Blogging has been a fun, freeing and fulfilling journey for me.

I also slammed into fear, pain and strong resistance along the way.

Heed these lessons. 10,000 plus hours of blogging experience speaks to you, from a guy who began blogging with zero experience in being an entrepreneur. Pay close attention. Learn from me to follow the successful path today, going forward.

1: Money Arrives in its Good Old Time

Even if you do generous things, trust in yourself and trust in the blogging process, lags exist between doing smart stuff and the arrival of money. I refer to this as the Law of Lag. Money takes it sweet time arriving. Profits slowly, surely and steadily find your Paypal account and bank account but only after you generously create and connect and trust in both yourself and the blogging process for quite a while. If you want money now, get a job. Jobs pay weekly checks. Blogging never works that way until you become well known, skilled and credible. Expect 100's to 1000's of hours of work to pass before those profits build more rapidly.

2: Friends Make Your Career; Having No Friends Breaks Your Career

Good luck flying blogging solo. No blogger succeeds solo because success flows through your large, loyal, supportive friend network. Eventually, you quit going solo because you run out of time and make little money. Having no friends breaks your blogging career but making friends by being generous makes your blogging career. Help fellow bloggers. Comment on blogs. Mention bloggers on your blog. Facebook Share and Retweet blogger's posts. Allow bonds to form organically. Blogging buddies boost your traffic and profits by endorsing you, mentioning you, promoting you, buying your stuff and hiring you.

3: Be Super Generous

Being generous – helping people for free – allows you to gain the skills, exposure and credibility to drive steady traffic and profits. Generous bloggers gain the skills and exposure to make steady money and to drive steady traffic. Everybody else struggles, fails and quits. Hug this painfully simple equation: the more freely you give and trust in the process = the freely you get traffic and money. But being super generous for 10 or 50 hours don't cut the mustard, folks. All those well known bloggers served people from a super generous, detached energy for thousands upon thousands of hours. Nobody succeeds overnight. No blogger writes and publishes 20 guest posts for free and makes it big. Being super duper generous for years – working thousands of blogging hours – lays the foundation for something special.

4: Keep Learning

Last week while recording a module for our blogging course, my friend Sue-Ann Bubacz noted a clever way to find keywords based on Google's semantic search function. Type in your prime keyword, then type in the first letter of the second word, working your way through the alphabet. Hundreds of blog post ideas arise after you work through the full alphabet. I never thought of this approach during my decade online. Sue-Ann taught me, but of course, I had to be willing to learn, to seize and use the lesson. I know blogging. I know how to blog successfully and how to teach blogging. But I am always learning because no human being knows it all, in any blogging niche. Keep learning every single day. Accelerate your blogging to make money online when you are broke by Ryan Biddulph

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