Working With Neil Stafford

working with neil staffordI am pleased to announce that I will be working with Neil Stafford as my coach. Neil is a well respected Internet Marketing publisher and trainer based here in the UK. He is an in-demand speaker at many UK and international events.

Neil and I actually first got to know each other about 15 years ago when we both wrote for the same business networking magazine. It was an extremely popular print-based monthly publication run by Shirley, an early business mentor, and one of the nicest ladies I’ve come across in the Home Business world.

working with neil staffordShe ran an honest and extremely successful business. Then one day she took us all by surprise, by announcing she was closing down her magazine and took herself off to (I believe) a Greek island somewhere, never to be heard of again – well – not by Neil and I!

I hope Shirley is enjoying a happy and relaxed lifestyle “somewhere” because I have a lot to thank her for – including introducing me to Neil!

Over the intervening years Neil’s and my paths followed different routes – I took my complementary therapy business online, then entrepreneurship took a bit of a break for the usual family challenges that take over when bringing up two sons. Now having safely delivered them into the care of two lovely ladies (one each LOL) I have been finding my way back into online business.

Working With Neil Stafford Of KTS Publishing

Neil on the other hand went on to build up a huge online publishing empire (KTS Publishing), with a formidable number of impressive Internet Marketing courses and training programs to his name. He also practices what he teaches, as he has cornered the market in some fascinating “non-IM” niches, so his methods really work.

working with Neil StaffordFrom time to time over the intervening years our paths have crossed. Sometimes at Internet Marketing conferences, and other times when I have purchased his training courses. We have always kept loosely in touch as I am a long-term member of Neil’s Internet Marketing Review help and support group. Unusually, for an Internet based community, Neil also produces a “members only” print publication.

Recently I heard that Neil was looking to work more closely with, and coach, a few individuals to expand his, and our businesses. I applied, and was delighted to be among the few to be selected. And I do mean few – I’ve been “selected” before, only to discover that the “few” meant “few hundred”. Not with Neil. When he makes a promise he honours it and has a reputation for over-delivery and reliability.

Going Forward

To start with I will be getting familiar with Neil’s products and reviewing them, although some I already know from previous purchases. Going forward he will be coaching me in developing and taking to market my own Internet Marketing product.

What Will Change Here?

Not a lot to be honest. My usual posts will be supplemented by reviews of some of Neil’s and other people’s products.

DAMSHillI am not an employee of KTS, so I’m free to promote other products as well as Neil’s. These will include tools I consider essential to earn more money with affiliate marketing:


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