When I open my Advent Calendar I find something far better than chocolate behind the door! (I hear those of you who know me well saying “No… surely not… how could that be?”) But it's true.

I find potential, passive profits.

Maybe you have noticed that haven't written about an online business for a while because :

a) I wanted to try this club out passively before mentioning it

b) In fact I hadn't intended for it to be anything other than passive

c) Promotion is subject to strict “rules” and I didn't want to put my foot in it.

However, the team I am in has produced a special Christmas promotion for the club's online Advent Calendar offer.

I took their online Advent Calendar offer and have been so impressed with what's happened on the first few days that I've bought an extra calendar for each of my two sons. (Just as with a traditional chocolate Advent calendar you can still open the older doors and enjoy the treats.)

The promotion below has been developed by a more experienced team member than I am, so to take advantage of his skills AND to stay compliant, I'm just going to invite you to take a free look at what's hiding behind my Advent Calendar doors this year.

Advent Calendar For Business People

For people who:

  • Enjoy real-world business applications
  • Are impossible to choose a Christmas gift for …

Please click my affiliate link here to learn more (Available in all tier 1 countries, and others,)

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As A Retirement Business

I'm not able to devote vast amounts of time (or money) to a retirement business – and to be honest I don't need to. I'm just looking for an outside interest with the potential for an extra income.

If you DO need serious income, quickly, and have the time and inclination to work at it, this can be run that way. In fact I think it's the only business I have come across where you could potentially be in profit from just one referral. To discuss that, take the trial below then ask me how, on Facebook.

But for my own circumstances, the fact that this is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme is all to the good. I've had my fill of people telling me I can make money free and with no work. As if!

I see the club as a slow-burner with great potential, because it allows me access to a world most people never see.

It is also a very interesting venture, with real-world applications, that I can pick up and drop as my time allows.

So What Happens After Christmas?

This isn't just a Christmas offer – you can spend as much or as little time as you have available all year round. You do not need to promote the club to enjoy its benefits, but if you do, the rewards are there. I had no intention of promoting until I realised how much support there is in our team and how transparent the club is.

So the Advent Calendar promotion, and the results I'm seeing in the calendar, have stirred me to try my hand at using the team's promotion.

But after Christmas, when all the “doors” are open, we just revert to the team's default promotion, which is equally good.

I'll probably write about the club again in the future, but in the meantime, please take a trial of the Advent Calendar for Business People offer (affiliate link).