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Recently I was contacted by someone looking for Premier Cashback testimonials as he was interested in trying Salustra (their flag-ship product) but unwilling to promote the “cashback loyalty rewards” side of the business until he had tried, and found benefit, from the products.

That’s an attitude I support 100%, because – regardless of the industry – no-one wants to put time and effort into building a business round rubbish products. The aim of every business is to make sales to satisfied customers who will want to make purchases over and over again.

So I’m very happy that this gentleman wants to try the product as a customer and come back when he’s done his due diligence. Of course the interesting twist with the Premier Cashback plan is that although this customer won’t be promoting the business – and may still decide not to for whatever reason – he will be “in the system”. Because he has contributed to the company’s global sales, he will be qualified to earn customer loyalty cashback in time from his one-off purchase.

UPDATE March 2016: My customer came back to me and said he was delighted with the effects on his health, wanted to re-order, and is now happy to recommend the products to his family and friends.

For passive customers there is no timescale guarantee of when you will receive the cashback because no one can predict the future sales of the company. However, they’ll have received the product purchased, and if they had bought a similar product elsewhere there would have been no cashback reward for being a passive customer. Active customers are those who decide to promote Premier Cashback as a business, which is entirely optional.

That’s the background to the main purpose of this post, as it triggered in my mind the need to start collecting and recording Premier Cashback testimonials.

Here’s the best of my collection so far, with thanks to Barry for allowing me to use it on my blog, as Barry isn’t one of my personally sponsored members.

The two sides to Barry – businessman and sportsman – perfectly demonstrate the great combination of Premier Cashback and its retail partner Salustra.

Over to Barry…..

Premier Cashback Testimonials – Salustra Products – By Barry Light

Premier Cashback Testimonials - Salustra

Running on Salustra

Having previously bought products through the Premier Cashback club umbrella I was very interested when I discovered the company had launched a new health supplements range; ‘Salustra’ – a combination of Health, Nutrition and well-being Supplements.

As a 63 year old type 2 diabetic marathon runner aiming to complete 100 marathons in the next few years, I was keen to give these products a try. I was particularly interested in two of the main ingredients of Salustra and wondered if they would work for me and improve my level of fitness.

1. L-Arginine which is a Nitric Oxide producer and high-potency antioxidant that has the power to reverse the build-up of cholesterol in the arteries whilst delivering more oxygen throughout the body

2. Alpha-Lipoic Acid which is used for diabetes and nerve-related symptoms.

I started taking Salustra at the end of June and have found that it boosts my energy levels and speeds up recovery after hard training sessions – I’m able to train harder and longer than I have done for the last 20 years. I’ve also found that I’m able to control my diabetes better and – as recent checkups have confirmed – my blood glucose levels, cholesterol and blood pressure have all significantly reduced.

I then started taking other products in the range: Gracilia, which acts as an appetite suppressant and Purifica to support and aid digestion. All three products are designed to work in harmony with the body and each other and I’m delighted to say that I’ve had no negative side effects whatsoever and on the contrary feel younger, fitter and have a much better quality of life.

I highly recommend the Salustra range of products for anyone looking to improve their fitness levels or just all-round well-being. I say ‘Get Healthy with Salustra and Wealthy with Premier Cashback’.

Please check out my Facebook page for more information and to follow my marathon progress: https://www.facebook.com/barrylightrunningonsalustra

Can Barry Build a Business From This?

  • Do you think Barry is going to continue buying and taking Salustra products?
  • Do you think his friends might start asking him how he manages to achieve such results in his running?
  • Do you think that other diabetes sufferers he knows might ask how he manages to control his blood sugar now?
  • Do you think all this might help him build his business by word-of-mouth?

Too right! That really sums up what so perfect about the Premier Cashback business.

Incidentally, when I promote Barry, and other team members’ successes, it just helps to bring more sales into the world-wide pool of Premier Cashback sales, and the bigger the global sales grow, the faster the cashback rewards will come to ALL customers, not just those in my own team.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Barry. The second picture was taken at the end of the North Dorset Marathon one of Barry’s “60in60in60” – run 60 marathons in 60 weeks at the age of 60. Wow…. I am humbled!

Premier Cashback Testimonials – Business – By Barry Light

Premier Cashback Testimonials - Business

Get W(h)ealthy with Premier Cashback

I was invited by a very good friend to take a look at the Premier Cashback business opportunity in May 2015.

As an internet marketer I’m always interested in ways of making money online and as the meeting was in my home town of Bournemouth, as the Americans say, it really was a no-brainer.

I was immediately impressed with the professionalism of the host at the event – ex premier league footballer Brian Stock – and other members of the leadership team. I was amazed to hear that the company actually launched in 2008 and emerged out of the three fastest growing phenomena in the last decade

  • Customer Loyalty Points
  • Cash Back
  • Refer a Friend

ComFastestTeam300x250bining these three elements, with Premier Cashback’s own unique marketing concept, has resulted in cashback rewards over and over again, completely financed by genuine product sales. It’s fully explained in the compensation plan how this is financed, or I wouldn’t have considered it.

The company has never once missed a payment to its active or passive members in the last 7 years.

It has a 100% sustainable, transparent and proven pay-plan structure and unlike any other Home Based Business has a 100% membership retention rate.

Watch a short video and open a free customer account here to learn more.

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Edward Thorpe - November 22, 2015

Hi Joy,

Reading your posts is like sharing a cuppa with you.

Barry is certainly a personable dude. Hope he gets to run those marathons.

Oh yeah, the answer to your 4 questions about Barry’s prospects of selling Salustra products because he’s a walking, uh, running, example, is yes.

Have a great week.

    Joy - November 22, 2015

    Hi Edward,

    What a nice thing to say – same could be said about yours too:-) Although with my reply to your latest post, I’m struggling a bit on cuppas today!

    Yes, Barry is an example to us all. In fact I bet he’ll beat all the clever guru type Internet marketers, because he’s promoting the products in the most ethical way possible, by using them!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Joy

      Edward Thorpe - November 22, 2015

      Think you’re right about Barry’s chances.

      One of the keys for success in any network marketing business is understanding it’s a marathon, not a sprint. (how apropos for Barry)

      I’ve noticed that many of the mlm ‘superstars’ are nothing more than hired guns’ that pump, dump & move on to the next highest bidder.

        Joy - November 22, 2015

        Hi Edward,

        That is SO right about the pump and dump brigade. I honestly don’t know how they keep up with everything, or how they hope to build a consistent income. When the followers they have left behind realize their “leader” has moved on, it’s such a sense of disappointment, and you are very wary of following that person again. I guess the “followers” just had unrealistic expectation of the timescale and commitment needed to build a successful business, and when they didn’t “get-rich-quick” on THIS business, well – perhaps the grass would be greener on the next one. For 99% certain it won’t be.

        What I like about Premier Cashback is that even those who have moved on because they didn’t make their fortunes right away – they’re still in the system – and one day they will get their cashback reward and realize they STILL have a lifetime qualified position in this legitimate home business.


          Edward Thorpe - November 22, 2015

          Hi Joy,

          Used to know an mlm insider who shared some of the seamier underpinnings of many mlm start-ups. 😉

          Typically the superstar salesperson/marketer gets a substantial sign-up bonus, plus spiffs for the people they (and their traveling sales team) bring into the business.

          And, the big shot marketer, edits their over-priced ‘training materials’ to reflect their new association, then pimps those to recruits, which opens up another serious income stream.

          As the roving marketer is a promoter and not a manager, this is rarely a long-term arrangement

          It’s just business.

          However, they’re selling a pretty big lie, which is, basically, that an average enrollee ‘could’ duplicate their fast success.

          The average mlm’er has little skill in marketing, or selling business opportunities. As such, they need to concentrate upon selling their products & services to people who are already interested in them.

          With regular customers, a mlm’er will have a better chance staying in business long enough to eventually establish their own salesteam/downline. . . But, don’t quote me. What the heck do I know?


          Joy - November 24, 2015

          Hi Edward

          I can completely relate to the scenario you describe – I’ve probably fallen for it myself a time or two in the past before I learned the ways of the MLM bad guys.

          Yes, the ubiquitous training programs and marketing materials. Before MLM went largely online I used to think I was in a brochure business I seemed to spend so much money buying promotional leaflets. I much prefer a product you can touch – and maybe even sell – to a real person…. like makeup, lottery tickets, health products. After all, if I tried to sell “online training” to a friend she’d look at me as if I were “gone-out”, but she might help me out with a purchase of a bit of makeup!

          These so-called MLM-gurus, and their lies, are exactly what gives networking such a bad name. If it were promoted like any other business, that you may break even after a year – if you’re lucky – then entrants to the industry would have more realistic expectations… but I guess no-one would want to do that!

          Thanks for sharing this cautionary tale – I hope many people will see it and learn from it.

          Have a great week, Joy

Mary Sloane - November 22, 2015

Interesting post Joy!

I don’t quite understand Premier Cashback. Usually with the type of products you have with Salustra they are a very traditional network marketing business and Yes Barrie’s testimonials will certainly help him to build a business.

But apparently there is something more to this system?

Anyway interesting to know the hotel meeting crowd is still alive and well nd supporting the hotels

To the Top


    Joy - November 24, 2015

    Hi Mary,

    You won’t be the first person to take a while to understand the Premier Cashback system – at first sight the claims sound outlandish, but the video on the post linked to by CommentLuv (below) explains exactly where the cashback rewards come from (genuine product sales).

    The main way that Premier Cashback differs from the usual type of networking business is that you never drop out, because there are no monthly auto-ships and no sales targets. You can literally earn cashback rewards by being your own customer and never making sales.

    Just as you can get a free coffee if you buy enough coffees in certain chains, with the Salustra products, when there have been enough purchases you get cashback rewards. The significant difference is that other people’s purchases world-wide (not just those you’ve introduced) can also help move you towards those rewards.

    I won’t mislead anyone – if you’re a completely passive customer, cash rewards will be slow to come – but then, they wouldn’t come at all from a purchase on the high street!

    However, for people who place a few repeat orders and tell a few others, an active and self-sustaining business can be generated.

    LOL – I vowed I’d never go to another MLM hotel meeting, but I’m glad I went to this one. Very professional.


Donna Merrill - November 22, 2015

Hi Joy,

There is nothing better than a testimonial to share a story of how great a business is going.

As for Barry – Gosh I wish I had his energy lol! I like the way you can share each other in this business. This is how business should be. Sharing others and all will benefit. It makes sense to me!


    Joy - November 23, 2015

    Hi Donna,

    I thought Barry’s testimonial was great too – all the more so because it was accompanied by a suitable “action picture”. Although I’m feeling great, taking my daily Salustra and Purifica, I’m afraid I can’t lay claim to any marathon successes yet.

    I’m also developing a team site with more testimonials from customers and distributors (well…. they’re one and the same) so I’ll probably drop a link to that too when the site has made more progress.

    Premier Cashback particularly lends itself to the cross-line team support model, which is so much nicer than all the usual competitiveness found in MLMs.

    Thanks for dropping by, Joy

Louie Beckham - November 24, 2015

Interesting concept that everyone are customers. It seems like it would take the pressure and stress out of the equation.
Thanks .
Much Appreciated

    Joy - November 24, 2015

    Hi Louie,

    That’s exactly why Premier Cashback appeals to busy people, who are trying to build a part-time business alongside existing commitments. With no ales targets and monthly costs, you can build the business at your own pace.


Chery Schmidt - November 25, 2015

Hello Joy Your title about the cash back got me! I do belong to a few different cash back programs and thought this was one I havent heard of LOL

Anyways I am always up for a good testimonial and Barry’s Rocked!
Thanks for sharing
Have a Great Thanksgiving My Friend
Chery :))

    Joy - November 27, 2015

    Hi Chery,

    Yes, cashback is quite the trend these days isn’t it?

    You probably haven’t heard of it because so far (started 2008) it’s been mostly UK based – but it’s a global program, so rest of the world wide open!

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Kim Willis - November 25, 2015

Hi Joy,

This is perhaps the best kind of blog post you can have – an endorsement from a happy user.

And what a good testimonial it is! It had sizzle but also backed it up with some solid info (results) to add to the credibility. Including pics further adds to the allure of your central proposition.

Finally, your transparency and honesty will give readers comfort that you a person who is worth doing business with.

Thanks for another valuable post, Joy


    Joy - November 27, 2015

    Hi Kim,

    Yes it was a great testimonial wasn’t it, from a very genuine guy.

    Funnily enough, someone just left a “testimonial” as the comment before yours and I deleted it, because it just didn’t ring true, and it wasn’t someone I can personally vouch for. “Miraculous effects in 3 days” type of thing. Sadly I think he was just after the link to his blog. He won’t get it from me!

    Thanks for dropping by, Kim.


Camaro - December 31, 2015

Hi Joy,
How are you today? I read this article very interesting and I liked it, you have shared kindness to many people and it is a pride.

Testimonials Good! but also supported it with some solid info to add more credibility, including Pics proposition adds to the appeal of your center.

And I admit, transparency and honesty will provide the convenience of readers that you are a decent person with the business. Thank you very much for sharing that information to us.

    Joy - December 31, 2015

    Hi Camaro,

    I’m glad you liked the product testimonials – Premier Cashback and Salustra are very ethical and good businesses.


Priya Singh - January 10, 2016

Hey Joy,
writing a testimonial is one of the fantastic way to express your life going on with your business and etc.

so here i found this awesome blog post and the way of expressing .

Thanks 🙂

    Joy - January 12, 2016

    Hi Priyah,

    Yes, someone’s real life testimonial is worth all the company’s claims.

    Thanks for your time visiting.



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