Case Study In Finding Blog Visitors


OK – so you may have arrived here attracted by the thought of learning more about finding blog visitors…. but I'll tell you right away, important as that is – it's not just about getting the visitors, it's about building a blog community (aff link) of people interacting and discussing what you have written.

If that's not an idea you're familiar with – take a few minutes to watch a video about building a blog community here, and you will meet Adrienne Smith, winner of the title “Engagement Superstar” for 2011.

Within a few months of starting this blog I was lucky enough to “bump into” Adrienne's blog – which isn't hard – she's “everywhere”.

It was immediately obvious to me that she was doing something VERY right, and I was doing something VERY wrong here.

So I've followed her articles and picked up as many tips as I can along the way, waiting for her posts eagerly.

How has she helped me?

  • I have learned her methods
  • I have been exposed to her contacts
  • I've experienced her engagement at first hand, because she's given me encouragement and help in comments on her blog and on mine.
  • Best of all, she's really cared about the ups and downs of my blogging career.

Any Downsides?

Of course, great as this has been, I've had to pick it up post by post from her blog, and I've sometimes thought – “Oh, if only I could get all this in one chunk to refer to over and over again….”

Now You Can!

Well you're in luck, because Adrienne has just launched a course pulling all her wisdom together AND MORE! (So don't be a cheap-skate and try to pick it up from just the posts – you'll miss out.)

I'm not going to copy / paste the contents of Adrienne's sales page here. Click the banner or one of the links to the page and you can read it for yourself.

Instead I'm going to do something a little different and hope it works.

I'm going to do a case study of the rewards a blogger can see by applying Adrienne's teaching, and I'm going to do it on my own blog!

Case Study: Following Adrienne Smith's Teaching

If you've been following my blog for a while, I hope you will have noticed that it's gradually becoming a busier place to be – and that's despite the highs and lows that take me away from it more frequently than I'd like!

But I didn't just want to FEEL my blog was improving. I wanted to prove to myself, and to my readers, that my blogging has improved, following what I have learned.

So I decided to look back at the first post I made on this blog, in September 2012 >> A New Start

What an embarrassment.

The first post, supposedly announcing my grand New Start,  was nothing more than the few words above my newly added November 2014 update.

It was unimaginably BAD – I've even tarted it up a bit from what it was! But now….

I Am Building A Blogging Community!

On that first post did you notice the pre-November-2014 “engagement” (visitor interaction)?

There were THREE comments – and TWO of them mine. Hahaha!

Remember, that is on the post that has been online for the longest time of all (so theoretically could have been found more often than all the others)?

Even I can see that my blog has improved since then, thank goodness! If you'd like more information on its progress, I've actually published it as an update to that first post.

I added it there partly to beef that post up a bit, but mainly because I don't want to obscure the big picture, which is that much of the difference between my first post (as it was) and my improved 2014 posts (see my recent posts in the side-bar) is from following the example of Adrienne and (of course) some of the people* I met through her blog community.

*Too many to credit individually today, but if you are new to my blog, you can see some of them here Thanking My Comment Authors

What Else Have I Done?

  • Well, of course I've added more content – but not as frequently as I added to some previous health blogs that hardly received any visitors, despite being packed with detailed and well-researched information. I was posting daily in the case of one lonely blog 🙁
  • I have focused better on this ONE blog – but I do still go off at tangents (business and personal)!
  • I am being coached by Neil Stafford in the UK – but not on blogging. He looked at it and said “Just carry on what you're doing with your blog”!
  • Having learned to interacting with other bloggers, I also reached out to people on social networks – more about some of my social networking friends in a future post.

Despite the extras above I feel, and hope you will agree, that my blog two years on has benefited greatly by the addition of a blogging community freely sharing information with each other.

And this improvement has been just by following snippets of Adrienne's teaching on her blog, without the benefit of her entire course, which I have now bought.

You have seen what can be achieved WITHOUT the benefit of the course, but YOU have chance to learn in hours the lessons it has taken me months to learn.

So – over to you. I can tell you more about finding blog visitors.

Click over to see how I learned to get more visitors to my blog – and more importantly get more engagement from my blog visitors.


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  • Adrienne says:

    Hey Joy,

    Oh wow, thank you so much for sharing with us all your journey because this is one of the reasons I do what I do. I LOVE helping people because we’ve all been there unfortunately and need that extra guidance.

    I’ve been very blessed to share what I’ve learned and done on my blog although I will admit, since you’re going through the course, that I haven’t mentioned everything that I did share there. Let’s face it, it’s hard to do because I would learn, I would implement and I would share that in a post. But I didn’t make that every single post so you’re right, it’s sporadically placed all through my blog.

    I have no doubt you’ll continue to improve and that 2015 is going to be a fabulous year. Of course with personal issues that crop up and take us away from our blogs, that may be a reason we have our slumps. That’s part of life and it’s just going to happen right! I pray though that won’t for you in the coming year.

    I really appreciate you sharing this and my course. I’m so thrilled for everyone who has purchased it so far and I really do believe this will make a huge difference with them moving forward.

    Rock on Joy and I’m here to watch and support you every step of the way.

    Have a wonderful day and thanks again.


    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi Adrienne

      Thanks for popping over on a Sunday to read this – just another example of you always going the extra mile for us.

      I have learned so much from you that it will be my privilege to share this with my readers, assuming, of course, that I can find anyone out there who doesn’t already know you 🙂 OK – there may be one or two!

      Although I still have a lot to learn, I do love being able to pass my own (lesser) experience onto my readers – and now, your course gives me the chance to share even more knowledge with them.

      Looking forward to taking more steps in the blogging world as I go through the course.

      Thanks for sharing your expertise!

      Have a good Sunday 🙂


  • Great blog post Joy. Thanks for all the information, it was very useful to my fairly new blogging efforts.

    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi Terry,

      Welcome to my blog, I am so pleased you found me and I hope you will find plenty of helpful information here:-)

      Everyone starts somewhere and your “fairly new” efforts can’t have been anywhere near as bad as my very first post (before I beefed it up!)

      No-one knows better than I do that it takes time to get to grips with everything, and I’m sure you’re well on the way.

      Have a great week, Joy

  • Lizz Riley says:

    Thanks for the link Joy and sharing some great points. Personal life always gets in the way but I suppose if we embrace it, it isn’t too bad!

    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi Lizz,

      Glad you liked the post. Well, the beauty of being self-employed is that we can down-tools when necessary to rescue the family.

      Blogging in particular is a great way to be self-employed – you don’t have to get a relief shop manager (or whatever). As long as you have an Internet connection you can keep some skeleton service going.

      Have a great week, Joy

  • Joan White says:

    I’m also new. I cringe to think what a pro would think of my efforts. I understand that your blog is like a storefront and you need to make it a good as you can but being engaging I think is the 1st step. Actually the real 1st step is to create one and just do it. I believe everyone can improve with the right instruction. Thanks for introducing me to your friend Adrienne.

    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi Joan

      Well, I think we’re streets ahead of the people who are just sitting there wondering why they’re not making money from their blog. As you say, the first stage is to get started and create your blog. So many people don’t even do that, then wonder why nothing has happened.

      Yes, we’re moving in the right direction, and I’ve learned such a lot from Adrienne’s course.

      Have a great week, Joy

  • Tim Bonner says:

    Hey Joy

    You did better than me on your first post on your blog. I don’t think I got any comments at all. It’s good to look back and see how far we’ve come, don’t you think!

    I think going off in a tangent is sometimes a good thing. People like to know some more personal stuff about us. It builds trust. It’s up to individuals how much of their personal lives they integrate into their blogs. Even a little insight from our own experiences though is a good thing.

    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi Tim

      Yes, it was very encouraging actually. I’d forgotten how dreadful it was at the start LOL. It’s been a long journey, but of course I’m still at an early stage and still learning as is everyone who is moving forward, because otherwise the route is backwards I fear.

      I suppose the personal parts of blogging are what make us all individuals – I’ve had some very kind comments about my Mum’s health problems. She’d be amazed!

      And I enjoy reading about other people’s extra-blog time too 🙂

      Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

  • Hi Joy! Great insight and tips along your blogging journey. I think we’ve all either been or still are exactly where you are. Blogging is almost a lifestyle!

    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi Stephanie

      It was interesting to look back, in fact there were some even earlier blogs that were just so terrible I completely scrapped them!

      Yes, definite way of life now. Goodness knows what I did with my time before blogging 🙂

      Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

  • Hi Joy,

    That was wonderful indeed 🙂

    I like the way you called it a case study, though for most of us, when we started, our blogs were very much like ghost towns too! I still remember my posts hardly got any comments for a few months when I started off and that’s because I knew NO blogger, being more of a writer.

    However, with time, as you interact and connect with each other, that’s just how relationships are built, and how a blog community is formed. Adrienne’s product is a perfect example and I am glad you also wrote about it, which goes to show how we all are vouching for her product as we believe and trust her, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi Harleena,

      Glad you enjoyed my little “case study”.

      It’s only over these last few months – following the example of Adrienne, you and some of the other great bloggers I’ve met and grown to trust – that it’s finally clicked for me.

      When I think of the hours I spent blogging into emptiness I could cry. The method I was following (being taught) was “Build it (the blog) and they will find it (the readers).” But they didn’t find it! Now I have learned a better way and it’s such a relief to know that what I had been taught was missing that crucial step I have now learned.

      Most of those old blogs are gone – which at one level is a shame, because I really put hours into a couple of them – but I learned a hard lesson, and it clears the deck for me to focus on this blog, which actually I am enjoying far more!

      Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

  • Hi Joy,

    As I’m a sucker for personal stories, really liked this post.

    And, I’m really looking forward your ‘Grand Experiment’ with Adrienne Smith’s new blogging course “Build A Blog Community”.

    I’ll be following along, but on the mean time, I’m also buying the course and do a little experimentin’ om my own.

    Thank you for bring it to my attention.

    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi Edward,

      Glad you liked the post. Thanks for buying the course and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I’m already starting to make new connections from Adrienne’s bonus!

      As with all these things, there’s no quick fix, but since I’ve followed these methods it’s starting to happen for me!

      Good luck with the course 🙂

      Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

    • Adrienne says:

      Hi Edward,

      I’m so glad you purchased the course and I hope you really enjoy it. Love to hear about your experiments as well, please do let me know too okay!

      Thank you.


      • Joy Healey says:

        Hi Adrienne,

        I just LOVE Edward’s blog as you’ll soon see 🙂

        He’s already starting to reap the rewards of the hard work he’s put in on his blog.

        Have a great weekend. Joy

  • Nathaniel Kidd says:

    Greetings Joy,

    What an awesome share! You have come so far and that is an inspiration to many. Adrienne is so awesome isn’t she? I am so inspired by her and never will forget that she was the first blogger that picked up the phone and called me when I got started back in April 2014.

    My goal is to get where you are and aspire to be like some of my mentors like Adrienne and Harleena. I have also learned that if we listen to people like these and follow them, we can cut out years of frustration just due to their kindness and willingness to share so much of what they know.

    I am inspired by your post!

    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi Nathaniel,

      Welcome to my blog, I am so pleased you found me and I hope you will find plenty of helpful information here:-)

      Thanks for your kind words and I’m sure with mentors such as we have found we’ll all continue on the road to success.

      Yes, if only I had found Adrienne’s training initially I would have saved much time and money.

      Look forward to keeping in touch through our blogs,

      Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

    • Adrienne says:

      Hey Nate,

      Thank you so much for the compliment Nate and I’m so glad you were open to answering my call. Most people are a little surprised by it but I had a great time chatting with you.

      You can definitely achieve your goal my friend, I have no doubt. If you put in the time and the right action steps you will get results. That’s what I love about this process, it does work.

      Just happy for you Nate and keep up the great work.

      Enjoy your weekend now.


  • Sandy says:

    Thanks for your awesome sharing, Joy. Yes, my blog (first free WP and then Blogger) started with just myself ‘talking’. Then I had a mentor who got me started on a paid domain site. Then later took up a course to kick start my blogging journey.

    As there was a group of students, we blog hop and left each other comments. It’s interesting how far I have come, albeit a lot more to be done. I took pride of my own accomplishment thus far and I no longer can claim ‘I am a newbie’!!!! ;p Or well, can I just say I am a ‘near 1 year old newbie’?? LOL But the truth is, I still have so much to learn, to do, just like a newbie.

    Thanks for always sharing great stuffs and introducing awesome personnel with us. I look forward to hear your continue success and breakthroughs 🙂

    To your Abundance, Sandy

    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi Sandy,

      Good to see you here. Yes, I should have mentioned that I also had a Blogger blog before my WordPress blog! Just another step along the learning process of getting to WordPress.

      A mentor and group is excellent for support and accountability.

      We all have lots to learn – originally I used to think I’d “got it”, then something would change or go wrong and I’d feel I was back to being a total newbie. Now I accept it’s just part of the continuous process of improvement

      Likewise, look forward to your next post – they always give me something to think about!

      Have a good day, Joy

  • Carol Amato says:

    Hi, Joy,

    Oh my, this topic is near and dear to my heart, and as you know, I was in the pilot group to help proofread Adrienne’s course – love it!

    Awesome review, Joy – you did a wonderful job.

    You make a great point about the convenience of having everything right there, and not having to pick things up little by little from post after post.

    Adrienne is very wise in Blog Commenting and building a community, that’s for sure. She really knows her stuff.

    I would not be embarrassed one bit about your first post! We all have to start somewhere, my dear, and I laugh really hard when I look back, so we’re all in the same boat.

    So glad to hear you have a coach as I think everyone should have a mentor they can run ideas by and brainstorm with.

    Thanks for sharing this, Joy, and hope you have an awesome weekend.

    Talk soon,
    – Carol

    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi Carol,

      It was great that Adrienne could call on so many loyal friends and supporters to get her course launched. It’s already helping so many people – including me! I am meeting new contacts regularly from her “Bonus” offer.

      It’s funny (as in almost unimaginable) to think of you and Adrienne “starting off” with empty blogs, but encouraging too – as I can see what can be accomplished when looking at where you are now.

      My coaching program has had a bit of a pause of late due to family problems, but Neil assured me he’d wait for me to catch up, so I’m getting back on track again.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Joy

    • Adrienne says:

      Hey Carol,

      Sorry I’m so late in stopping by but last week really didn’t start out so hot for me! LOL!!!

      I appreciate your comment and so glad you offered to join the pilot group. Your suggestions were invaluable to me and I couldn’t have finished it without your help.

      I do believe there are real benefits to blog commenting as you very well know but there is always a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

      I was pretty embarrassed about my first posts too but wanted to hang on to them just as proof of how far I’ve come. Now I’m considering deleting them all since they have nothing to do with the direction I’m headed now. It’s all a process right!

      Thanks again my friend and enjoy your week.


      • Joy Healey says:

        Sorry you had a rough time last week and hope things have settled down now.

        Hmmm, perhaps I should delete some of my earlier posts too, in time….

        Hope this week will be better for you, and thanks for dropping by – whenever 🙂


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