Review of Copy and Profit Blueprint

Review of Copy and Profit BlueprintThis article presents a review of Copy and Profit Blueprint, a course I bought from Neil Stafford, owner of The Internet Marketing Review. Neil has been producing quality information marketing products for over 12 years now, in the Internet Marketing niche, and also in many other diverse and interesting niches. He practices what he teaches!

NB I bought this course from Neil BEFORE I started my coaching with him. The quality of this course was one of the reasons I continued on to the coaching program with him.

What reminded me to do this review is my experience using the course that I wrote about a few days ago, when I had to make some quick changes to one of my online businesses.

Who Is “Copy and Profit Blueprint” Aimed At?

This is a comprehensive course that will benefit anyone who wants to produce and sell information products online.

It is advertised as “Beginner Friendly” and it is definitely detailed enough that complete beginners will be able to get their own product online right from scratch.

However anyone who already has a product online will also benefit, because I defy anyone to read this mammoth work and not pick up extra ideas and tips. If you’re in this latter category I bet you’ll find yourself wishing you had this course when you started out. I know I did.

But the good news is that the course includes plenty of things you can do to improve the profitability of any existing business – so you’re sure to pick up many new ideas. Of course there’s nothing to stop you following the advice in the course to create and market as many new information products as you like to complement an earlier offering. In fact this is a very sound strategy if you really want to sky-rocket your earnings.

What Will You Learn?

The course contains 3 blueprints:

  1. How to create your own information product to sell – 95 pages
  2. How to build a list of eager beaver subscribers to buy your products – 94 pages
  3. How to drive traffic to your site to get subscribers and sales – 98 pages

PLUS eight additional “Quick Profit Bonuses”.

Rather than me tap my fingers to the bone on the keyboard, the easiest way for you to find out the contents of the blueprints and bonuses is just to flip over to the Copy and Profit Blueprint website where you’ll immediately see in-depth descriptions of what you will learn.

Don’t imagine that these are light-weight courses! Each module could stand alone as a course in its own right. In fact Blueprint One was originally sold “standalone” for £97. It has now been updated and is “just” the first of the three blueprints.

Initial Impressions and Presentation

WhoIsNeilStaffordThe course is attractively laid out and presented well. There are instructions for navigating your way through the dashboard, with a welcome video from Neil.

It’s produced as pdfs that you can download and save for future reference. Neil suggests that you print the course (and in fact this is what I did – because I like to make margin notes, use highlighter and put sticky tabs on pages), but make sure you have a good supply of paper and a big ring binder to put it in!

When I say 90-odd pages per blueprint, this isn’t one of those courses where huge fonts and double spacing are used. (Do those authors think their customers are stupid?) It is genuinely packed with content in a sensible and readable typeface.

How To Use The Course

According to the “Bing” online dictionary, a blueprint is “a plan of action or a guide to doing something”. Note the inclusion of “action” and “doing”. You will benefit most from this course if you actually work through it and implement the steps as you go, rather than just reading it – which could leave you over-whelmed by the sheer volume of information.

Let’s just look at blueprint 1 (product creation). Using just ONE of the methods suggested I brain-stormed ideas for a new information product and in a couple of hours I had come up with an outline of 20 bullet points. Then the next afternoon I fleshed them out, ready to produce the product.

The initial work – idea generation – is done and, having created the product (which you can sub-contract out) you’re ready to move onto the important phase of finding prospects and turning them into customers. All of which is covered in great detail.

What Could Have Been Better?

After my first “read” I wanted to return to check some points of interest, but was disappointed to find there was no index. There is so much content packed into each module that it’s difficult to keep track of everything. Not to be defeated I grabbed a pen and paper and made my own by quickly leafing through the course again. If I’d had my wits about me I would have typed my index into a Word or Excel document for easier reference!

What Support Is There?

If you have problems downloading your product, lost passwords or similar, Neil’s company has a well staffed help desk and I’ve always had prompt replies to any queries I’ve raised.

However if you’re hoping to ask questions about your product developmentand get feedback from Neil or one of his team, this isn’t included. That’s a deliberate policy to keep the price down and accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

If you think you would benefit from a place to ask questions and get a wide range of topics, the perfect complement for the Copy and Profit Blueprint is The Internet Marketing Review Support Group where you will get interaction with other members on the safe as you are, and the personal attention that CAPB doesn’t provide.

Don’t like it at all? You have 45 days to evaluate it and if you feel Neil hasn’t delivered on his promises to you, just email to ask for a refund.

Value For Money?

Even if you’re only looking at the volume of information presented, this is a winner.

If you look further and try to put a value to any single one of the many ideas, tips and tricks that you’ll learn….. well, any one of them could generate you hundreds of extra sales. Multiply that by the number of different approaches you’ll learn, and you’ll quickly see that it’s impossible to quantify the value that this course could add to your business over the next months and years.

penguin-update-webMake no mistake – while Penguins and Pandas come and go, and social networks change their rules with alarming frequency – the basics of presenting information, attracting prospects, and sales psychology are ever-green.

The information in this course will be as valuable in years to come as it is today.

Click here, or the banner below to check out the wealth of information that’s available to you for one affordable price.

This is a highly addictive course – you’ll refer to it again and again, and pick up something new every time!




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Emebu - September 23, 2014

Thanks Joy for sharing this, i often say “when you stop learning you start dying”. The quality of information you have inside of you determines the quality of life you live. We must keep learning in life.

    Joy Healey - September 24, 2014

    Hi Emebu

    I think there’s nowhere that your saying is more relevant than in the Internet Marketing field. As fast as one thing is “flavor of the month”, then it’s out of favor again.

    So yes, we must keep learning, and I believe the most cost-effective way to do it is by paid training courses, rather than paying for our mistakes with time and mis-spent money.


    Suprabhat - October 14, 2014

    Hey there

    You said some great words, i had learnt a lot but still i am learning so that i can do new things and change myself according to trend.
    This way we can enjoy our life to a great extent.

    Thanks for putting your view here

      Joy Healey - October 14, 2014

      Yes, we must always remember the goal of all this learning is to improve our lot. That will keep up motivated!

      Thanks for checking out my article.


Paul Wallace - November 14, 2014

Hi Joy,

I just wanted to say what a great looking Blog you have here! I have been regularly posting on Blogs in the P2S network over the last few weeks as I catch myself up and I have to say I will be coming back to this one.

It’s funny really Joy because I never got this site from the blog role but from a comment you made on another Blog about headlines and the importance of grabbing someone’s attention, well I say you certainly have achieved that here!



    Joy Healey - November 14, 2014

    Hi Paul

    Thanks for your kind words, and I’ll be happy to see you back.

    Good to know that commenting on other blogs is working – it’s a good way to build traffic and relationships.

    Have a great weekend. Joy

Edward Thorpe - November 16, 2014

Hi Joy,

Little late here as I followed from your latest post. Still, better late than never.

Not that interested in Internet ‘marketing’ but have been realizing I need to come up with something to sell my target market. What better than something I control?

The ‘fast mover’ option is gone. But, the course is a reasonable $47. I’m buying it from your link. If you don’t get credit, check for problems, link-wise.

    Joy Healey - November 17, 2014

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks very much for buying the course – I think you’ll find it packed with value, and it’s absolutely perfect for you because you have such a great niche. I’ll check that I get the commission 🙂

    You may have read elsewhere on my blog that I put a ton of effort into promoting someone else’s health product and then they suddenly restricted me to UK only, so it’s a VERY smart move to keep control by having your own product.

    Will also edit the post about the “fast mover option” now it’s gone. Thanks for warning me.

    Hope you enjoy the course and I look forward to seeing your product!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

Mark - February 15, 2015

Seems to cover all the bases Joy!

And based on both your excellent and concise review and high
personal recommendation, Neil Stafford’s product definitely seems
like it’s a must have product.

And as you pointed out, it seems like it’s jammed packed with proven
real world “how to” information!

Thanks so much for sharing this source!

I just studying the sales copy now! As it always makes to study a proven
online sales method! Because i always come a way with new content ideas
for both short videos and blog posts!LOL!

Anyway, can you just purchase the three in one courses book by itself,or do
you have to enroll in his $47 dollar a month membership site too?


    Joy - February 16, 2015

    Hi Mark,

    Yes, Neil’s Copy and Profit Blueprint is an excellent course. Every time I look back at it there’s something new I notice. So it’s suitable for people at all levels, and you can return to it again and again.

    You can purchase it by itself, there’s no need to enroll in the monthly course.

    I hope you’ll enjoy it.

    Have a great week, Joy


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