Premier Cashback Ruby Qualification

premier cashback ruby qualificationA self-indulgent post today to celebrate my Premier Cashback Ruby Qualification! I must confess that when I joined Premier Cashback last summer I didn’t anticipate this… the Ruby qualification seemed an unattainable goal.

Premier Cashback Promotions

“Ruby” is the first step on the “career ladder” with Premier Cashback – and, unlike many other compensation plans, once you attain a rank you are never demoted.

This really is the best compensation plan for a part-timer like me because it removes all of the usual pressure that there is with “part-time” businesses.

No sales targets to reach – no auto-ships, ALL I have to do now is support my team and collect the support bonuses when they make purchases 🙂

The Premier Cashback rewards, like any ethical and genuine online business, are only earned when free points gained with purchased products have passed through a 14-day money-back guarantee period. Internally we refer to this as points having “cooled” – they turn from green on the purchases “wall” to burgundy.

Premier Cashback results of the omega planPoints go “gold” when interim payments are made, and black when they “complete” – i.e. 16 purchases made on the 4th level of the wall. That’s 30 in total in your section of the “wall” and these can be purchases made by your team – or other members world-wide that you have no connection to. Most of the purchases on my “wall” above are NOT from my personal team.

In the (previous) image of my “wall” shown above, my (joyh) point has now turned black as it was Completed by russh’s green point turning burgundy as it cleared the 14-day money back return period. So all the 16 sales on the 4th level have been made; I have received my cashback, and my number 2 point has become my “working” point because my “Completed” point 1 cannot generate any more rewards for me. My “loyalty card” is complete.

Russh’s purchase clearing purchase generated an interim cashback reward for whispa and her point turned gold. She has only introduced one passive customer (her daughter).

I’d been anxiously waiting for the massive surge of purchases from the USA members in my team that I wrote about recently to “cool”, become confirmed purchases and complete other people’s cards – generating cashback for them.

When the purchases became confirmed, this was sufficient to confirm my Ruby qualification, and it was announced in our private Facebook support group.

It’s great news even to cross-line affiliates, because everyone in the cashback program is helped along by all product purchases worldwide.

How To Reach Premier Cashback Ruby Qualification

premier cashback ruby qualificationClimbing the career ladder at Premier Cashback is completely optional. Those who are just interested in purchasing products will probably have no interest in this section.

However, I make no apology for the fact that I joined Premier Cashback because I wanted to develop a retirement income from a part-time business to supplement poor pension provisions when I eventually stop work.

For people like me, Premier Cashback gives incentives to build their business, and the first step on the career ladder is known as “Ruby Status”.

Premier Cashback is a particularly “part-time friendly” business, because once you’ve attained a rank you keep it, and its benefits, for life. No need to keep re-qualifying each month!

There are two ways to qualify at Ruby status level. You either need

  • 40 personal Omega points (acquired over as long as it takes you)


  • 10 personal Omega points and 3 personally introduced members each with 10 Omega points (the route I chose)

Update August 2016: The compensation plan has been enhanced and there are more products now. Update here.

My Premier Cashback Earnings To Date

522As at 1st April 2016 I have CA$522 waiting to be withdrawn… but that doesn’t reflect the $1,250 that I used to repurchase extra products, nor the CA$100 I withdrew a couple of days ago – to test the withdrawal system. It worked, and the money was in my Sterling bank account really fast.

So I earned just over CA$1,850 to date.

This might not sound a lot as I joined Premier Cashback last summer.

But take into account that I more or less stopped working on Premier Cashback after October, because I was into a busy period in my off-line business AND I had to sort out technical problems on my blog.

While I reverted temporarily to being a passive member, the world-wide team and my personal team kept working on every-one’s behalf,  so my commissions and support bonuses accumulated.

(Please note: these are not typical earnings. Your earnings will vary according to the effort you put into your Premier Cashback business. I have a large and very hard working team so this income reflects that! Passive members will earn cashback, but no-one can say how long it will take.)

My potential earnings  (based on purchases out of the 14-day cooling period) are much higher, but I can’t forecast when these will come in, because it relies on the points purchased being “completed” by future sales – as described in earlier posts. (All cashback rewards are funded by actual products sold world-wide.)

However, the company has never missed a pay day in eight years, and as their profits increase from these new sales, why would they risk any future business by stopping?

What I will also say, though, is that every day my “Actual Cashback” is creeping upwards as more and more points complete.

Sales Month On Month?

Salustra Natural Health ProductsBecause the Salustra health products are consumable, some members will repurchase them when their first packet has finished… and my potential earnings from Premier Cashback will continue to rise, as these potential purchases become actual purchases.

No – that won’t be a monthly earnings figure (if only) because it includes potential cashback on the Omega (art) products too. As a higher priced product they pay out much higher cashback rewards than the nutrition products. But it also doesn’t yet reflect the earnings from my enhanced Ruby qualification which will give me higher support bonuses on a part of my team.

There are also more products in the pipe-line and some of the 8,000 customers now in the company will almost certainly want to purchase them. That will benefit everyone, even those who don’t buy any new category of product.

The future is looking very bright with Premier Cashback.

Premier Cashback Review

From the above enthusiastic comments you’ll no doubt gather that I’m over the moon about Premier Cashback.

I have seen for myself that the cashback payments come into my e-wallet, as described, and I can then transfer them into my own bank account with no trouble whatsoever.

Would this be the same if I were a passive member? Yes and no!

The process would be the same, but the timing would be different. Instead of waiting passively for other people to do the work on my behalf, I was an active member (as much as my part-time business allowed) and found other customers, plus ONE marketer (Tony). Active marketing speeds up the cashback process on my section of the wall, as it would speed up purchases in any business.

If you are a completely passive member you will earn cashback rewards, but no-one can predict when the purchases that fund them will be made.

Can YOU Earn With Premier Cashback?

Remember, this is just a part-time income for me, and I do it alongside my freelance offline business.

I also “got lucky / smart” and brought a good Facebook marketer (Tony T) into my team. He found the USA team.

If you have more time than I have, and / or if you can equal Tony’s social media marketing skills – you can do the same, or even more; and we have great tools within our Facebook group to help you.

Premier Cashback ReviewPremier Cashback has grown mostly in the UK until now, although we have the capability of shipping anywhere that customs restrictions will allow.

After the last month’s expansion there are maybe 3,000 active customers in the USA – that’s only a tiny proportion of the potential USA customers.

There are still whole countries virtually untapped and just waiting for a leader to build the next massive team.

I am also very keen to find health practitioners to share the benefits of these products with their clients.

If YOU can assemble a group of interested parties, one of the Diamond (highest ranking) members in the business has offered to do a Skype presentation specifically for your group. Please contact me.

Or click here to request further Premier Cashback information.

Don’t just take my word for it… register for a free account here, then I will add you to the Facebook support group and you can ask other members what they feel about Premier Cashback. No obligation to take it any further.

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Philip Verghese Ariel - April 2, 2016

Hi Joy,
It’s indeed a great JOY to be here again after a bit gap.
Thank you so much for your valuable presence on my page and ha, for the wonderful feedback.
I am amazed to read this review, hey, is it something similar to the Traffic Monsoon?
It looks like a chain business, you need to shell out some investment then try to join others and then your fund increases! Am I right?
Anyways it look like a good investment plan for those are having some kind of marketing abilities! LOL. I am sure this is not my cup of Tea!
Very poor in marketing LOL.
Thanks for sharing
Have a great weekend with lot of profits alongside!! 🙂
~ Philip

    Joy - April 2, 2016

    Hi Philip,

    Good to see you here again – but oh dear, I must have done a very poor job of explaining Premier Cashback if that is your idea of it LOL!

    You do NOT “need to shell out an investment, try to join others and your fund increases”. Sorry, but you’re completely wrong, however that’s obviously my fault for not explaining it adequately. It’s NOT an investment program / fund and I would never promote an investment program because I’m not an investment advisor.

    And it’s not remotely like Traffic Monsoon, or any similar program. Despite dabbling with those type of program I’ve never made a penny from any of them. I only looked at it very briefly, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe they sell website traffic to people who also want their sites viewed.

    Premier Cashback is NOTHING like this. All cashback rewards are funded by genuine product sales of physical products.

    The main retail side of the business is based on people who buy top quality nutritional products, ONLY when they want them. There’s no pressure to buy any products if you don’t want to make repeat purchases.

    There’s no pressure to turn it into a business unless you’re looking for an extra income (as I believe many bloggers are). Most of the people who decide to promote Premier Cashback are promoting it offline to other small business people who are looking to supplement their retirement income. There are also health professionals recommending the products to their clients.

    When compared to other nutritional online businesses, Premier Cashback is much easier because there are no sales targets to meet and no mandatory autoships. Most nutritional MLMs need you to buy and sell products, meeting a target each month. Premier Cashback has no such requirement. We do not SELL – we buy, and we only buy when we want to. Some people have bought bulk purchases to save on the shipping costs – and because they have found health benefits from the many different products they have bought for their family too. Likewise, some health professionals will have bought in bulk to have stocks ready to pass on to their clients. That is completely optional.

    A one-off purchase of £50 plus P&P is all that’s necessary for a life-time qualififcation – and is exactly what most of the people in the USA team have done. Very few have spent more than that!

    There’s NO need to do any marketing unless you want to; you will still get cashback rewards in time. Just as when you fill your Costa Coffee loyalty card you get a free coffee with NO need to market their business. Their products sell on the quality of the products, not the sales ability of their customers!

    Some customers choose to turn Premier Cashback into a business for a sideline income to their main income – as I have done. Others remain perfectly happy to have received the product they paid for with the prospect of cashback when OTHERS have marketed the business.

    I don’t consider myself a good marketer at all, I have probably brought in less than a dozen people personally, and I have made repeat purchases of the products over the months gone by. One of those who joined my team IS a good marketer and he has brought in a team of 7,000 people all of whom have bought physical nutritional products – not “website views”!

    The profits will come slowly but surely (not this weekend certainly) as repeat purchases are made.

    You are too modest about your marketing abilities as all your blog followers will know. You have published some excellent articles on Google Adsense, Twitter, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engines etc – and of course your blog is a great marketing machine.

    I believe you joined our private Facebook group, and in there are videos and webinars so that anyone can gain a proper understanding and ask other customers’ opinions before committing to the minimum £50 plus P&P purchase that qualifies customers for cashback and to start a business should they decide to.

    However I quite understand that physical products aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Donna Merrill - April 2, 2016

Hi Joy,

What wonderful news! You are doing such a fine job with this and I’m so happy for you. That red ruby sure is delightful and reaching this point in this business is something to shout out. I’m sure you are doing cart wheels lol.

Doing this business seems great because people buy consumable products. This is so trending on many e-commerce sites lately. People are scrambling to find products that others need to keep ordering…it keeps things moving and that’s a good thing.

I can see it’s a win win, either passively or even better…to market it.



    Joy - April 2, 2016

    Hi Donna,

    Thanks so much for celebrating with me. I can just tell you feel my excitement and you’ve been so supportive of my efforts right from the beginning.

    Tony and I have been doing our happy dance for a month now 🙂

    People buying consumable products ONLY when they want them is a real winning formula. I buy nutritional supplements ANYWAY, so I’m just buying them, when I need them, from the Premier Cashback shop where I get cashback rewards.

    Previously I’ve been in businesses where I had to meet sales targets, and when I or my team missed those targets it was the beginning of the end for the team – because auto-ships got cancelled and it was a constant struggle to find new people.

    Let’s face it, we’re all human and need to pay other bills or take time off occasionally. I took about 4 months off promoting Premier Cashback to work on my offline business, and the worldwide team went right on working in the background, ready for me to come back to now.

    Thanks for your congratulations. When I reach the next qualification level you’ll be one of the first to know 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Enstine Muki - April 2, 2016

Wow this is exciting and congratulations on your qualification. The money’s coming in and you are getting fueled right?

This reminds me of last week when I qualified as leader in the offline network I’m promoting too. That gave me a qualification bonus of $300. I look forward to next qualification that earns $2000 in qualification bonuses. This is different from direct and indirect bonuses generated from purchases made in my group.

Once you’re into a good MLM, it pays 😉

Good luck dear friend. I look forward to another awesome announcement 😉

    Joy - April 2, 2016

    Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for your congratulations – I know you understand my excitement because you’ve also qualified as a leader in your networking business. So my congratulations back to you too as your bonuses come in!

    Good luck to you for your next qualification – that’s going to be a great bonus to enjoy.

    There are plenty more qualification levels I can aim for, like you in your MLM, and I’m sure we’ll celebrate each other’s success together.

    Thanks again 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Barrie Evans - April 3, 2016

Congratulations Joy. Surprising what anyone can achieve when sticking to something. You have reached a goal you quoted as “the Ruby qualification seemed an unattainable goal.”
Proof that action really does pay.
Well done!

    Joy - April 3, 2016

    Thanks Barrie,

    Yes, I really did surprise myself this time. I’ve resisted more than a few Bright Shiny Objects along the way, and so pleased that I did 🙂

    Certainly a reason to carry on sticking with it now!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Getlubricants - April 4, 2016

What wonderful news!Thank you so much for wonderful feedback.I’m so happy for you.
Thanks a lot..

    Joy - April 4, 2016

    Thanks – I’m obviously very pleased too 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Shantanu Sinha - April 4, 2016

Hello Joy,

That red ruby for sure is delightful, and reaching at such a milestone deserves a shouting.
This business is great because, people love to go for consumable products.
It seems that you action has spoken very far and loudly.

Congrats on your qualification.
Thanks for sharing your journey over with us.
Shantanu sinha

    Joy - April 4, 2016

    Hi Shantanu,

    Thanks for your kind words – I’m really excited to have reached my first goal on the Premier Cashback career ladder.

    It’s great that even the most part-time online business person like me can make a success of a completely genuine business like this. And because it’s a consumable product there will be repeat purchases to build on the success.

    I appreciate the support of everyone along the way.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Edward Thorpe - April 9, 2016

Hi Joy,

Impressive achievement, congrats! I’m really happy that this gig is getting ever better for you. I’ve watched your progress with interest and have seriously considered ordering a nutritional product, or two.

The supplier’s comp plan is an interesting abnormality for this kinda marketing business. Seems to be working though. I wish you continued (and greater) success.

    Joy - April 11, 2016

    Hi Edward,


    The compensation plan does take a bit of getting used to, however it can seriously reward those who work at it, and eventually reward passive members too. Something in between for those like me who have to switch between being active and passive.

    There’s more information and videos on each of the different nutritional products on http://joyhealey.com/salustra-health-product-videos/

    Joy – Blogging After Dark


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