What Is Premier Cashback?

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Update September 2016: While the concepts described in this article remain the same, the plan and products have been enhanced. Please read Premier Cashback Update August 2016.

I have been writing about Premier Cashback as a way to build a genuine part-time or full-time business, without really answering the question “What is Premier Cashback?”

That’s for the simple reason that it’s a very clever concept that takes a while to get your head round – or it did for me.

Trite one-line “elevator pitches” make it sound like a scam, and it’s not.

Request a Premier Cashback webinar invitation further down to get your questions answered.

In August 2015 Premier Cashback got even better, because in addition to their original category of product – which has sustained the business for 7 years – they added new consumable products. The club ALREADY has a marketplace of loyal members open to the OPTION of purchasing quality products they launch from new partners (suppliers).

The implication of the product being consumable is that, if people like it, they will buy more; which will explode the turnover of the business, 70% of which is returned as cashback to the members. The other 30% is the suppliers’ profit.

spg-plan500 product samples released in the early launch were snapped up, and since release most people – myself included – have placed orders for more, because we found them beneficial.

We do NOT buy them because we have to make any regular purchase; there is NO auto-ship commitment with Premier Cashback.

We only buy more when we’ve used up our products – and, after the first purchase, we don’t buy at all if we don’t want to!

Click HERE to download information about the health products and compare them to other leading brands in the industry.

The Concept Behind Premier Cashback

Here’s a short introductory video about the club’s principles.

The “club” has both passive members and active (business-builder) members. Everyone is a customer. No-one is a salesperson – now that’s a nice change!

Premier Cashback For Passive Members

If you don’t want to build a business, you don’t have to.

Just wait, as a passive customer, for purchases of members worldwide to fill your “loyalty card” and in time you will get your “cashback”. There are no free lunches, so-one can predict how long that will take, BUT you will have received the product you paid for, and the cashback reward, whenever it happens, is a bonus.

Or, be semi-active…. promote when you can, be passive when you have other commitments.

A Home Business With Premier Cashback

If you want to speed up receiving your rewards (completely optional) you can introduce other customers to the club, and any purchases they make will help fill your (and other people’s) loyalty cards.

What I particularly LOVE about the Premier Cashback business is that you can be as active or as passive as you choose, depending on the rest of your life and any other business commitments.

Our Premier Cashback Team

We are working as a team. Because Premier Cashback members benefit from all purchases worldwide, we are all working as a team. When you join us as a customer or distributor you have the option to join one of our Facebook groups for the latest updates and news.

What Are The Premier Cashback Products and Payments?

You can either buy the first product category (limited edition prints), the second category (health products) or both. One purchase of ANY product qualifies you to receive cashback when sufficient products have been made by other members worldwide in any category.

There are more products to come. A water filtration system has just been brought out so we can drink our supplements with clean water.


Cashback Payments For Health Products

Our most popular product range is the Salustra health supplements. So here’s the cashback reward process for the nutrition products, where customers are rewarded for a purchase of £50 of nutrition products with a £100 cashback reward (£25 interim plus final £75 cashback). Here’s how that money is generated:


Is Premier Cashback A Scam?

It is definitely NOT a scam – the payouts are financed by voluntary product purchases – NOT by compulsory monthly auto-ships. After your first purchase you make as many or as few purchases as you want.

You will always receive the products you ordered. Passive members cannot control when they receive cashback. The rate at which you receive cashback will depend on how active you are in the business. If you are completely passive you are relying on other members’ sales to generate cashback for you.

You will receive it in time – I have already had the pleasure of contacting completely passive members to say they received cashback.

What Is The Premier Cashback Compensation Plan

We have 100% member retention – i.e. no-one quits – because a one-off purchase qualifies both active and passive members for commission for life.

Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t and you can either come to a meeting or get your questions answered, free, on our weekly webinar.

Register free here, for a Webinar explaining  the Premier Cashback Compensation Plan.

Where Is Premier Cashback Available?

Salustra health products are being shipped to most countries. We have some distributors in the USA, but room for many more.

In some non-UK countries there are customs restrictions on orders over a certain value – if in doubt you can best determine this by checking in the Salustra shop before ordering. These would mainly apply to wholesale sized orders.

NOTE: In April 2016 all currency purchases were unified to Sterling, but you can withdraw earnings into your own bank in your own currency. 

The Salustra Health Products Launch

Premier Cashback has traded successfully in art products since 2008. In 2015 they were approached by a health product supplier (Colin Smith) wanting to introduce his products to the existing club membership and thus expand his existing customer base.

Colin is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his products, already having 11,000 happy customers.

The Salustra health products were added to the Premier Cashback club in August 2015, with massive pre-launch orders, because so many people had felt the benefit of taking the products that they were able to sample.

Most of these people – myself included – are taking the products regularly even though there’s no mandatory auto-ship. This will generate more sales for the club and therefore more loyalty bonuses.

Solving The Problems Of Network Marketing

Failed at MLMI’ve tried network marketing before and failed, often because any team I introduced quit.

The Premier Cashback program resolves all the reasons that I and others have failed at MLM. I have now converted my recent article explaining why many people fail in network marketing into a free eBook that you can download here.

Build this business once, earn forever; because no-one leaves your team when there is only ONE product purchase to make, and no monthly auto-ships.

Free Registration At Premier Cashback

Your next step is to register for a free account and look at the points that various members have accumulated. Yes – complete transparency. You see all other members’ points.

Register free for Premier Cashback here then, from the home page in your back office, click on the big blue button labelled “Cashback Points” and check out how other club members are doing.

Here’s more help opening your Premier Cashback account. 

Free Team Support In Our Facebook Group

best part-time home businessAfter registering your account, please message me on Facebook and I’ll give you access to our closed Facebook group where you can watch recent webinars and trainings, and ask as many questions as you like.

There are some very experienced members in the group who have already had cashback and they will all be happy to help you.

You can read more articles about Premier Cashback here.

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Donna Merrill - August 26, 2015

Hi Joy,

Indeed, a bit difficult to understand …I’ve clicked the links and still wrapping my head around it. I can get the jist of it and know that it is not the nightmare of MLM or Network Marketing…been there done that and don’t like it at all.

This does seem like a simple solution to making “cash back” money. Well especially for a shopaholic like me lol.

Guess my biggest question would be if they are associated with Amazon? I have family all over the place an that is were I mainly shop. Sounds to me like a heck of a lot of fun!

Is there a list of products they are affiliated with? Or maybe you can PM me and let me know if these questions are too specific on this post.

If it is not too time consuming, I would like to support you in this endeavour.


    Joy - August 28, 2015

    Hi Donna,

    It takes everyone quite a while to get the hang of it:-)

    No, it’s not associated with Amazon and the categories of products are limited at the moment, but increasing.

    For the last 6 years the business has been based on limited edition prints in an “online art gallery”. Selling online cuts costs for the artists and art gallery. There are dozens to choose from and they make beautiful gifts – you can buy vouchers to let people choose their own favorite. I bet they’d appeal to the shopaholic in you 🙂 Prints start from $CA250 and some are collectible assets.

    Some people were “put off” by the idea of art and the the price, despite the cashback! So a second category of product is being introduced: the health products. Apart from being an excellent quality product, these were chosen because the company realized that the 6 year old proven model would work even faster with a lower price point, a consumable product and therefore repeat sales.

    Here’s the current health catalogue: http://www.salustra.global/Salustra_Information_Pack.pdf More health products soon too.
    Page 6 onwards shows how the Salustra products compare in costs / ingredients to similar products that are already selling well in other companies – BUT we don’t have to meet targets like at least one of those companies that I was once a distributor for!

    After the health launch there are plans to introduce a third product range – probably coffee – and as most houses keep a jar of coffee in their cupboard, that will be another consumable product being introduced to an ever expanding customer base.

    Then there are plans for the company to bring even more products under their umbrella because the structure is already in place.

    While we’ll probably never rival Amazon, they don’t give me cashback…. so if I were buying an art or health product today I would be more inclined to buy through Premier Cashback 🙂

    Beyond your initial purchase there is NO commitment and certainly no stress. People can do as little or as much as they like to help the company grow. There are handsome support bonuses for those who do introduce other customers, but even completely passive members will earn – in time – as others in the team share the concept.

    I hope I’ve clarified a little? There is a webinar within the Facebook group that probably explains it better than I can:-)

    Thanks for your interest, and I’m happy to answer any more questions.


Lea Bullen - August 27, 2015

Hi Joy,

Interesting concept that everyone are customers. It seems like it would take the pressure and stress out of the equation.

I’ve never really thought about a cashback service with a home businesses, I guess just not knowing how it would work.

Sounds like you’ve already gotten a pretty nice check. Congrats on that!


    Joy - August 27, 2015

    Hi Lea

    That’s what I really like about Premier Cashback – you are a customer and you can buy when you like. There is no pressure to keep up with auto-ships and targets. If I’m busy in my offline business, or with family, I can concentrate on those – no stress 🙂

    I was very pleased to get my first interim payment, and not too far from my next one.

    Thanks for dropping by, Joy

Digokgwe Mokone - September 4, 2015

Thanks for sharing.The program is good in that it protmoes worthy products that members can use and also get cash back

    Joy - September 4, 2015

    Hi Digokgwe,

    That’s just one of the things I like about Premier Cashback. The health products I use day by day, and the limited edition prints make fabulous gifts for special family members.


Jacs Henderson - September 6, 2015

Very nicely presented Joy!

I am a great fan of Cashback and Top Notch health products and all my Businesses are in these fields!

I have watched your videos, and I think the cashback is excellent, like my business, it allows people to earn money on things they need and use.

I will be following your information and progress… when I set up my forthcoming retail site, this could be another cashback option for my customers.

I will check out the products now!


Jacs 🙂

    Joy - September 6, 2015

    Hi Jacs,

    Glad you like the concept – in fact I’ve just finished a post on the health products now (below).

    Would love to see the products on your retail site. When you’re ready, we can catch up to explore possibilities.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Joy

Michael - February 1, 2016

I have made purchases from both Chartfords and Salustra and can confirm it is a great cash back program and have had some payments pay into my bank. Feel free to open an account through Joy’s link if you would like to join.

Barbara - March 10, 2016

Joy I’m so glad to stumble on to your page about “Premiercashback” I had
been invited by a friend who knew nothing about it. I had decided to forget about it and I stumbled on
your info and I’ve decided to join or rejoin. Who or what is Chartfords and what are their products?

    Joy - March 10, 2016

    Hi Barbara,

    I’m pleased you found the article helpful. It takes a long while to understand this plan, but it’s worth persevering.

    If your friend can’t explain it to you adequately she should ask her upline to do so.
    You can also click on this link for lots of articles (probably too many!) to help you both understand it.

    Chartfords was the previous name for Premier Cashback when they only had the one product range (Chartfords Art Gallery). To create an umbrella company and allow for an ever increasing number of new retail partners like Salustra they renamed Chartfords to Premier Cashback. The head of the company is still the same.

    I hope you will have much success with Premier Cashback – we’re all part of the same family.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Red - April 21, 2016

1) I am not really surprised that Chartfords chose to rename/relaunch as Premier Cashback, they were getting a rough time in the forums related to scams and Ponzi schemes, as well as the press.

2) I know you will fly to defend PC and say it is not a Ponzi, but honestly compare the models. Classic Ponzi – member gets paid when more recruits enter so without new members/purchases there is no payout. PC Members purchase and get points. New members and purchases add to points and ultimately payout. Without recurring purchase and or new members it stalls, just like the many of the recently popular but now suspect Traffic Monsoon/MyAdPays etc.

3) The other thing PC has in common with MLM lies in the cost versus value of the products. When a product is promoted at a high markup, higher than it can be bought for in the supermarket, one has to ask why will anyone buy from the website? Of course the response comes that PC offers products that are exclusive, not available in stores and hence can justify a high price tag. I still ask; if there was no compensation plan/online business attached to the product would it sell for as much in a competitive marketplace? OK the overheads of marketing and distribution are reduced in an online marketplace, so the price should be LOWER than the high street equivalent, but the member rewards have to be paid for from somewhere and that is why the price is exaggerated.
Bottom line: If the business aspect was taken away would people still buy this stuff?

4) And in the terms and conditions people seldom read it states quite clearly that after the first year there will be a membership fee just to belong as a “passive” member.
11. Affiliation of PremierCashback will include 1st Year Free Affiliation – thereafter, Fee Based Annual Affiliation providing affiliate has received minimum agreed rewards outlined/explained in the Opportunity presentation

    Joy - April 22, 2016

    Hi Red,

    Sorry for the delay in replying, my commenting software put your comment into spam because (a) you have no gravatar and (b) you included a link.
    I removed your link because it’s a very old story, and much has changed since then. But for those interested it was disputing the value of the art work sold by Chartfords Gallery and calling the business a scam on that basis.

    Although I like my own prints, art is a matter of opinion and taste. Some of Tracy Emin’s pricier work isn’t to my taste at all – but I have seen some of the higher priced Chartfords original artworks that are beautiful. When I am able to afford them, I will love to show some of them on my wall.

    I have numbered your points, so that I can address each one:

    1) Criticism of the art products & business is NOT the reason Chartfords changed the name. It was changed to reflect an improved and different business model (cash-back based on customer loyalty) whereby there are now additional retail partners that members can buy from. As well as the art gallery we can buy nutrition products, bringing a repeat purchase element into the business, so that it doesn’t stall. At the time of writing there are seven different nutrition products, with more coming on stream shortly. There are also plans to introduce other retail partners – and the beauty of the plan is that all members can benefit from cashback rewards based on worldwide purchases of ANY product, even if they haven’t bought that particular product. It’s like XXXXX Coffee putting a “stamp” on your loyalty card when you’ve bought something in the pharmacy down the road, AND when your neighbour has too.

    2a) Members who want to (there’s NO compulsory auto-ship) are making repeat purchases of the nutrition products, and having bought their first month’s supply, most make repeat purchases – so our business is expanding rather than stalling.

    2b) To have come to the conclusion that this is a Ponzi, you must not have seen the full presentation of how members earn their cashback rewards, because it most certainly is not. Quoting from Wikipedia: “A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from NEW CAPITAL paid to the operators by new investors, RATHER THAN FROM PROFIT earned through legitimate sources.” The ONLY way our Cashback is returned to members is when sufficient sales have been made to generate the profit out of which the cash can be paid. I repeat, the rewards are funded by PROFITS FROM SALES of products, NOT by new capital. When you go back over the post you have commented on, you will see slides that clearly show that the cash rewards ome from actual sale made. If product sales slow down the rewards slow down. However PCB makes NO promises of when members will receive cashback, precisely because it depends on product sales. True, the art sales had slowed down somewhat, but this has been addressed by the introduction of nutritional products that people are buying as and when they choose to (or not at all!)

    3) MLM is a meritocracy. Everyone starts with the same business plan. Some succeed with it, most don’t. PCB is a much more achievable model. I have two arguments with the MLM business model:
    (3a) Many MLM plans require you to make regular monthly purchases (even if you haven’t sold/used what you have in stock) and in many MLM career plans you need to hit a monthly group sales target. With Premier Cashback there are no monthly targets to hit and any rank you attain, you keep for life. I’ve been in MLMs before and I was always scrambling to replace people in my team who had dropped out when it was time to make the next monthly purchase. With PCB I only buy more product if I want to. Our products compare very favourably in both price and quality to products already being marketed by some of the best nutrition MLMs. Those MLM products have been selling for years in huge volumes – maybe because their members have sales targets to meet! Happily we don’t. We just buy when we run out.
    (3b) MLM plans tend to be sold with a lot of hype so that people imagine it’s easy. “Just find three who find three etc” It’s NOT easy, which is why PCB has the passive option for people who find selling difficult. Of COURSE you won’t earn FAST rewards if you do nothing to boost company sales – but the points I get on my High Street pharmacist loyalty card don’t mount up very quickly either – and they certainly don’t increase when my neighbour buys anything. Premier Cashback worldwide sales increase the whole company’s points.
    (3c) Our retail partner already had 11,000 happy customers buying the nutrition products from his clinic before coming on board as a PCB retail partner. So, yes, people WERE buying the products without the PCB business. Adding those PCB members who chose to buy nutrition products significantly expanded his potential customer base without marketing overheads, so he was happy to pass that overhead on to members as cashback.
    (3d) On several occasions over the last year I have contacted people in my PCB team who bought one product then did nothing more – but it hasn’t been to nag them to “buy more stuff” – it’s been to tell them that due to the activity of the rest of the team they had passively received cashback in their e-wallets. They could withdraw it, or – if they chose to – repurchase. Funnily enough none of my passive members turned round and said “What a scam”. They were delighted, as was I.

    4) The T&C item 11 that you quote states quite clearly that the fee is explained in the opportunity presentation. And in that company presentation it’s clearly stated that there is an annual fee of £125 after the first year – BUT only if a member has already earned £500. If people aren’t happy to pay that, their account would go dormant, but they would have had their £500 AND the product they bought. This fee helps reward the active affiliates who make it possible for some members to get passive rewards. Even if people don’t read the T&C they should watch the business presentation if they want to treat it as a business. If they’re not treating it as a business – what a nice surprise when they get £500 cashback!

    Red, I’m really sad that you had such a poor impression of our business, because the majority of our members are happy with the products they have bought, especially now that we have more products and business is expanding. There will always be some detractors, but they have paid their money and they have received their products. If they’re not participating in the growth of the company, they can hardly grumble if there haven’t been enough sales made to generate rewards for them doing nothing. Again – this was clearly pointed out to me at the company presentation. I chose to be a combination of active & passive that has never been available to me before when I joined MLMs.

    I do hope I have cleared up your misunderstandings. It’s not an easy plan to understand and it certainly can give the impression of “Too good to be true”. If you would like to watch the full company presentation it’s available on a “no obligation basis” each Sunday at 8pm UK time and I’d be happy to obtain an invitation for you.

    Best wishes, Joy

FRY - October 1, 2016

I have been involved in “chartfords” now “premier Cashback” since its concept. I put in over £10,000 in total and was Promised by the person who introduced me to it that it would start “paying back” very quickly. I introduced some members but soon became sceptical because I was paid only one small payment and it all went dead after that…

I keep reading over and over again the part about “passive income” and this is all lies because after,now … Nearly 4 years I am still waiting for any more of my cash back… I still have £10000 in the pot and nothing is coming back to me and worse still to the people I have introduced.

I do NOT want to bad mouth this scheme but I need to see something happening otherwise I will be taking further action to retrieve my hard earned money. I await your answer Joy and would like to know where you are placed in all this.
Kind regards

    Joy - October 2, 2016


    I’m sorry to hear of your unhappy result. I don’t know who your introducer was but they appear to have misled you.

    I’m actually surprised you’ve only had one small payment back, because of the way the system builds. I didn’t put anything like that amount of money in and have had several small and reasonably sized payments over the 18m that I have been a member.

    The way the business was sold to me was that you buy, and receive, your product and either do nothing and wait for cashback, or work at the business to generate commissions. I received my products, as hopefully you did. Some of the people I introduced have had their cashback, but everyone has had the products they bought.

    The business has changed since you joined, but I don’t suppose the fundamentals were different. It was NOT sold to me, and is NOT, an investment scheme.

    I’m just another member, like you are, so I’m afraid I can only refer you back to the support desk.

    Kind regards,



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