Scanning my email inbox always gives me a good chuckle. Finding less than genuine bloggers seems quite easy.

Bloggers lost in fear behave in less than genuine fashion. Some bloggers know the jig is up before finishing their email; I can feel their discomfort. Other bloggers are fools enough to email me once, twice or even 5 times before getting the hint; me not responding to their email finally lets them know I do no business with less than genuine bloggers. I can sense someone trying to use me for my blog about 10,000 miles away. I have seen this delivery many times over the past 14 years.

I've had bloggers who email me once, then twice, then 5 times asking, then begging, then demanding I place a sponsored post for a client….even though I never agreed to place the post in the first place. I never replied! Forget being less than genuine; these nut jobs are flat out deluded into believing I would place a sponsored post for a pittance of $25. Nuts. Anyway, the one blogger who acted in such fashion certainly did not behave like a genuine blogger.

Other bloggers claim to want to do business with me but offer volume discounts of 40 blog posts for $5 a pop. Promising a volume discount would sweeten the pot for me, in their less than clear-seeing eyes. But these folks are equally batty and flat out….liars. Seriously; anyone doing business with established bloggers who live in the Western world – or who hail from the USA, for instance – lies through their teeth in a completely non-genuine fashion by bartering a $5 sponsored post offer.

Bloggers who behave in fake fashion never move higher than the dregs of blogging circles. Bloggers pitching sponsored posts for $5 solely want to use, manipulate or play a blogger to get something for virtually nothing. But rather than fooling a pro blogger these blogging cheapies are played for fools. I ignored all pitch emails unless the message comes from someone I know. High profile bloggers may snare my attention span. Anyone outside of my blogging circle or of a lower profile does not grab my attention solely because the most genuine, honest, thoughtful bloggers rise to the top organically. Unless you reach higher circles by paying your dues you need to be patient, persistent and generous until doing business with seasoned, established bloggers.

Do you blog genuinely? Or do you try to trick bloggers? Do you try to manipulate bloggers? Fools do business by trying to get the upper hand. Idiots try to pull the wool over the eyes of pro bloggers. But trying each approach guarantees that you lose your reputation. Once people stop trusting you the money and business opportunities stop flowing to you, too. Beware engaging in competitive business practices because seasoned pros have seen these silly tricks many 1000's of times. Trying to fool experienced, wise bloggers only pushes you lower into the blogging sewer, in the world of $5 sponsored posts offered at absurd volume discounts. Even if someone followed up on their volume discount promises in the rarest of circumstances, do you understand how quickly Google would completely ignore your blog?

Be straight with bloggers. Be honest. Patiently, persistently and generously build bonds by helping bloggers. Stop focusing on yourself. Stop self-serving. Self-serving bloggers become less and less genuine. Bloggers who intend to be truly helpful are the most genuine people you will find online.


I recorded a video on Rumble recently explaining how to move higher in blogging circles.

Less genuine bloggers make blogging all about themselves; these self-serving types get ignored by high profile bloggers.

But wise bloggers move higher in circles by getting to know as much as possible about high profile bloggers before connecting.

Check out the video to understand why you need to do your homework on pro bloggers before connecting with them:

1 Important Facebook Networking Tip for Bloggers