Image designed by Bonnie Gean at PLRProductions.

Despite the fact that the Internet “loves” the use of images, I've only just started using infographics, courtesy of my friend Bonnie Gean of PLRProductions. So I was delighted to find that she has come up with even more tips and help in her article here > 10 Ways to Recycle Infographics < a useful post of 10 ways to reuse infographics.

Unless you're a far better “whiz” at graphics and research than I am, you'll probably understand that something as stunning some of the infographics you see online took hours of work to produce. Amazingly you can buy some excellent PLR graphics from Bonnie.

However having put even a few dollars on the table I want to get maximum use from my purchase, as will any savvy entrepreneur with an eye for the bottom line.

So check out Bonnie's “reuse infographics post” and you'll quickly see that you can make far more use of the image than a one time blog post.

Also, don't forget the basics of sharing your post in all the social networking sites, such as Facebook, G+, Pinterest, Tumblr – to name just a few.

So – which of Bonnie's ideas do you like best? Please share any other ways you can think of to reuse infographics in the comment area below.