How would you like to predict what your next 5 years of life will be like?

Predict Your Next Five Years

crystal-ball.px_250According to Jim Rohn, it's easy – just look at the last five! Does that fill you with delight or with horror?

Speaking to a group of teenagers, Jim defines the passage from childhood to maturity as the time when you take responsibility for your own life.

At one time I had included a YouTube video here, but sadly it was removed from YouTube.

That's a great shame – however, I hope you will be interested to read the notes I took when I watched the video.

Two Signs of Maturity

  1. Don't apologize if you do well
  2. Don't complain if you don't

10 Reasons For Failure

It's easy to blame:

  • Government
  • Taxes
  • Prices
  • The weather
  • Traffic
  • Your car
  • Your relatives
  • Your neighbours
  • The economy
  • Your community

However the real reason for failure is NOT on the list above. Look in the mirror to find out.

Those things happen to everybody else too – it rains on the rich, their cars break down, their relatives maybe even shun them.

It's not what happens to you that determines the quality of your life, but what you DO with it.

So what will you do to change your life tomorrow? Because unless you change something there's every chance that the next five years of your life will rub along pretty much the same as the last five.