Re-using Old Content

Re-using old articles

calendarI “promised” to still keep plugging away at those projects that are generating some income while spending the main amount of my time on the new project.

The new  course required me to go to my (rather neglected) Analytics account, to get code for the list building site. So of course while I was there I checked up on the stats for some of my older sites and was pleasantly surprised to find that some very old article pages had received visitors. In fact they are so old that I had unlinked them from my main site. Which taught me something that I guess most people already knew….

Now that I think of it, it's silly – but it had never occurred to me that these “unattached” pages might receive traffic. Well, of course they can, and they have been doing. So I tidied them up a little – including, of course, adding a lead capture device where appropriate, and then gave a moments thought to how they can now be re-used as “new” content.

These were old articles I'd written and turned into HTML pages for my site a few years ago when first starting out. That was before I was converted to the ease of WordPress. I have many painful memories of trying to format a monthly article into HTML. No wonder I didn't keep it up!

However, the articles are still relevant and it makes me feel better to think I can re-use them by posting them on my Facebook fanpage. While I think of it, better pop them onto Pinterest too. My Analytics account showed I'm starting to get a trickle of traffic from both those sites.

So, a chapter of the new course has been of benefit to my old sites and I now feel a lot better about the pain of producing those HTML pages!

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Food Stories - January 16, 2013

I had a search engine guru tell me to never take any pages down for any reason. I\’ve done that and it has helped. Those single pages out there can get indexed and bring new life 🙂

    Joy - January 16, 2013

    Interesting, and certainly seems to have worked for me!

TheGreatGordino - January 21, 2013

Hi Joy,
This is a great point about fully benefiting from traffic you didn’t know you were getting!
Also shows the long term value of content.

Here’s an idea – as well as putting a sign up on the html page, why not repost the article on the wordpress blog?Cheers,

    Joy - January 21, 2013

    Hi Gordon,

    Yes that’s a good point, thanks.
    Just wonder how many changes I ought to make to avoid the dreaded duplicate content penalty. Still not totally sure if that’s a myth….
    All opinions valued!


      TheGreatGordino - January 21, 2013

      Hi Joy,
      Duplicate content is only a problem if it’s content duplicated on the same domain.
      Think of all the duplicate content you see on page 1 results on news stories! No problem there as they are on different sites.

      As long as your wordpress blog is different from your old html page, you’ll be fine.

        Joy - January 21, 2013

        Hi Gordon, Thanks for clearing that up. Lots of “new” content then LOL

        By the way…. I’ve just implemented a tip I read elsewhere about adding the “Comment Redirect” plugin to thank people for their first comment.

        As you’ve commented before, hopefully you won’t be thanked by the plugin – please let me know if you are, as it would probably be a pain to happen over and over gain. But thank you anyway!!


Shan - March 16, 2013

That was helpful, Joy. I knew that my old blogs were still ‘out there’ but never twigged that they might be getting visitors.
Better get my finger out!


    Joy Healey - March 16, 2013

    Hello Shan

    Thanks for dropping by. It took me by surprise too. Hope you get some useful results from your old blogs.


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