Magic money treeWhen you start a network marketing business, you have to build an online business team. Here's a shortcut with an option to earn you a passive income too.

Readers who know me already will know that I'm so busy offline that I gravitate to online programs that are ‘Done-For-You' and need minimum intervention from me!

What can go wrong with that approach?

That's how I've worked for the last few years, and some are working extremely well, and have paid out for two years plus. Of course, I have no magic money trees, so they need an initial injection of work and / or cash.

But sadly I have wasted the summer on a series of false hopes. Paying out a few dollars here and there on promises that I thought would deliver, and hoped I could show to you. But 90% of them I'd be ashamed to show you. So I won't.

It's surprising – and depressing – how many marketers will happily email their subscribers with offers they've never even tried, and then are apologetic when I point of what a load of rubbish they have sent. In fairness, they themselves may have been hoodwinked into thinking they were giving me a genuine service, and though they'd probably give me a refund, left to themselves, were powerless when the ‘guru marketer' refused to acknowledge that what he promoted as a ‘Done For You' service, was anything but.

So I had concluded that it would be up to me to….

Build an Online Business Team

Options to do this include:

  • Paid adverts – expensive / hit and miss
  • Facebook marketing – by which I mean, ‘chatting up' people and making ‘friends' – SOO time-consuming, and let's face it boring. (Hello dear, what's the weather like where you are?)
  • List mailers – well, if you get a ‘big one' – like this (click here) it's painless because someone else has done the list building for you.

But – let's face it – they're all a little ‘hit and miss'.

It comes down to, how much time do you have available to sift through the millions of people in the world who have NO interest in building an online business? And how much time and money can you waste evaluating products and programs that failed to deliver? Like I did.

It's hard and time consuming for me. How has it been for you?

Teamwork Can Change This

build online business team

Suppose a group of marketers got together to build an online business team, of people who had expressed an interest in earning online. Well yes, that sounds like just any old list mailer. And it's been done before – often the only ones to benefit are the ones collecting the subscriptions!

But this team builder has some unique features that attracted me to it. Here's what happened.

I joined, free, a week ago and in that time it has built a downline of 3092 (and growing) people interested in online business in just the week since I registered. Originally it didn't cost me a cent, but I quickly took a small and completely optional upgrade because of the extra benefits this would bring me. (All explained in the free back office.)

The Free Team Build Club Account

The ‘no cost' account gives you three options:

1) If you have NO time but a little money to spend (min $25), you can upgrade in the club and earn from the downline that's automatically built below you.

2) If you have time, and a business, but nothing to spend, let the system build you a mailing list, and approach them yourself with your own business.

3) If you have no time and no business, watch out for their proven business and decide if you want to join it.

The back-office you'll receive access to on registration is packed with training and resource for free members that you can use to help you get started. Don't be put off by the ‘crypto' references. If you're interested, there's training, but if you're not, just use the other training about marketing.

Even use the resources to decide IF you want to run an online business or if it was just a dream you had, and now decided to give up on. No shame in that – it's tougher than people imagine when they're being fed a pack of lies.

There are member webinars on Saturdays and Tuesdays, and the people who attend those, and learn more about the club, will be the ones who have the most success, so watch out for those dates and times when you can meet and learn from other members.

The Upgraded Team Build Club Account

You get all the above plus access to additional training, and – depending on the level to which you upgrade – access to a pool generated from the paid members.

The upgrade levels (one-time cost) are:

  • Basic – $25
  • Silver – $50
  • Gold – $100 (this seems to be the most popular upgrade – balancing risk against passive income reward)
  • Platinum – $200
  • Diamond – $500

I upgraded as a Gold Member which gives me all the free, basic and silver members as my guaranteed downline, plus all the Gold Members upgrading after me and passive income from the gold pool.

If you join Club programs when they are brought on board, paid members will be preferentially positioned.

Update Dec 2021:

  • There have been two payouts, totalling $17.48 for me as a Gold Member, not a bad return on my $100 (which qualifies me for 12 months).
  • There are now 20,311 members who have joined after me, most of whom are potentially in my downline when they launch the first ‘Team' opportunity. That of course assumes they take action – never guaranteed!
  • The first Team opportunity is launching in February 2022 and is just 25EU to get started. The details are rather vague! But I'm happy to risk 25EU.

To learn more, and take advantage of the webinars etc, open your free TeamBuild Club account here – but do watch the training on the website to learn what's on offer.

Withdrawal Methods

When you earn money you can withdraw via a good selection of processors, including AdvCash, BTC, ETH, PayPal, Perfect Money and Bank Wire.

To Learn More….

Watch the short video when you click this link, then register for your account underneath the video and watch the longer ‘How To' video that's available when you login. (Keep checking back to see how your team is building.)

Can I Guarantee You'll Make Money?

Of course not! It's business, where there's always a risk of some sort.

So if $25 is too risky for you, DON'T spend it, please. Instead, just learn from everything available in the ‘no cost' part, and attend the training webinars.

Build an Online Business Team 1