Every blogger feels stuck in a rut once in a while.

Staying in a rut kills blogging growth. Even if you cling to seemingly valid excuses you either get out to blog or stay in and do not blog. Do I have to tell you who gets ahead in blogging? Consistent, persistent bloggers succeed. Everyone else fails.

I recently broke from a guest blogging rut to the tune of 3-5 guest posts daily. For a little under 10 months I pumped my guest blogging brakes. Initially, pulling back felt good. But a while back I felt quite bad about allowing my talents to fester on the blogging sidelines.

Getting out of the guest blogging rut was as simple as setting an intent to bust the rut. I resisted guest blogging for 10 months but setting a new, ambitious intent pulled me out of the rut. Now I guest post freely on a daily basis but only because I set a goal to aim for that forced me out of the blogging gutter.

How do you blog, right now? Do you appear to be in a rut? Has blogging lost its flavor? Do you want to have fun blogging, again? Revisit why you blog. Remember the reason why you bought your domain and hosting. Ponder the emotions you felt on writing and publishing your first blog post. No one succeeds with a weak reason why they blog. But bloggers hellbent on experiencing lives of fun, freedom and generous service reach the blogging top by busting blogging ruts on and off for years.

I fell into the blogging cyber sewer multiple times since my newbie blogger days in 2007. But each time I left the confining space by dwelling on fun, freedom and a general sense of fulfillment in being truly helpful for our community. Once I thought about having fun helping you I began helping you, again. Bloggers only stop blogging for selfish reasons. Either you lost your personal passion or you face some imagined, self-created, illusory fear creating the equally absurd idea that an unlimited mind can get stuck, or, can be in a rut.

I find myself guest blogging late on a Thursday night right now because I love helping you through blogging. The love and service goad me to blog even though I could be watching streaming now. I wrapped up a solid work day a few hours ago. But now I transition from a solid work day to doing the things that established bloggers do to distance themselves from the herd of bloggers who do just enough to get by. Blogging for freedom and fun inspires you to keep blogging after being stuck in a blogging holding pattern.

We all appear to be stuck in a blogging holding pattern sometimes. Fear manifests as strong resistance. Life appears to intervene. Writer's block seems to assail you. Maybe you feel hopeless for observing a dearth of blogging growth over the prior 6 months. Either you blog for freedom to keep blogging through these emotions or you choose to stay in the rut. Everything happens in your mind. All depends on your personal decision. Choose freedom. Decide on fun. Exit your blogging pit stop. Hop onto the blogging fast track, again.

Find your driver within. Bloggers slow down, get stuck and flounder for choosing money and traffic drivers. Money and traffic seems low. Observe how your motivation vanishes along with the vanity metrics. But fun, freedom and other inner drivers have no limits, nor do each depend on imaginary, arbitrary numbers. Find inner guides to become unstoppable in the outer blogging world.


Finding, feeling and releasing fears scaring you into a blogging rut can involve spending time in quiet observation.

I recorded this video as a helpful reminder to go within, in quiet:

Give Yourself the Gift of Quiet