Speeding Up My Blog

pingdom-3blogs_minIf you’re a regular reader of my blog, do you remember the agonies I went through about 6 months ago because this blog was SOO slow to load?

Remember that I spent ages trying to speed it up?

Notice something when you come back here 5 months later?

Despite all that stress and time spent on technical challenges and speeding up my blog, and despite the helpful suggestions people gave me, IT IS STILL ROTTEN WELL SLOW.

My blogging business is part-time alongside my “day-business” and I got to the stage where I was just spending the time available to me in fighting technical challenges instead of blogging about my health topics etc.

It was so dispiriting because no matter what I did improvements were minimal and even after spending time and money (on a premium theme) I reached the stage where I was too embarrassed to give out my URLs.

Yes, I expect there are more things I could try, perhaps going right down to the bare bones of my WordPress blog, but to be honest I had just HAD it.

So what did I do? I stopped blogging here other than occasionally, and almost completely stopped at my Hair Analysis site. After all, those sales weren’t coming from the blog, they were coming from my static website.

Then a colleague I’ve known for a few years told me about the blogging system he’s using in his property business.

So I signed up for it (Empower Network) as a way to continue with my blogging, more simply; and that’s why I haven’t been blogging here much, because however much I genuinely like WordPress, it wasn’t giving me the simplicity and speed I wanted.

How I Have Been Speeding Up My Blog

Having been blogging with Empower for three months now, I decided it was time to check out this speed aspect that had caused me so much grief. To do this I made two very similar posts – one on my Empower blog and one here – about a scam phone call I fielded the other day.

Here they are, my posts about: Windows Key and R Scam Warning

Then I used tools.pingdom.com to check out the load speed of the three links.

I’ve displayed the results as an image above. To keep things here as fast as possible I’ve left the image small. If you want to read the stats, there’s a larger image on my Empower blog post just briefly explaining how I use that platform to speed up my blog.

Now that I can blog without worrying about technical issues I’m back to blogging daily (almost) and have been concentrating on getting plenty of content on the blog.

Is the Empower blogging platform better than WordPress?

Measured in features and flexibility, it’s probably NOT better…. if you’re good with WordPress (which I was most certainly not). However, I have much more experience in WordPress, so there could be features in Empower I still haven’t exploited.

At my present level of knowledge of both platforms WordPress has more features. Initially I was devastated to find I couldn’t add plug-ins to my Empower blogs. But I got over it and found I can live without them – and at least people no longer tell me to deactivate all my WP plugins to debug crashes!

Empower blogs are faster and simple to get going, and KEEP going with, for someone non-technical and new to Internet Marketing.

Because of the switch I’m back to blogging about what I WANT to write about, instead of fighting technical challenges for hour after hour.

Oh – and I have seen some of my “similar” test posts ranking far better on the Empower site than on WordPress.

If your blog is slow and you’d like to learn more about Empower’s platform, here’s a link.

Have I made money with Empower yet?

Well I’ve made more sales from it than I have made from JoyHealey.com (which wasn’t much of a hurdle to beat) despite having put a LOT more time into JoyHealey.com.

Have I made a LOT of money? No – because since I joined I’ve been away on two holidays and I’ve been inundated with paid work from my regular business plus some family “challenges” – nice ones, like my son’s wedding and looking after his dog over the honeymoon period!

Tomorrow my parents arrive for more family wedding parties and Christmas, so I’ll be spending time enjoying myself, just making quick blog posts.

Have OTHER PEOPLE made money with Empower? Most certainly, and some of them were complete newbies too. They are now helping train me (and my team) to do what they did.

Have people lost money? Yes – just as they (and I) have with other businesses. They had the same opportunity to earn money as the people who ran with it.

Will I make money in the future? Yes, I will, because once Christmas leaves some spare time in the day I’m completely changing my previous strategy, and following the Empower training – which isn’t just marketing training, it’s mindset training too.

If you’re interested in the (optional) affiliate program, click here.


  1. James says:

    Hi Joy,

    Sharing your experience and the call for action on the speed of your blog is commendable, at least for people like me who are embedded in the overall mystery of blog speed relevance.

    I just want to add my few lines of thought:
    Google is taking the speed of a website into serious consideration for its SERP rankings, therefore it is more important now to have a blog or website that loads very quickly.
    Secondly, of much more importance is the mobile version analysis of your blog speed.

    Many factors has effect on the speed of blog; right from the use of web hosting, images on the blog ( I think this two reflects for the cause of your slow blog speed) and amounts of plugins present e.t.c.

    The use of pingdom, as advised is very important to check one’s speed.

    I have learnt one or two things from your post, It will sure help lots of other people

    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi James

      Thanks for reminding me about how Google takes into consideration the loading speed. That was another reason I was so keen to make a radical change.

      I will confess I probably got carried away with plugins, but when I looked at what to remove, I couldn’t bear to part with them. Best not to have them in the first place. Another argument in favor of simplicity.

      Good grief – I get fed up waiting for it to load, so goodness knows what an impartial visitor makes of it!!

      Thanks for dropping by and so sorry for late reply – I have been pre-occupied with my son’s wedding :-)


  2. Hi Joy,

    You’re right. Your empower network site is faster. I timed it. Your old blog took about 26 seconds before it loads and your empower site took less than 4 seconds. What a difference! But why do you have two addresses on empower? (1) onlinebusinesstruth.com (2) joyh.empowernetwork.com…I’m confused.

    Also, how did others react on your redirected blog to empower?

    You know I used to have empowernetwork.com blocked from my blog but becaused of you I have unblocked them all.

    Anyway, glad everything works out for you. Will talk more later. I’ll see you around…have a nice week!


    P.S. I’m not sure I know how to leave a comment on your empower site I don’t feel comfortable in signing a username or password there, all I wanna do is comment and not sign up for any other network. :(

    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi Angela

      I’m glad you found it much faster too!

      There are two addresses because the Empower blog is hosted at Empower (hence the faster service) and I redirect my custom domain for Empower (onlinebusinesstruth.com) to it.
      That’s a standard thing I do with several other sites, not just Empower, to give them more appropriate names.

      Must confess I’m not happy about their comment mechanism at the moment, so hope it may be changed soon.

      Thanks for unblocking EN sites. I think if you look at a few you’ll find there is some very good content on them. A few bad apples gave all of us a rotten name, and I appreciate you being open-minded enough to look further.
      As a matter of fact, because we can do so much customisation now it can be totally transparent as to whether a blog is an Empower one or not, because we can remove all EN branding if we want to.
      Obviously I haven’t because I’m promoting the platform and products.

      Sorry for late reply – I have been pre-occupied with my son’s wedding :-)

      Joy xx

  3. Tim Bonner says:

    Hi Joy

    I use RocketLoader with my free CloudFlare account to make sure I keep my blog’s loading speed as low as I possibly can.

    According to Pingdom that’s just over a second although I think it loads a little slower than that!

    If I took RocketLoader off, it would load much slower.

    I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a Happy New Year Joy!


    • Joy Healey says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Tim, I’m pleased you’ve found something helpful.

      I had a good Christmas and looking forward to a great New Year. I wish the same for you too.


  4. Cole Wiebe says:

    Hi Joy,

    I believe that our strategy for keeping our blogs running at a brisk pace must parallel the DARE campaigns in high schools: Just say no to “plugins”. :-) We’re barely off the high from the last one and someone’s ‘pushing’ another one that sounds so darn tempting. Not only does one tend to be the gateway to the next one; they’re habit forming.

    Wishing you a very prosperous and memorable 2014,


    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi Cole

      You’re completely right, when I look at the number of plugins I have I KNOW there are too many – but I’m just so attached to them, they all seemed to do something so useful at the time.

      I’m doing my best to stay minimalist in future!

      Thanks for dropping by, and the same good wishes to you and your family for 2014.


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