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Sue Worthington's Fanpage Challenge

I've resisted all the “blog daily” challenges, because I don't want to overwhelm myself, or my readers with a blog post every day, but I have joined Sue's challenge to increase my Facebook community.

I actually have two pages: http://facebook.com/JoyHealeyOnline and http://facebook.com/MineralsForTheBody.

For the challenge I'll be focusing on the latter, which is my main business. This blog and the JoyHealeyOnline Facebook page are mainly for me charting my progress (and getting tons of help and support from other bloggers who have much more experience than I do.)

One aim of the challenge is to get more Likes for our pages, but – far more than that – to increase the engagement of our readers. Facebook isn't my strong point, so I won't say too much yet, other than to record my starting point.

I registered with 87 Likes for my Minerals page and 59 for my JoyHealeyOnline one. That was a week ago.

We had a week build-up when we could (hopefully!) “Like” each others' pages and get to know each other and learn what market-places we are all in. Also more people had to be found to join the challenge.

Today (15th April 2013) is the start of the Challenge proper. So far I have 90 for the JoyHealeyOnline page which is an encouraging increase. However, that's not going to be the page I focus on for the challenge, so I have registered my “starting point” for the Minerals site with today's count of: 125. I'll report here on my progress next week.

Fan Page ChallengeWould you like to have almost 300 people help promote your page?

If you'd like to join us (free), it's not too late! Click here for Fanpage Challenge.

However, it's not just about “Taking” the Likes. There has to be plenty of “Giving” too. The long-term purpose is to learn by doing (with a daily learning task). Correctly implemented this will expand our reach, find interested readers, and hopefully find other business people in similar niche markets to work with. Our “leader” Sue Worthington has worked really hard to put this together, and I'm very excited about it. Watch this space.

Naturally, I couldn't take the easy route and just register could I? On Sunday, with just hours to go before the challenge started I decided to rename my Facebook page! Do I have an on-line death wish? Sometimes wonder…..

I'd been feeling for a while now that I hadn't properly conveyed what my blog and page are really about. If you know that you're looking for my service, you'll “get it” straight away. But if you've never heard of it (and most people haven't) you probably wouldn't. So – I took the plunge and renamed it.

Happily, as with the previous Facebook pages merge, Facebook did a great job and everything seems to have survived. I had several social media links to change (and probably missed a few), and I'm still watching Post Planner, but fingers crossed! Hope I got the name right this time, because you can only change the name once.

More Challenging Times Online

It hasn't been a completely clappy-happy week for me! Oh no, no, no!

Worst panic of all was the day several of my blogs went down, warning me that I had a “php problem”. (What is PHP?)  I'd been tweaking my Minerals blog, so could understand that (maybe…) but it affected blogs I'd not touched that day. The only common feature was the hosting company, so I emailed them for help and it turned out they'd implemented a security patch that knocked out php, and with it all their WordPress blogs.

With hindsight, they were probably protecting us against the recent attack you've probably heard about. You can read here: how to protect your WordPress site.

The good news is that my sites came back fine, but the BAD news – that I only discovered later – is that I have lost some comment links. I'm guessing that what happened is that some people ran Andy Bailey's new CommentLuv Link Cleaner while my site was down.

I know comment links have gone from some sites where I had made comments – disappointing, but just bad timing. Not sure what could be done about it.

Even More Challenging Times Online

With one of those crazy quirks of fate, on the same day that the php crisis was happening I received a message from Google to warn me that I wasn't letting their spiders visit my site. I forget the exact message, but that was the essence of it.

And THIS site was hosted elsewhere, so it wasn't the security patch problem. Happily the support people stepped in and informed me that I needed a file called “robots.txt” in the root directory and it wasn't there. Goodness knows where it had gone, but support put it back for me and then I had to copy it to other blogs where it was also missing. How? Was it ever there? Who knows?

But anyway, thanks to Hostica, Hostgator and DaVinci support for getting me through more challenging times online.

Catch you next week – and if you're on Sue's Facebook challenge, good luck and I hope to connect with you there during the week, or on my page: Facebook.com/MineralsForTheBody

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Brian Couch - April 16, 2013

Hello Joy,

All I can say is that I love reading this blog and just wanted you to know that I clicked the “Facebook Fan Page” button and I’m so happy that it is free.

    Joy Healey - April 17, 2013

    Thanks Brian. Pleased you find it helpful.

Debra Moser - April 17, 2013

Hi Joy, very much enjoyed your post thank you! I joined the FB challenge as well. Quite the learning curve!

    Joy Healey - April 18, 2013

    Thanks for dropping by Debra and I’m pleased you enjoyed the post.

    I sometimes feel my blogging career could be described as: “You wouldn’t believe it if it were fiction”. Everyone else seems to blog happily away and I seem to lurch from crisis to crisis!

    Anyway, I’m enjoying the FB challenge and learning a lot there. Great to connect with you here and on FB.

Jan Kearney - April 18, 2013

So pleased you’re getting to the bottom of your web issues Joy 🙂

Thank you for the link to my WP post too!

    Joy Healey - April 18, 2013

    Hi Jan

    Thanks for your thanks, and even more for what I’ve learned from you. . I’m pleased to give you links…. it’s excellent content for my pages!!

Pauline - April 18, 2013

Hi Joy
I am sorry to hear that you have had so many problems with your blogs….but hopefully it is all sorted now 🙂
I am enjoying Sue’s Fan Page Challenge and I am seeing a nice steady increase of likes to my page, plus I am connecting with some great new people.
Hope you have a great day, see you on Facebook!!

    Joy Healey - April 18, 2013

    Hi Pauline

    Well, they say “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” – so I will end up a very strong blogger, the way things are going!!

    Sue’s Challenge is great. I have two pages (in different niches) and the likes are steadily increasing, as is my understanding.

    See you in there! Joy

Ginny Carter - April 18, 2013

Thanks for updating us on your trials with WordPress et al, it’s good to see we’re not alone and you seem to have a really positive attitude towards it. Good luck with the Fan Page Challenge, I’m with Sue all the way!

    Joy Healey - April 18, 2013

    Hi Ginny

    Thanks for popping by. Perhaps one day someone will be searching for one of my problems (maybe me, having forgotten the answer) and my posts will be as helpful to someone else as my online friends have been to me. PHEW – that was a heavy mouthful!! But it’s great how people have rallied round to help. I’ll watch out for in the Challenge.

Tim Bonner - April 18, 2013

Hi Joy

Sounds as though you’ve been having fun and games with your sites recently.

I got a similar email from Google about not being able to crawl my site one evening but by the morning it had sorted itself out. I’m wondering whether it was something that HostGator did by mistake.

It’s great to do online challenges as it keeps you motivated. I’ve not done one yet but the time will come!

    Joy Healey - April 18, 2013

    Hi Tim

    Well, it hasn’t been an easy few weeks. But I think I’m getting through it.

    Interesting that you should say you had the same problem and it disappeared. It was puzzling me that I got it all of a sudden, and had never been aware of that file before. This particular site wasn’t with Hostgator, so perhaps it was widespread and some off-shot of this hacking thing…. ? Anyway, survived and here to tell the tale!

    I think daily blogging would be too much for me (and my readers) but the FB challenge is great because I’m seeing results!!

Jan Kearney - April 18, 2013

I’m sure I commented here – even if it was to say thanks for pointing at my WordPress post! (Thank you!)

Really pleased you’re getting to the bottom of your slow site issues 🙂

    Joy Healey - April 18, 2013

    Hi Jan

    Yes, you did comment (thanks!) Mea culpa getting behind with the approvals and replies. Partly because the FB Challenge has been keeping me busy, but also – best of all – my son Matt came to stay and we had a trip to do today. He’s gone back home now (boohoo) so back to the keyboard.

    Yes, the site is looking smarter and faster, so I’ll leave well alone for the moment and concentrate on content!

Bonnie Gean - April 18, 2013

I was curious to find out what Pingdom thought of my site after reading your post and the message I received from them was “Your website is faster than 63% of all tested websites” which I find strange because… Alexa tells me:

“82% of sites are faster” – so which one do you believe? It certainly can’t be both! LOL

What is this DaVinci you talk about?

    Joy Healey - April 18, 2013

    LOL! Don’t tell me I’ve been to all that trouble and Alexa would have liked my site’s speed!!

    But in fact you got completely the reverse of what I got.
    You: Pingdom Fast, Alexa Slow
    Me: Pingdom Slow, Alexa I daren’t even look, but the old site’s gone anyway, so I can’t.

    Subjectively I KNEW that my hair analysis blog was slow to load (it was embarrassing if I asked anyone to type the url in) so I started investigating and I was recommended to use Pingdom to investigate. I can’t remember who suggested Pingdom, but it was more than one person.

    To be honest Bonnie, I suggest you ask a more experienced blogger than I which they would believe.
    I’m a real newbie compared to others like you and Jan and Sue and many others:-)

    DaVinci is a premium theme I bought in an attempt to make my blog look nicer and load faster – again on recommendations from another blogger I met in my “blog-hopping”.
    Sorry I didn’t make that clear – perhaps writing like I speak needs more work on my part 🙂

    For what it’s worth my feeling is that your blog looks great and loads fast. Mine originally did neither.

Katie S - April 18, 2013

Wow, you’ve had a busy week! Hopefully next week will be smoother.

    Joy Healey - April 18, 2013

    Hi Katie

    Never a dull moment here. Thanks for coming by and wishing me a quieter week.

BloggingSpree Dita - April 18, 2013

Hi Joy,

I had to chuckle as I was reading your post as it sounds very much like my “any-day”.

But seriously, we have so many challenges to overcome and for some strange reason it just seems that many of us take one step forward and two steps back.

I was going though some challenges myself and as a matter of fact I wrote about it a bit (it is in the post that commentluv attached). I share some inspirational stuff that helped me overcome the weariness.

I visited your FB and left a comment there and liked your page. It looks very good.

As well, I clicked on the link to your mineral site and I really like the look of it. I like the featured articles on top. That is a very nice feature.

Take care,


    Joy Healey - April 22, 2013

    Hi Dita

    Thanks for your kind comments and likes etc.

    It’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one who sometimes gets weary with blogging. I went through this stage a few months ago, due to personal challenges.

    At the moment I’m in an “up-phase”, but I look forward to reading your tips on springing back, because it does seem very much a roller-coaster ride.

    Have a good week, Joy

Paul Henderson - April 20, 2013

Hi Joy,

I’m pleased you’re getting to the bottom of your site issues.

I have a question about your site load times…

You say your speed improved thru a variety of tactics, one of which was removing plugins like ‘jetpack’.

Can you tell me, do these plugins slow the load time even if they are disabled?


    Joy Healey - April 22, 2013

    Hi Paul

    Your question was one I’d wondered about myself – and the honest answer is I’m not 100% sure.
    So when you asked, it prompted me to do a little investigation.

    I presume there must be a miniscule effect from each inactive plugin just being there, but if it’s not actually doing the work it’s meant to be doing, my theory is that it shouldn’t cause more than a tiny load, but I wanted to be able to find out more accurately.

    So what I did was identify some (2) inactive plugins on the site, then I used the P3 plugin profile I installed when I first started investigating to scan current load times.

    The resulting pie-chart didn’t include any of the disabled plugins by name, but there was a small “slice of pie” that referred to “Other”, and in theory they could have been in there.

    So…. I used the “email these results” option to send myself the results and they only included the active plugins. Which I take to imply that there’s no real load from inactive ones.

    If anyone knows better, I’m happy to be corrected!

    Thanks for prompting me to find out 🙂

Rachit - June 9, 2015

I too faced quite a number of challenges online. These included speeding up my blog, increasing traffic and similar things.

    Joy - June 11, 2015

    Hi Rachit

    I think any blogger who doesn’t admit to having faced challenges, is either (a) a complete beginner (b) a complete genius or (c) less than honest!


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