Results From Other People 1To support my email subscribers I encourage them to contact me with their own programs that are working for them. I'll happily promote results from other people to my subscribers if I think the program would be helpful, as long as they can provide me with proof of income. i.e. Not just hype and wishful thinking.

Many contact me with their programs, and I read and reply to every email with my opinion (which isn't often well received).

Sadly only one (from a subscriber) has passed my ‘sniff test' of:

  • Affordability
  • Lack of competition from similar programs such as exists in the health and wellness industry
  • Useful product in its own right.

(You can read about it ==> here. I joined it in July and have earned from it every month since then. But that's not the purpose of my article today).


What Results From Other People Don't I Pass On?

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but I don't promote other people's links to programs I'm already in. Unless I see someone is working hard themselves, in which case I will give them a helping hand.results from other people

Usually, whatever program people send me, I have already heard about it (I have an excellent ‘insider' source!) and have either joined it, or dismissed promoting it to my subscribers for one of 3 reasons:

  1. Cost: experience has taught me that the majority of my subscribers seem very reluctant to spend more than a few dollars. Probably been burned too often!
  2. Competition: In the home business industry there are SO many (excellent) health and wellness products that it's tough to compete. I've tried and failed, expensively and dismally – with piles of products reminding me not to even bother now.
  3. Hype: I know that the ‘average' recruiter will be disappointed because they don't have an email list of hungry contacts with dollars to spend, that they can email on day 0. Yes day zero, test the waters before you have to put your money where your mouth is.

So What Was In My Inbox This Morning?

This morning a subscriber sent me an email about an advertising club that's being promoted far and wide with suggestions of spending nothing, or in the case of my subscriber, spending $300 and hopes of seeing $5,000 back by the New Year.

My subscriber very honestly admitted that most of their earnings had been from advertising the program itself. Nothing wrong with that if you have some advertising money to spend, and the contacts likely to spend similar!

Thanks to my usual source I had already joined this program before anyone could actually put money in. I placed a few adverts on my best advertising places, but even back then it was so widely advertised that I had no sign-ups. No surprise really – there are some very big names behind it.

November was busy month for me (dominated by family visits and an update launch of my main program) but I didn't bother recommending the club to my subscribers at all because if I can't get sign-ups, it doesn't seem fair to ask them to.

More importantly, I don't want anyone disappointed that they didn't get what was suggested in the promotions, which seemed unrealistic to me for the average marketer to achieve.

Nevertheless, everyone needs advertising, so I bought $70 of advertising on the day of the launch.


My Results With The Advertising Club

From the $70 I spent on the launch date I've had $20 back, which I have used to buy more advertising.

No complaints. It would be pure luck that an initial ad spend of just $70 would return anything at all, let alone $20.

So if you'd like to look at this for advertising that can eventually pay you back, or if you have lots of contacts who might not have already seen it: Click here

At the time of writing there is a 12 minute video that explains the program carefully. Watch it and understand.


The AdvertisingBest type of Product to Market

You'll be getting your offer in front of people who understand they have to spend money to make money.

Buyers. Perfect audience. There may be a few freebie-seekers clicking in the hope of making money – they're a good audience too – they may be new to your business.

But largely the people on this site are buyers.

So put a brand new (not a well-worn) offer in there, and you could get sign-ups if it catches the eye of one of the big marketers in the club who hasn't already been emailed it by their contacts. (Like I was, when own my contact notified me about the club.)

Other People's Results – Sigh

I've written about this many times before.

Just because someone with a big email list makes a lot of money, does not mean that YOU will.

Again and again I tell people that the leaders in any program make their money by promoting their offers to their massive email subscriber list, and then they stick doggedly with the same program. Well, you would if you were earning from a big team.

Well done to them. They did the work and built the list. They advise their newbie subscribers to build their own lists, but for some reason people think they know better and ignore the proven results – even when they see the same names on the leader boards.

They somehow imagine they can hang on the coat-tails of a big marketer and benefit from ‘overspill'. It only takes a minute's thought to realise that if you join a leader waaaay down his matrix, chances of overspill are slim, it's already filled above you, not under you.

YOU will have to create your own team. Of course it can be done, and people are doing it every day when they work for it.

But I digress, and am thinking of LiveGood – an excellent program which was badly over-hyped, leading to many leaving the industry disillusioned, while the few people who worked the program ‘properly' have earned every month for almost a year. (And it's still going strong. I have earned every month since February 2023.)


Back To The Advertising Club

Within the Facebook group of this club are ‘proof of earnings' screenshots of five-figure earnings and sign-ups into high-ticket programs.

Are they lying?

No, I'm sure they're not. There are some well-respected names in there. But they freely admit that their initial ad-spend (on day 1, when it really counted) was in the hundreds and in some case thousands.Results From Other People 2

Some members in the group are mystified that they haven't had the results they were expecting, but they are told “It's not yet your turn”. (I didn't wholly understand the way the pay-back program worked, which was another reason I didn't promote it to my subscribers. I only promote what I understand.)

No doubt ‘my turn' will come in time, but I'm not holding my breath, and anyway I will just use it to buy more advertising, to put in front of this buyers group, as anyone who followed the training will remember is what you were advised to do. Hmm.


Am I An Idiot?

If I'd been so minded I could have flung $1,000 in on day one and maybe now I'd be telling you I had seen big returns and you should do the same. However, if you'd put in the $70 like I did (on day 1, remember), you might have seen $20 back – if you were lucky. So in my experience, it's already too late for ‘small' advertisers to see big returns without heavy recruiting or spending, neither of which the average marketer tends to do.

I don't work like that.

Instead I offer subscribers affordable programs that I believe the ‘average' affiliate can profit with. Yes, I do have high-ticket programs in my repertoire – you have to, to make the maths work. But people can join at a low level first ($7) and only when they're happy, and seeing results do I encourage them to consider an upgrade.

Even then, they have to be interviewed by one of our sales team, who are under strict instruction not to sell to someone who has unrealistic expectations. (Happily I don't have to do the actual selling – we have a sales team to do that for us.)


Theory vs Real Life

All this “join for free and make thousands” is theoretically possible IF you have a big email list and a big advertising spend. Or a lucky break! But if you're a small player, like I am, forget it.

The reasons for this are explained more fully in the training program that has been paying me for four years now. It's newly updated, with something for everyone: small spenders ($7) or large spenders. You can earn commissions varying from 100%, down to 25c. Every little counts – and for some people that first 25c is their very first commission. Don't knock it.

You'll find free training to start you off and explain how to avoid being a loser in affiliate marketing; then you can earnResults From Other People 3 100% commissions from as little as a $7 startup.

If you decide to take it further, you can upgrade to build a team and earn on two-tier commissions.

Here's how to start free / $7: ==> Click here

Am I an idiot? Could I make more money if I sent out hyped up promotions?

Probably yes, to both, but I'd rather retain my integrity and sleep at night.

OK, I sound a bit jaded, but after 10 years in this industry I've seen it all, especially the hype about results from other people.

Only three programs have consistently paid me for more than four years. The affordable one is: ==> Here