content-marketing-pxbOne of the buzz-words of free traffic is Content Marketing, done by blog curation.

However, it's not just enough to throw up a few curated blog posts and hope that traffic will flood to your site.

Here are the 3 important elements of Content Marketing that newcomers often forget about.


The fundamental key to success. Planning and focus is essential. You need a clear strategy, mapped to your long-term business goals. If you don’t have one and need some outside guidance then we can help. We also have a very useful best practice guide on content strategy.


Realistic Expectations

So many aspiring Content Marketers start with good intentions, imagining that results will be instant. They'll put up great content, share it on social media (don't forget that step) and then – instant riches. Not quite as easy as that, as you can see from the quote below:

Then, look at these hordes of people right there. Not the most attractive horde. A little gangly. But, wow, that's really good. We should sign up for whatever these people are selling. They must be amazing, right? The visitors who experience the content, and then some percent of them, like oh maybe 2% are going to go and convert.

This doesn't happen, does it? This is not actually how content marketing works. But it's how a lot of people invest in and think about content marketing. But it almost never happens. With a few rare exceptions, this is not how content marketing really works.

How it actually works is you repeat step one and two many, many times, again and again and again and again until you start to get good at the process, until you start finding the XYZ, the piece of amazing content that really is going to resonate with your audience. That takes a lot of trial and failure. It really does.


4 Waves of Content Marketing

According to the article below there have been three previous waves of content marketing, and we are now (or should be!) in the fourth.

The 3 earlier waves are summarized below (full details in the article credited)

  1. Content – mostly text
  2. Content enriched with images, videos, sliders, e-books
  3. Personalization – for example, Amazon attempting to guess which books you would most enjoy – quite successfully in my case if my credit card is anything to go by!
  4. Interactivity – described the article credited below

Brinker: I believe the fourth wave is making content more interactive, on a mass scale.

The fourth wave will be a proliferation of responsive web “marketing apps” — wizards, configurators, calculators, assessment tools, interactive white papers, participatory ebooks, games, quizzes, guided tours, contests, diagnostics, workbooks, utilities, and a wide range of entertaining and educational experiences.


My Previous Experiences of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is something I have tried before, but found very time-consuming. My efforts have now been streamlined by the Kudani software I am using. Watch this space to see my progress!




Update October 2019

Sadly I didn't keep up with content curation; but that wasn't the fault of Kudani.

I find a more time saving method is to use this content creation solution. (aff link)

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