Happy New Year 2017 From Joy Healey

Are You Ready For The New Year?

newyeargoodluckI hope everyone has had a great holiday?

The Christmas period was quiet for me as I spent it with my 94 year old Dad so we enjoyed ourselves in our own way.

With good food, a glass or two (that was “me”, not my Tea-Total Dad), and some TV.

Truth is I was so exhausted by the social events in the run-up to Christmas that I was perfectly happy to just chill out.

I came home earlier in the week and did some work for an off-line client to get back into the swing of work.

But what has totally blown me away is the fact that my TPS ecommerce business has just exploded over the holiday period – when I might have expected it to go quiet. (And this is BEFORE our stores open in the UK!)

So if I’d expected a few more days of peace and quiet I was wrong.

TPS Holiday Growth

TPS has kept me completely rushed off my feet. I have 75 in my team, and am earning off almost 2300 members donated to me by the company. They’re not “freebie seekers” – most of them are upgraded members.

Those of you who took my advice and joined as free members will have a great surprise when you check your back-office for the forced company matrix.

To anyone who shops online but hasn’t joined yet …. don’t worry. Plenty of time 🙂

Watch these videos to learn more about TPS.

If what you saw appeals to you, just contact me on Facebook to ask for the”Getting Started” steps.

Although I am an upgraded member, there is NO pressure to upgrade. There are 4 ways that free members can earn. As you’ll see when you watch the video above.

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Looking Back On 2016

In the meantime, wishing you and your family a Happy, Prosperous New Year.

And as it says in the image…. “The harder you work the luckier you get”.

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