A new start for 2013

Part of my revised 2013 is to start on a completely new topic as I'm feeling rather stale on some of my earlier topics although I know there will be people out there who will, quite rightly, say I ought to focus on existing projects that I have worked on, and I should continue with those to improve on them.  Yes, those that are making money for me, I will still work on, but some of the articles I feel you can only write so many times!

The sites that are not earning me money – I'm being brutal with. For starters I have had an internal review that has pruned out several completely dead-wood projects leaving a far smaller number that are already making sales, so I will be applying what I learn from my new project to this much more manageable sub-set of sites.

A New Start for 2013 1I'm at a cross-roads, because 2012 was such a grotty year for me in many different ways, and I feel that I want to get away from the old and bring on the new. So my new topic for 2013 is going to be List Building for Newbies.

Although it's a competitive topic in the Internet Marketing market-place, I've chosen it deliberately for several reasons:

  • NOT building a list was the first and major mistake in my online business so I'd like to encourage and actively help others to avoid this pitfall
  • Now that I AM using an auto-responder to build my list, there's still more I can learn from the site I am marketing
  • From an academic point of view it will be interesting to see how much a completely new website benefits from a list-building approach
  • The site I have chosen to market is a membership site which is a format I've been wanting to try for a long time. It is a “done-for-me” site, which gives me chance to quickly test out the format before branching out onto a site with my own content
  • In parallel to testing a completely new site, I can monitor how my existing businesses benefit from adding list building techniques. Initial impression from the work done so far is that sales are up!

So – it's back to basics rather for me, but that's no bad thing. The site is up and I'm starting to market it. Wish me luck!