Premier Cashback News and My Results Update March 2016

card-backsideRegular readers may wonder about the lack of recent Premier Cashback news, after my burst of activity in the late summer of 2015.

Well here it is – better late than never.

For new readers, Premier Cashback is a product-based business I am building part-time, and it’s based on the familiar concepts:

  • Loyalty points for customers
  • Cashback rewards
  • Rewards for tell-a-friend

More on “What Is Premier Cashback?” here.

All cashback rewards are paid out of revenue from product purchases made, with no requirement to have auto-ships. There is only ONE compulsory purchase – your first – and that qualifies you fully for cashback rewards (in time!) even if you never buy another product.

So – what Premier Cashback news and results have I got after the last few months?

Results In My Premier Cashback Business

My recent lack of Premier Cashback news has been due to a combination of me being overwhelmed with work in my offline business and also the terrible problems, only recently resolved, that I have had with WordPress Security issues.

This meant I had to put Premier Cashback on hold until I got back on an even keel.

Because Premier Cashback has no sales targets or auto-ship requirements, this hasn’t mattered.

The global team – not just my personal team – has carried on building the business round me. Although I’ve been watching my progress, I had to stay passive while I concentrated on my day-to-day business and blog repairs!

After this “active then passive” spell, I want to share my results to date.

But first, I’ll tell you what part I played in my own results:

  • I introduced 8 customers, only 1 of whom actively promoted Premier Cashback, the rest stayed passivesalustra-cropped-
  • I bought Salustra health products when I needed them – not because there was a compulsory auto-ship.  No more of those for me, thank-you!
  • I bought a couple of limited edition art prints, the second one was purchased from earnings on sales that followed the first

Each purchase of health products gave me an “Alpha” loyalty point. Each limited edition art purchase gave me an “Omega” loyalty point. Alpha and Omega points are given away depending on the price of product you purchase from any Premier Cashback retail partner. We have more products coming on board later in the year, to add to the current six.

Each point purchased by any customer worldwide (whether in your personal team or not) occupies a “brick” in someone’s “wall” and a completed “wall” means that 30 products have been sold, funding a cashback reward. See below!

My Cashback Rewards In Premier Cashback Alpha Plan

Here’s the status of my best performing “Alpha” point (from purchasing a health supplement costing £50 plus P&P).

cashback rewards from salustra purchases

Interpreting my “Alpha” status…. the fact that my second £50 purchase of Salustra (joyh (2)) is shown in gold in my “wall” means that I have received an interim cashback payment of £25 funded by the 14 bricks / purchases that followed “above me” in the wall.

I don’t know any of these people. They came to me from the “passive” part of the program and were brought into my business by the global team working for passive members in Premier Cashback.

When (in time) the final 16 bricks of the wall are filled with 16 purchases (15 more) from customers world-wide, I will receive a final cashback reward of £75.

My Cashback Rewards In Premier Cashback Omega Plan

Here is the status of my best performing “Omega” point (limited edition art purchase costing approximately £135 plus P&P). It’s approximate pricing due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Premier Cashback results of the omeag plan

Explaining my “Omega” status: point joyh(1) at the bottom came from my original purchase of art-work. This turned “gold” when the bricks on levels 1 to 3 were filled by 14 purchases made by other members. The gold joyh(1) brick in the Omega plan triggered a $250 cashback reward for me.

Looking at the “top” level of bricks in my “wall”, there have been 16 further purchases made that accrued to me. One of them is “green” – meaning it’s still in the 14-day “cooling” = “money back guarantee” period. When it has “cooled” it will turn brown like all the others, and then my whole wall will be filled with a total of 30 “cooled” purchases, which will trigger me a cashback reward of $1100.

This final cooled point will also turn whispa(1)’s brick gold, generating her a cashback reward of $250. Although whispa has been using the health products, she hasn’t been actively promoting the business – so imagine how thrilled she’s going to be when I ring her up and tell her she’s got an interim payment of $250 sitting in her e-wallet that she can either withdraw or use to buy more products.

Because members are enjoying the benefits of the health products, repeat orders are coming into the system generating more sales and cashback rewards.

As mentioned before, of these 30 sales, I was responsible for introducing just 8 other customers – and eagle-eyed readers who know the “family-tree” will spot that two of these 8 are my sons “russh” and “matth”. Those beyond “my” 8 have accrued to me from purchases made by other members of our group.

“Whispa” isn’t the only one of my personal introductions who has had calls or messages from me saying they have interim or completed cashback rewards waiting in their e-wallets, despite making no personal introductions.

NOT Magic: Premier Cashback Rewards Come From Product Sales

At first glance, those looking into Premier Cashback could imagine this is some “scheme” destined in time to be unable to pay the cashback rewards.

Not so. The image below shows exactly how £800 of nutrition purchases is used to pay out production costs, final and interim member cashback rewards, support and status bonuses for active members – and even fund two free omega cashback points (2 x £135 = £270) that will go on to generate more cashback rewards.

Every penny of the £800 paid out when a “wall” is completed comes from 16x£50=£800 optional purchases made by members.

There is a similar breakdown of how the Omega cashback rewards are also generated from optional purchases. I shared that in an earlier, more detailed post describing Premier Cashback.

Beyond the cashback rewards for both active and passive members, active members are paid support bonuses. These are recognition for helping support anyone they introduce and finding customers who contribute to the purchases that generate the eventual cashback rewards paid to both active and passive members.

Note: Although passive members will earn cashback rewards eventually, NO time-scale can be predicted because they are relying on other people to build their business. Four of my passive customers received at least some cashback within 6 months, which is probably faster than customers in other teams because I’m part of a very active group.

Customers who want to be completely passive are very welcome to join my group, but should not expect to “get rich quick” doing nothing!

It doesn’t work like that in life, or in Premier Cashback.

More Premier Cashback News

In addition to updating readers on my own results, I am very excited about a big change due within the company at the end of April.

The currency confusion will end – all prices will be shown in GB pounds sterling, and you can withdraw cashback rewards in GBP, US $ or Euros to minimise bank charges for the majority of our customers.

There will be a change of art products to a slightly more expensive range, and the price increase will be used to fund even better cashback rewards and support bonuses.

Limited Window Of Opportunity

There is a limited window of opportunity to purchase at the current lower price yet potentially benefit from the enhanced cashback rewards when sufficient sales have been generated.

Remember, a one-off purchase into the Alpha or Omega plan is all that’s required. (Strong hint: an Omega purchase has the highest potential cashback reward.)

Until late April 2016 an Omega plan purchase of art will cost you $250 (Canadian) and / or £50 (minimum) for a Salustra health product – both need you to add P&P to your country on top – P&P will be advised before you confirm your order.

What to do next if this has interested you…..

  1. Watch a short Premier Cashback overview video here then register for a free, no obligation, look round inside the back-office. Please note the “referring member” is NOT me – it’s a member of my team whose business I am helping to build.
  2. Watch the video below for a more comprehensive overview.
  3. Learn how to make your one qualifying Premier Cashback purchase – click here.
  4. Over the next few months decide whether you want to be active or passive.

Over To You

This is what’s happened for me in 8 months. Despite a burst of activity at the beginning, for a lot of the time since then I’ve been passive because I was busy with my offline business.

If you decide to join us, your results will vary, and will depend on the time and effort you choose to put into the business. Do not make any purchase with money you need in the short term! That would be crazy.

Like real-life, if you don’t open the shop doors, don’t complain when you have no customers!

However, Premier Cashback is kinder than real life, because in time they will reward you with cashback generated by other people’s purchases. The active members will work for you …. but we make no guarantee on timescales.

Does your coffee shop, or business, reward you if you only make one purchase and no sales?

If so, please let us know in the comments below.

Please share

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Kim Willis - March 10, 2016

Hi Joy

This seems like a nifty way to make a side income. Good to see you’re getting good results already

Keep up the good work


    Joy - March 10, 2016

    Hi Kim,

    It is, and what I like best is that I can fit it into my already over-crowded life so conveniently.

    Sometimes you need to attend to other issues – family or work – and it’s good to know that Premier Cashback can tick over without me!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Lesly T. Federici - March 12, 2016

Hi Joy,
Very comprehensive discussion. Never heard of this before but I have to say – good for you! There ARE ways to make income online and writing about this proves it. Thanks for expanding my mind.. 🙂

    Joy - March 12, 2016

    Hi Lesly,

    Glad you liked it. Until recently Premier Cashback has been largely a UK based home business. However we have a many customers scattered world-wide and I now have several people in my team in the USA.

    I’ve tried many businesses of this type before, but never seen such good results before, thanks to the Salustra health products introduced last summer.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Monna Ellithorpe - March 12, 2016

Hi Joy,

Very interesting business you are in. I really like the idea that you can still receive passive income when life throws a curve at you and you have to tend to other things.

Great success to you always.

    Joy - March 12, 2016

    Hi Monna,

    You’ve hit the nail on the head! We all have busy lives and sometimes have to tale care of other things – work or family – most likely both!

    A one-off purchases qualifies you for cashback and there’s no compulsory auto-ship and no sales targets so I can just work on Premier Cashback and Salustra when time allows. If I’m too busy, the “passive path” will carry on generating cashback – which really is what’s happened these last few months. This is building up nicely now that we have a wider range of products and more people re-ordering – because they’ve seen health benefits.

    Thanks for your good wishes,

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Mandy Allen - March 14, 2016

Sounds like a very interesting plan and good luck with it!

Enjoy the journey!

    Joy - March 14, 2016

    Thanks Mandy,

    It’s going even better now that we have the Salustra Health products, because many people are ordering them every month (even though it’s not compulsory) so we’re seeing some great results now.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Emi - March 14, 2016

Hi Joy,
Very interesting, it’s new to me but this sounds really good.
Thank you for sharing!

    Joy - March 14, 2016

    Hi Emi

    It was completely new to me too – but has been going (and paying out) for eight years now – so they’re certainly doing something right!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Edward Thorpe - March 16, 2016

Hi Joy,

Love how you ended your interesting and well written review: “If you decide to join us, your results will vary, and will depend on the time and effort you choose to put into the business. Do not make any purchase with money you need in the short term! That would be crazy.”

What an effective take away. I’m really happy you’ve found a money making retirement solution and will continue wishing you all the best. Have a great week.

    Joy - March 16, 2016

    Hi Edward,

    Haha – well, much as I believe in the business and cashback rewards (having had the money drop into my e-wallet!) I’d really hate anyone to imagine you’re just pressing a magic button and money comes out the other end.

    There has to be effort in between and purchases made. The Premier Cashback business is very special in that the active members can “help along” the passive members. Passive members are very welcome – because they’re making product purchases to fund the worldwide cashback rewards, so it’s only right that they should benefit too.

    Yes, I really have found my solution now. I shall continue with the training courses, because they’re helping me market PCB – but developments that have happened within my team over the last couple of weeks have put PCB firmly in the lead.

    Don’t worry – you’ll be among the first to know!!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Pete Zafra - March 18, 2016

Hey there Joy,

Great post! Congratulations on your results. A lot of people can definitely benefit from this. Making money from home is not impossible. With the right information, tools and resources, anything can happen.

Wish you the best! More power to you. 🙂


    Joy - March 20, 2016

    Hi Pete,

    Welcome to my blog, I am so pleased you found me and I hope you will find plenty of helpful information here:-)

    Well – I was delighted with those results, but over the last few weeks things just gone completely crazy and I’m so delighted with the way my team is building.

    I’ve looked a long time for a business that I can pick up and put down as other commitments permit – because sticking with the time and budget commitment was what made it impossible for me to make money online in the past.

    So pleased this business is finally delivering the goods after so many false starts.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Lillian - March 21, 2016

Hi Joy,

I’m happy for you! I’m glad you’re in a side income business that’s working for you.

Thanks for sharing your results,

    Joy - March 21, 2016

    Hi Lillian,

    I think everyone needs a part-time business to run alongside their main income (whether that be employed or self-employed) and because you can be a member of Premier Cashback completely passively, if you want to be, that makes it perfect.
    Of course, with activity results are much better – as you’ll see from my next blog post in the comments.

ALOK DAS - April 3, 2016

Hello Joy, It’s been amazing to read about the cashback update which I have never heard before, since I searching on the internet about it and I got it by chance on your blog with good explanation. Thank you so much for a such a great article.

    Joy - April 4, 2016

    Hi Alok,

    Things have only got better for me since the post you read. See my linked post below.
    You said you were looking for Premier Cashback and found my blog, so here’s the link to open a free account after which I will invite you into our Facebook support group and show you how to make your first purchase, minimum £50 plus P&P. Just one purchase qualifies you for lifetime rewards.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Heladio Rosales - April 27, 2016


    Joy - April 28, 2016

    Hi Heladio,

    I’ve sent you an email invitation to the group using the email you gave when you commented. If you don’t get in by that, send me a friend request to https://www.facebook.com/joy.healey and I’ll be able to add you by name.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark


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