content-marketing-pxbYou'll probably have seen many references to Content Marketing as the best and most ethical way to improve the ranking of your sites in Google's “eyes”.

In a nutshell, this involves “curating” interesting and high quality content from authority sites and adding it to your own site with the aim of attracting readers to your own site, so that it will draw traffic and loyal readers an authority site in its own right.


Update October 2019: I now use this method of content creation. (aff)

That's probably the best definition I can manage of my own accord. If you want something more detailed, check out this definition of Content Marketing on Wikipedia.

I tried Content Marketing / Blog Curation a couple of years ago following an excellent course by Dr Harlan Kilstein which explained the concepts very well and gave us various strategies. However, as always seems to happen to me, the process of actually doing it manually proved pretty time-consuming and my day-to-day business (of earning money!) got in the way, so I fell by the wayside. This was a shame as the concept seems to have stood the test of time.

So I ended up with my health blogs languishing without any recent posts because, as usual, I'd been over-ambitious and had drifted off onto other areas. Total overwhelm as ever.

Then family challenges got in the way, plus more back-log of paid work, and so on….

However, while all the diversions were going on in the background I have still being making sales from my complementary health sites, despite my lack of current activity. So I got to wondering whether I could improve sales even more if I redirected some of my efforts back to those sites.

Software For Content Marketing

By chance I stumbled on Kudani, a Content Marketing product by Paul Clifford that claimed to streamline the content curation and blog publishing process and make it so much easier than doing it manually.

(As an aside, the name Paul Clifford stuck in my mind because I bought a $1 product from him about a year ago and was amazed at the value he delivered. So this theory of “almost” giving away a product as a teaser, does actually work.)

I only bought the Kudani software a couple of days ago so I'm still working my way through the training material, but first impressions are that I'm totally blown away with the facilities it provides. The back-office is packed with training videos – all summarized in a quick “Getting Started” one. Here's my first attempt at a curated post using Kudani. It took me less than half an hour, and I expect my quality and productivity to increase as I learn more about the product.

It remains to be seen whether I can keep up to my usual overload of projects, but if I don't, that certainly won't be the fault of the software.