What Happens Now: Brexit And YOU

flag-england-px_250What Happens After Brexit?

That’s the question on everyone’s lips – What happens now that England has voted to leave the European Union?

The observant among you might notice I said England, because, when split by region, Scotland and Northern Ireland wanted to “Remain”. Wales voted for “Leave” by a small margin.

You can see a regional analysis of the EU Referendum results here if you’d like to.

True to my “Blogging After Dark” tag, I was listening to the results come in until about 4am, when I had to try and sleep as I had an appointment early in the morning.

What struck me most was a commentator who said “People are ANGRY”. At that time the campaign was running neck and neck.

But the 2016 EU Referendum result:

  • 48.1% (16,141,241) Remain votes


  • 51.9% (17,410,742) Leave votes
showed that many of the people in the UK are dissatisfied with the status-quo.
72.2% of those eligible voted (which is high for the UK)

There’s Only One Thing Certain

So 17.4m disgruntled Brits were angry enough to get off their bottoms and make their point of view known via their democratic vote. No more sitting down just complaining.

Today has changed history and things will never be the same again.

Whether that will be for good or for ill, I don’t know, and from the frantic rantings of both sides of the campaign I have a horrid feeling no-one else knows for sure either.

But what I do know is that there will be CHANGE. Seems it’s the only thing in life that’s inevitable.

Probably 4 to 7 years of uncertainty and chaos before “things” settle down – hopefully for the better.

And everyone must be prepared for it.

What Does Brexit Mean For You?

I truly hope it will all turn out well, but don’t overlook the fact that there is opportunity in this result – wherever you are in the world and whatever your political opinion.

People here are quoting one of my favorite sayings:

That which does not kill us makes us stronger: Friedrich Nietzsche. Let it be so after #Brexit! Click To Tweet

what happens now

It’s highly likely that many people in the UK will have more reason than ever before to feel they need a Plan B (sadly some of them are going to need a Plan A).

Who is going to help them with that?

  • Me? – Happy to help. Here I am!
  • You? – If you decide to make it happen
  • Someone else? – If we don’t, someone else will

(Not in the UK? Then target the UK! I can show you how.)

Get Ready For The Post-Referendum Goldrush

Even those who “got the result they wanted” – a “Leave” vote – are feeling a tiny bit scared for the future.

Some will just grumble away, as usual, and do nothing, even though they are hurting.

The far-sighted, small minority, will be receptive to adding a Plan B into their lives. Like you and I have done.

But good intentions and dreams aren’t enough. Action is needed, or nothing changes.

So make sure you are building your own business. That way you’re in the best possible position to offer these worried people an alternative, and to help them feel more secure with a part-time income.

Over the next few months those marketers who are quick on their feet and have the knowledge will cash-in.

Will you be among them? Only you can decide that.

Is It Ethical?

What – is it ethical to offer a helping hand to someone in need of it? Well I think it is.

I care about my readers – and about people everywhere who are hurting and worried about their future.

If I can offer them an alternative, surely it would be unethical not to. What they choose to do with it is up to them.

I will never suggest anyone uses their rent or food money to start a business, hoping for a “quick fix”. Earning money online is NOT a quick fix. It takes work and effort. But for those willing to put that in, the rewards are there for the taking.

So by sacrificing the cost of a family take-away each month, you can start an online business to plan for an uncertain future.

The business and products I offer are top quality, with a low start-up cost, and they include a career plan. Next week I’m going on a webinar to hear about even more options being added to the portfolio.

I just hope all other marketers will act honorably and offer quality products, rather than a mass of “Get rich quick” schemes. (Those usually end up with people losing money.)

What Happens Now?

I know what I’m doing. I have Premier Cashback and I’m learning how to market it online. That particular business may NOT be your chosen path, and that’s fine.

I can show you other options.

The Internet Marketing skills I’m learning are applicable to ANY online business, and the training package includes products you can sell to anyone who wants to start any online business.

So don’t hang about trying to develop your own $7.95 eBook and think you’ll save a few dollars by learning Internet Marketing the hard way (DIY). You could be struggling until it’s all over (for good or ill).

I am following some very affordable Internet Marketing training, and if you want to get an online business started (or boosted) in time for the post-referendum panic, you need the help of my mentors and online Facebook communities.

Click here to watch a free video to learn more.

Over To You

rollercoasterlegoland-px_250Something tells me that in the UK we’re in for a roller-coaster ride, and I’m hanging on in there, excited for all the opportunities and challenges ahead.

What happens next, in your life, is up to you.

What happens next in the UK is up to individuals here, in the country of my birth, that I love.

They / We have shown resourcefulness and courage for centuries and I know we can do it again.

Will you be part of the roller-coaster ride we’re in for? Or will you let the post-Referendum Gold-rush pass you by?

Please share below.


Please share

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Edward Thorpe - June 25, 2016

Hi Joy,

Not only is the future of UK’s citizens in question, but will Brexit be the ‘last straw’ for N Ireland & Scotland? Plus, if Trump’s successful in the US, will high tarriffs and protectionism policies set up a scenario for another world wide depression?

Who knows? Politicians whose self-interests out weigh good sense are only too ready to take advantage of the masses anger that’s a result of their fears.

Your offer to help people with a back up plan, in the case of dramatic economic change, is ever more urgent.

Have a great week,

    Joy - June 25, 2016

    Hi Edward,

    I do feel sympathy for the people of Scotland and N. Ireland, because the “voting map” shows that, overall, they were as solidly for “in” as we were for “out”. I would be very sorry to see them break away from the UK and hope we can all pull together to make this work. But then I always was an optimistic innocent 🙂

    At least with our respective election systems we get a chance to vote for change of government every so often. I disliked being dictated to by bureaucrats that I had no chance of voting out – until last week, when enough people in the UK said “This far and no further”.

    After the initial meltdown (probably computers trading with each other!) some voices of reason are emerging to try and steady the ship and I have even seen articles in very solid newspapers over here recommending “Buy Britain, Sell Europe”.

    No doubt whichever side had won there would have been a roar of anguish from the others, with the blame game going on for years to come.

    I don’t know enough about politics and economics to argue the case, nor – I suspect, do most of us who were given the option to vote! Hmmmm

    But I do know that this uncertainty just reinforces my determination to continue building a back-up plan as insurance against what the government drops onto us. I think anyone who relies solely on one source of income should be very worried.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Donna Merrill - June 25, 2016

Hi Joy,

I was here up until the wee hours of the morning watching history being made with Brexit. I’ve always considered England to be a BFF of the U.S. My heart was full of emotion watching it.

Now, without getting into the political realm of this….when it comes to being financially free, it is really up to us. A plan B has to be there ready to go if needed. This is why I love internet marketing…but hey one never knows if that would be unplugged on us in a vote …

There has to be planning and it is up to every individual to do so for their own good. We cannot depend on governments nor anyone else.

I know the people in your country will “carry on” because they have done it time and time again throughout history.


    Joy - June 25, 2016

    Hi Donna,

    About 18months ago the EU dealt my fledgling online business a body-blow when they decided that I would have to charge VAT on any ebooks (of my own) that I sold, starting from the very first sale. This was total nonsense dreamed up by bureaucrats completely out of touch with the realities of a small business like mine trying to make a go of something. I looked into the detail of implementing it and the costs and practicalities of complying with this would have been a nightmare.

    In the end it turned out to be a damp squib and possibly blind eyes are being turned in some cases. BUT, did I want to risk “taking on” the powers that be? No; so at the time I just abandoned the project and as far as I know it is still, technically, the law.

    Eventually the affiliate merchants implemented a solution for people like me, but it was all too late. It just shows, you can be working hard thinking you’re making progress and you get slapped down from on high by faceless people you didn’t even elect.

    I just hope that those who were on the losing side will accept that the majority of the country that could be bothered to vote, wanted out. If they didn’t want “out”, they should have gone to the polls to say so!

    Yes, we’re fighters here, and I hope that over the next few months everyone will come together again to build us a great future.

    But in the meantime, I’m continuing making my own plans for a second income, and so should everyone else, because you never know when the rules will change.

    Thanks for your kind words, Donna. Certainly I feel a special friendship for those of you in the USA which no governments will tarnish.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Tom Southern - June 26, 2016

Hi Joy,

Yes, a momentous move. And, yes, I shared your frustration with the EUVAT issue on automated information products. However, I’m looking at the 3rd party platforms that some of the bloggers I know use to sell their ebooks and courses now.

But, it’s the break-up of nations into smaller nations, often based on tribal or nationalist reasons, that worries me. Nothing good seems to come out of nations breaking up. I hope it all turns out well. I really do.

It’s good to hear you’re moving forward positively. Your enthusiasm and helpful content is always a joy to read and worth coming back to.

Thanks Joy.

– Tom

    Joy - June 27, 2016

    Hi Tom,

    Well, at the time of writing, everything seems in meltdown! People are calling for another referendum because they didn’t vote, or they got it wrong – and the opposition party is falling apart too. All at the worst possible time when we need some leadership.

    Let’s hope the next few days bring some calm to the situation and that politicians of different opinions start pulling together to implement the will of the people. If those on the losing side start working with the winners perhaps the pooling of ideas will bring an element of “best of both worlds”.

    I agree that the break-up of nations is NOT a good thing and hope we can continue as a United Kingdom, but I have to say that’s not looking very likely. The people of Scotland have a valid point and at least they have a leader who, to her credit, is leading! However if we exclude their vote (which I know we can’t!) there was an even higher percentage of voters wanting to leave.

    Well, I made my vote, which is the extent of my power. So now I call upon wiser people than me (I hope!) to sort out the mess. Meantime, I will continue with my chosen path of preparing my own Rat Race Exit – with renewed determination.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Mark - June 26, 2016

I love your real world advice Joy!

The one thing is for sure, change is definitely inevitable!

You so got that right!And also, changes brings about, potential opportunity
as well as potential chaos!

And thank goodness, there are experienced experts such as yourself,
more than willing to help individuals through their temporary confusion.

    Joy - June 27, 2016

    Hi Mark,

    I have heard it said that the EU-Referendum vote last week was “a vote against experts”. And the contest over the last few months has been a very nasty one, rather than an informative debate.

    While all these experts are riding about in their limousines on expense accounts, there are small entrepreneurs like me and most of my readers who have to get on with living and earning in the real world – but no feather-bedding.

    Let’s hope they will sort themselves out quickly. Meantime, we small business people should be viewing this as an opportunity to progress.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Kim Willis - June 29, 2016

Hi Joy,

I can see some of the advantages of the EU project. But the fact that unelected fat cats can have sway over how a sovereign state conducts itself is anathema to me.

Hopefully, the EU will reform itself and can save itself from going the way of other empires in the past.

For us in the home biz arena, life will go on. We shouldn’t get worked up about these things. Otherwise, we will lose our optimism and positivity, which is a sure way to kill a business.

To the top!


    Joy - June 30, 2016

    Hi Kim,

    I agree – it’s the creeping loss of our sovereignty to unelected fat cats that makes me want to leave the EU!

    There are some really hard working immigrants over here, providing excellent services and obviously I welcome trading with the European countries.

    What infuriates me is the control the bureaucrats exert over my country and my life. That’s not what we signed up for all those years ago.

    The voting split I have noticed is that bug cities and people working in large corporations were more likely to be in favor of Remain, while solo-preneurs (like me!) seemed more in favor of Leave.

    Although it’s mayhem at the moment, hopefully “the powers that be” will get round the table and come up with a workable solution. They all “got us into it”, so they’d jolly well better make it work.

    While larger corporations may decide to decamp from Britain – which is bad – I see a return to the land of opportunity for smaller companies and solo-preneurs that are willing to grasp the nettle. If there are (very regrettably) more people in need of replacement incomes, those of us ahead of the curve are well-placed to offer our support.

    Yes, onwards and upwards 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Barrie Evans - July 1, 2016

This subject still leaves me angry. Not at the people who voted leave because it was what they believed was the right thing to do, but because of the idiotic people in the Wales valleys who used it for a different agenda completely. I was saddened to find out that a great deal of people who are Labour voters simply saw the referendum as a way to “get rid of Cameron and his cronies”. What they didn’t realize was that voting to leave the EU with this in mind was giving MORE power to the type of people they were trying to dispose of and wouldn’t serve them at all. Without these stupid and reckless people, who should have listened to their MP’s who were asking them to vote for remain (because it’s what they really wanted), the vote would probably have been to remain. It was as childish as “you’re a Tory telling us what to do so we’re going to vote the other way because we don’t like you!”
Now we all have to endure insecurity and upheaval that was avoidable if only people did the sensible thing. Crazy!

    Joy - July 2, 2016

    Hi Barrie,

    We’re on different sides here, but sure we can amicably agree to differ 🙂

    I genuinely believe (despite all the current turmoil) that in the LONG run we will be better off not being ruled by the unelected elite in Brussels.

    What makes me angry is the people who didn’t vote at all, or – as you said – used their vote for the wrong reason, and then start calling for a second referendum to try and overturn what was decided.

    We’re in for a bumpy ride but it’s time now for everyone to rally round, accept what’s been voted for, and just work for the best deal possible.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark


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