Topical content tempts most bloggers.

Cash in fast. Ride the wave. Seize headlines. Make a quick profit. Everything sounds ducky right to the very moment the news headlines change. Every headline eventually changes. Sure you can make a quick buck off of a topical headline. But what happens the moment one headline becomes obsolete? Every single blog post, video and podcast becomes completely and utterly worthless. Does it make sense to have 5, 10 or 20 completely worthless posts published to your blog? Nope.

Being faced with this problem of worthless content, what should you do? Delete the content? Or keep it? That my friends is your call. I could not tell you because 99% of the time I simply create evergreen content lasting forever. If someone scrolls through my entire blog, virtually all posts are timeless, appropriate and evergreen as long as human beings blog. I guarantee; we will be blogging, for a while.

Topical Content For Your Blog?

I almost never go topical because the moment one topic becomes old news, the news becomes worthless and the topic becomes worthless. Everything you sell related specifically to the news-topic becomes completely worthless, too. People stop buying it. Why create something that you know becomes completely worthless? I have not the luxury to create any content or product or eBook that goes out of style and becomes obsolete in the next news cycle.

Maybe the news cycle ends tomorrow. Who knows? Or next week? Maybe? Or perhaps the news cycle ends next year? Sure you make some sweet coin over a full year, but all content, products and services you create during the year become completely worthless going forward. That means potentially hundreds of blog posts that could be growing your business over the next 5-10 years completely vanish, possessing no value, robbing you of the opportunity to be exposed to 100,000 plus people through those, say, 300 blog posts. Have you ever thought of topical content THAT way? I have.

I am always thinking, expanding my purdy little brain box, pondering how I can leverage everything I create into multiple channels for the next 10, 20 or 30 years I happen to be online.Why shouldn't I be making $100,000,000 a year 30 years from now, when 40,000 pieces of evergreen content drive a tidal wave of passive traffic and passive profits to me? Why not? We all deserve to prosper, eh?

Evergreen Content For Your Blog

This is why I almost always create evergreen content. I intend to be relevant, helpful and to make an increasing amount of passive blogging income over decades. Why not profit while I keep helping my readers?

Go evergreen. Feel free to go topical here and there but know all topical posts rob you of potential long term, ever-expanding profits because these posts become utterly worthless with the next news cycle. Never chase trends. Avoid chasing fads. Trends and fads disappear, and so does your content, as well as any income you generated through the content.

topical content beaten by evergreen such as becoming a home based marketerTake my eBook:

How to Become a Successful Home Based Marketer

Per my custom, the eBook is evergreen. Chapter 1 involves the timeless axiom: know why you want to market online and make the reason freeing. Every human being buying and reading the eBook for the next 10, 20 to 40 years who markets online needs to know why they market online, and, to make the reason freeing. Timeless. Evergreen. This ensures I sell eBooks for the next 40 years because people who benefit from following evergreen advice mention the eBook to other home based marketers who gobble the eBook up like Pacman, or, Miss Pacman.

Be timeless. Go evergreen. Bar none, publishing mostly evergreen content, products and services allows you to build up the most massive amount of wealth over the long haul because your relevance and valued service rendered remains lasting, timely and in demand.