Company Training Webinars

video-px_250Last week found me being a webinar presenter on a company training!

So this week's post – about the experience – is one I NEVER expected to write.

Not just ONE live webinar – TWO. (No, it wasn't a retake because the first was unusable – it was for a different topic.)

For many readers, who will hop onto a video at the drop of a hat, this is no big deal.

But those of you who visit here regularly may remember me as TOTALLY petrified of video. The post below will remind anyone who missed it.

Tips For Nervous Video Marketers

In that post I resolved to completely forget about appearing live in front of a video ever again.

So How Did I End Up Being A Webinar Presenter?

I have written a couple of times about my network marketing business, which has really taken off.

It's grown so fast that we've all been rather inundated with the interest, and my UK team leaders Kevin and Phil have been online into the early hours of the morning. I have seen still Kevin online at 3am, and one morning – setting up our Facebook group resource – at 5am.

So when he nominated me a “leader” and asked me to stand in for him in a “training webinar” for the group. while he collected his children from school, it was hard to refuse.

The safety net, thank goodness, was that Phil would do the actual training. My role was just to introduce myself as a “team leader” and experienced online entrepreneur with Phil as the REAL trainer.

So Thursday and Friday found me fumbling at the controls of WebinarJam as co-presenter of two training webinars.

How Was It?

Phil's WebinarJam worked well and I managed that side of it fine, under his guidance.

Beyond that….

I'd love to tell you that conquering my fear of video was a wonderful, fulfilling, experience and I enjoyed every minute.

If only….

  • I was terrified, and looked it.
  • My hair looked wild and I was full of cold so my voice was worse than usual.
  • I fluffed my “lines”.
  • I stuttered and stumbled.
  • My laptop ALMOST ran out of charge part-way through. I retrieved that one!


And that was only the first two minutes of the replay LOL. (I won't be watching the rest of it!!)

Phil was very kind and tried to put me at ease, but (with luck) I doubt I'll be asked to do another and it will get buried in the depths of the group. Phew!

Update Less Than A Week Later…. Haha – Phil has only asked me to do it again this week. Amazing 🙂

These two webinars definitely fall into the category of “Well, I must be able to do better than HER”.

  • Before the first one I was pacing the floor for two hours trying to “learn” a page of script, which I eventually (and obviously) read.
  • I was calmer before the second one, but that meant I completely forgot what I had meant to say and stuttered and stumbled over it.

I had a two day migraine with the stress of it. Honestly.

Do I Care?

chicken-live-px_320Well, in one way, yes, because I feel I made a complete pig's ear of it.

But at least I didn't chicken out completely, and will count myself as one step up from those who have never had the experience of being a webinar presenter before.

That said, I am putting it behind me, and marking it down to experience.

Without being too big-headed, I think I have quite a few skills. Face-to-face webinar presentation just isn't one of them LOL.

I revert to my original opinion…..

Being Myself Online Avoids Stress

Sadly that business reverted to being effectively a USA only business, but I have replaced it with a business where all promotional videos are already done for me, and you can see the quality when you click here.

It certainly is a must for nervous video marketers who can well do without being a webinar presenter!