Sometimes, I feel like some bloggers assume I am an octopus, with all the calls to action they want me to take.

But I only have 2 arms. Not 8.

I came across a blog recently. My fellow blogger scrolled a huge advertisement – dynamic – across the footer. But the sidebar screamed at my attention too; about 5 calls to action there. One pop up greeted me. Plus a slider form. All well and good. Hey; I get that we live in a Universe of abundance. Feel free to share whatever you wish. But unless you have the clarity of a Buddhist monk, you are in deep trouble.

Most bloggers ask readers to do WAY too many things because most bloggers fear missing opportunities to drive traffic, to make money and to grow business. Versus the subtle, powerful approach of using a 1-2 calls to action – consistent with posturing bloggers – the fear-vibing blogger asks you to do about 19 things. Click the ad below. Click the 2 sidebar ads. Sign up for my email list; via the slider or pop up. Don't forget to Like my Facebook Page. Follow me on Twitter too. Subscribe to PUSH notifications. Buy an eBook or two. Hire me.

I swear, unless I was laser-focused, I'd exit these blogs immediately. Overwhelm cripples most readers though. Nobody has access to the 25th hour to actually do all this stuff. Or to filter through all of these options. Asking readers to do 101 things instantly turns off most readers.

Blogs should feel like a clear breath of fresh air. Not a stinking trash compactor.

Get Clear

Why do you add 7 or 10 or 20 calls to action via your blog? Lacking clarity scares you into adding *more* options to make money versus getting clear and feeling confident enough to add less money-making options. Never get it twisted. I advise opening as many income streams as possible. Prosper. Do as wealthy folks do. I once read of a personal development guru who opened 220 income streams. Word is, he falls somewhere between Bruce Wayne and Scrooge McDuck on the net worth scale.

Anyway, as you add more streams of income to your blog it becomes paramount to reign in how you present the income streams. Be subtle. Set up a header menu with a few main categories. Consider drop down menus to pare down into more income streams. Avoid plastering all types of ads, pop ups, sliders and other widgets on your blog because unless your readers are octa-armed and have the laser focus of an enlightened being, most exit stage left immediately.

Readers feel your mental chaos and know to stay away. Energy thing.

Getting fear involves facing deep fears concerning loss. Hug these energies. Sure it feels terrible to experience fear. But clearing these fears also clears your blog of clutter. 14 calls to action becomes 1 sidebar ad and a neat, tight header menu guaranteed to boost profits. Establishing clarity is like that. Get clear within, and the without mirrors more worldly success and freedom to you through your actions and predominant energy.

The Main Fear to Face and Release

The main fear to face and release is this fear:

“I fear I won't make money so I better give readers as many options as possible to connect with me, to hire me and to buy my stuff via graphic advertisements, widgets and frequent calls to action.”10 Tips For Struggling Bloggers

Clearing that fear allows you to clear clutter. Clearing clutter goads you to adopt a clear, clean design where you directly tell readers to take 1-2 calls to action graphically, via one sidebar ad and perhaps a pop up. Craft your header menu to do the rest of the monetizing work. Readers can scan, click and follow-through, via this seamless tool for establishing clarity and greater monetizing potential.


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Thanks to Ryan Biddulph of Blogging From Paradise for this article.