I recall reading how Amazon experienced roughly a $100 million USD loss during a pivotal year of its existence.

Jeff Bezos positioned the company to prosper mightily years ahead from the loss but only because he was fully committed to eating losses in order to build Amazon into the titan it is, today.

Every iconic business genius manages risk intelligently but also exhibits a high tolerance for risk. Can you picture yourself experiencing a $100 million US loss and being relatively as cool as a cucumber? Bezos became the wealthiest person in the world because he committed like few entrepreneurs have ever committed to his venture.

Do you commit to even a shred of Bezos' commitment to Amazon with your blogging campaign? Or do you fear committing even a tiny bit to blogging? What scares you into being non-committal? Assess your level of being ALL IN to your blogging campaign. Most bloggers frame blogging as an afterthought. Why would you see blogging success if you barely gave blogging a thought? Being ALL IN means knowing why you want to blog and tying the reason to something fun and freeing. Dwelling on a freeing reason why goads you to commit a bit deeper each day.

I blog for fun and freedom. Choosing each driver urged me to make uncomfortable but freeing blogging choices over the past 14 years. Doing anything for 14 years challenges even those with stout wills but doing that thing for freeing reasons nudges you forward enough to be committed to blogging, no matter what.

Commit to blogging. Stop placing your blog on the backburner. Write and publish your next post. Begin networking. Do what you need to do in order to build a rock solid foundation for your blogging campaign. Give yourself the gift of being committed to your blogging campaign. The moment you are ALL IN is the split second blogging excuses vanish.

Obstacles handcuff bloggers because their blogging fears feel stronger than their desire to be free. But strengthening your desire for freedom tips the scales toward freedom, away from fear. Once freedom dominates fear in your mind the commitment becomes easier but blogging still weeds out folks who do not remain true to their commitment for the long haul.

Anyone can commit to blogging for a 30 day challenge. Few blog for 14 years, virtually every single day. Being all in for a long time unearths deep fears festering in mind. Most prefer to avoid facing these fears. But resisting these fears only dampens your commitment. How can you be all in if you give up on blogging the moment writer's block tries to block your creativity? No one commits unless the blogger feels comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Fear arises the moment you genuinely want to blog to the big time. Be ready! Fear has a way of weeding out half-hearted bloggers from everyone else. Bloggers fear:

  • sacrificing the good, comfortable life for the great, free life
  • wasting time on their blogging campaign
  • being mocked for their full on commitment to blogging

but each fear is merely an ego excuse to trade happiness and discomfort for misery and comfort.

I am writing these words at 10 PM on a Monday night. I cannot count how many times I have found myself blogging at 10 PM on a Monday night for the past 14 years. But the temporary discomfort I've embraced over many hours helped create a life of fun, freeing travel. Circling the globe through blogging has been worth the discomfort of being ALL IN with blogging.

Stop waiting on the blogging sidelines in fear.


Experience the fun and freedom of being a professional blogger.