on his comment, do check out his blog Far Side Of 55 – it’s one of my favorite sites online

Having clarified the difference between a website and a web app, what do I feel are the advantages to ME of promoting with a web app, and what might the advantages be to you – should you decide to buy one for your own business? Because web apps are certainly not just confined to bix-opps.

  • Of course a major reason is that Google likes web apps ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Another important point is that not everyone has the time or inclination to set up their own blog. Regular bloggers will know it can be a time-consuming task. But to improve your chances of marketing anything online it’s vital to have a web presence that is NOT the same as the company’s standard site, and – most important of all – a way to capture your visitor’s contact details, instead of just handing them on a plate to the company’s head office.
  • This blog was never intended to be totally devoted to Premier Cashback – it’s meant to be a place where I can discuss the pros and cons of Internet Marketing with my visitors, most of whom are like-minded entrepreneurs. For instance last week’s post turned into quite a discussion that helped me formulate my plans going forward.
  • On my blog distributors currently promoting their own, different businesses can read about my experiences of the tools I’m using and decide if those tools and systems might help in their own business. I consider it as pooling experiences.
  • As readers follow my journey they may ponder whether to dip their toe in the market-place by purchasing a single product, even if they’re not ready to make Premier Cashback their main business.
  • So the “debating style” of my blog means that it is completely unsuitable for a part of the audience I really want to attract to Premier Cashback. That is product-consumers who buy the Salustra products for their health benefits, and for whom the cash-back is incidental. After all, when I bought my “well-known brand” coffee last Monday and tendered my loyalty card, I didn’t buy the coffee because I was itching to get a free one in “n” months time – I bought it because I had half an hour to kill in a station and I wanted a coffee and somewhere to sit quietly!

So it’s to attract health product users that I’m adding this web app (and the QR code that comes with it) onto the ill-fated business cards (one day…. surely).

Then at meetings or “on the run” I can show people Premier Cashback on my mobile and get them quickly added to whichever “list” seems most appropriate. (I’ve set up a few different lists using GetResponse.)

Another big benefit that cheered me up, and saved me time, was that when Salustra released new products these got automatically added (by Roy!) to my web app. (To be strictly accurate, as of 31st October, they’re not on sale for another two or three weeks.)

Other Progress With Online Marketing

Within our Premier Cashback private Facebook support group Paul Lester has added no end of benefits to those subscribing to his very low cost “Elite” marketing program:

  • Professionally designed banners for Salustra and the income opportunity.
  • Sample emails for your auto-responder.
  • More training videos – including how to set up your first WordPress blog. Paul explained very clearly, in about 1/2hr of videos, what it took me HOURS, and many false starts, to figure out by myself when I set up my first blog.
  • Access to low cost hosting.
  • A package for making superb landing pages (skeletons provided by Paul). This week I got a bit more adventurous and created one with A/B variations AND it let me check and adjust the appearance of the page on a mobile, which wouldn’t have been good otherwise. It integrates really well with GetResponse … and presume Aweber and all the other biggies are just as easy. It’s much better than the tool I was using previously!

Although marketing Premier Cashback is optional, anyone who wants to control how fast they receive their cashback should be taking advantage of Paul’s Elite marketing tools at just $10 a month. After all, we have no monthly product cost, so why not divert a small fraction of the typical product cost to a marketing cost?

Online Marketing Training Courses

I’ve also spent some time reviewing courses on Internet Marketing, from low cost to “deluxe”. My review process has taken longer than I expected, and is still on-going, so I’ll report back on my findings another time.

In Conclusion

A big thank-you to Roy for cheering up an otherwise frustrating week by setting up my web app. I’ll be pleased to hear your feedback in the comments below. Do you already have a web app? Do you think you’ll be promoting with a web app in the near future? Can you think of any advantages – or disadvantages – I missed?

Please share

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Rachit - November 1, 2015

The User Interface of the application looks nice. The promotion is really takings its place day by day.

For which platforms would this application be available for ?

    Joy - November 1, 2015

    Hi Rachit,

    Glad you like it, I’m pleased with it too. Yes, another piece in place of the jog-saw puzzle of online promotion of Premier Cashback.

    You’d need to ask Roy any specific questions about getting your own done. His contact details are on his website.

    At the time of writing, if you become a member of Premier Cashback, as we’ve communicated about earlier, there is a special price for one like mine.

    Good luck and do let me know if you decide to buy one, then I’ll help you set up your Premier Cashback account.


Edward Thorpe - November 1, 2015

Hi Joy,

Your blog posts always cheer me up! Thank you for that…

And, because you work so much harder than I, your posts sometimes make me wanna take a nap until my laziness inspired guilt feelings subside. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope your readers understand how your promotional ideas relate to most goods & services…not necessarily an biz opp.

I did bring up your new app on my phone: one word: sweet!

I also read the article you referenced “whatโ€™s the difference between a website and a web app”. Obviously written by a coder and not a writer!

Here’s another take on the subject, with multiple answers, that made more sense to this ignorant hack: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8694922/whats-the-difference-between-a-web-site-and-a-web-application

May the last 2 months of 2015 do you well…
Your online friend,

    Joy - November 1, 2015

    Hi Edward

    Thanks for your kind words, but you’re far too hard on yourself. Your posts are amazing and the quality of the information in them never ceases to amaze me, plus of course your own brand of humor!

    You’re right to emphasise that these ideas are relevant to most online promotions, not just my particular one. If any-one has a non-biz-opp they’re looking to promote Roy will certainly be pleased to quote.

    Haha – I must confess the article I found on the “difference between a website and a web app” wasn’t the most accessible. I know some of my readers like all the technical stuff – but not me either. So thanks very much for plugging the gap for me.

    Wow – the final two months of 2015, where did it go? I wish you very well too.

    Missed your blog while you were involved in your move etc and hope everything has settled down better for you now.

    Funny how people you’ve never met can be real online friends ๐Ÿ™‚


      Edward Thorpe - November 1, 2015


      Uh, blush, thank you for ‘your’ kind words, too!

      My recent move has wrecked havoc on my routines. And, I’ve had some health issues that I may blog about. My health routines have slipped too. Not sure I’m gonna be able to rationalize that much longer.

      BTW, while looking at the app vs. site question, I ran into the following very interesting site that got me thinking about the advantages of mobile sites:


        Joy - November 2, 2015

        Just take care Edward ๐Ÿ™‚

        Oh, I HAVE set you off on a completely different research project haven’t I LOL


Roy Hale - November 1, 2015

Hi Joy,
Really pleased you like the web app. In an effort to answer any questions that people may have :

These are designed for mobiles first with a large screen/tablet view done after the mobile version is finished.
They are optimised for use with all operating systems and adjust automatically for screen size and resolution.
This means of course that any mobile phone user gets exactly the same experience.
They also use the m. domain as opposed to www. so Google more easily recognise them as 100% mobile friendly.

The last line is very important for two reasons. In 2010 Google became a “mobile first ” company. That means that they develop for mobiles first and traditional laptops etc second. Then in April 2015 they also changed the way that searches carried out on mobile devices are ranked. Basically if a website is not ” mobile friendly ” it will come further down the rankings when consumers search for goods and services using mobile devices. Mobile is the future without a doubt.

Some of the features on my web apps that raise it above others and certainly do it yourself versions that are available are,
With just one click you can translate it to over 40 different languages. Great when building a global business.
You can also translate it and send it to someone say in Spain and when they receive it they open it in that language.
You can host videos and put links to Facebook etc. But unlike ANY other version every time somebody clicks on a video or visits your Facebook page it stays inside the web app. That means they stay on your site and not sent elsewhere.
If they leave they may never come back. Every page is individually SEO optimised and has social media share buttons.

If anybody would like more information please email me at [email protected]. We can talk through what you need and go from there. Thanks very much to Joy for allowing me to post this info on this blog.

    Joy - November 1, 2015

    Hi Roy,

    Thanks for taking the to time add in the features you’d explained to me by phone, but I’d omitted.

    And – wow – you added a link to my blog too:-)

    Thanks even more,


Monna Ellithorpe - November 1, 2015

Hi Joy,

How cool to have a mobile app made especially for you. It really sounds like you have a great plan going forward for yourself and your business.

Keep us informed of how it’s going.

    Joy - November 2, 2015

    Hi Monna,

    I’m really pleased with it. As per my previous post, it’s a “slow and steady” plan. I’ll certainly keep you all posted.


Lea Bullen - November 2, 2015

Hi Joy,

Setting up an app is something I have considered for the future but I’m not sure where I would even begin with that.

Great idea though. Much success with that. You must be excited. ๐Ÿ™‚

Talk soon,

    Joy - November 3, 2015

    Hi Lea,

    Well, until just a few days ago I had no idea such a thing would be available to me, let alone thought of setting one up. Happily Roy did it all for me. So if you ever decide to get your own, that’s the easy option (which suited me down to the ground).

    Yes, I’m very excited about it and look forward to working with the rest of the team.

    Thanks for dropping by, Joy

Enstine Muki - November 3, 2015

Hey Joy,
I just signed up to Premier Cashback on your app though the whole idea is still a bit cloudy. I’ll have to put in some time to fully understand ๐Ÿ˜‰

From the info on your app, it looks quite exciting. I’ll shoot you a private mail should I need help ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope you are having a wonderful week

    Joy - November 3, 2015

    Wow Enstine,

    Thanks so much – that’s great news. I’ll send you an email about our private Facebook group where there are lots more videos.

    It takes a few “watchings” before it all becomes clear.

    Have a great week, Joy

Pritam .N - November 7, 2015

Superb information ! you have shared! really enjoyed by reading your post, This is very true that never leave cash building up when you can take it out. thanks for sharing.

    Joy - November 11, 2015

    Hi Pritam,

    It’s often wise to take your profit out of any online business as fast as possible, but use some of your profits to invest back into the growth of your business.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

Sanu Siddharth - November 7, 2015

Hey Joy Mam,
This is really mind blowing app “premium cashback”” i just downloaded and going to signup.

And i am sure as you always share best thing with bloggers and readers so it will be really nice but looking so beautiful user interface.

Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Joy - November 10, 2015

    Hi Sanu

    I’m glad you liked it. I haven’t seen notification of your signup. Do please get in touch if you need help.



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