Snow In Harrow: So Counting My Blessings

I woke up this morning to a very unusual sight – Snow in Harrow!

So unusual, in fact, that I took a couple of pictures – one from the front window and one from my back window to send to my son. He lives in the country and had no snow. I live in a suburb of London and it's very rare for snow to even fall – let alone lay, as it has done through the day.

Call me feeble, but I changed my plans for the day – one of the beauties of being semi-retired and working from home. Instead I just hunkered down in front of the PC to catch up on some “stuff”. I know my friends in the USA and Canada, and even some parts of the UK, will be rolling on the floor laughing at this point, because they know what REAL snow falls are like.

But it was partly a relief because for the last few days I have felt myself slipping into, what I call……

My Overwhelm Mode

It's been a funny old week and I have gradually been slipping into what I now recognise as my “overwhelm mode”. This has meant I've felt a bit grumpy when I have absolutely NO right to feel so, because the things that are keeping me “overwhelmed” are all things that a “normal” person would feel happy about!

Instagram Project

There was some really good free training in our Facebook group about Instagram and I finally started using it, but honestly I don't have much clue what I'm doing with it yet. Nor have I much time to do more than make our recommended four, non-monetized posts a day to build a following.

My username is:  homebusinesswithjoyhealey  and if anyone here uses Instagram, I'd be most grateful if you'll “Like and Follow” – assuming that's the right terminology LOL.

I bought Instamate software a while back and am only just getting round to watching the many tutorial videos in it, so that's long-term Work In Progress.

Bitcoin Profits

As Bitcoin has been on a roller-coaster ride this week, the tiny fraction that I had carelessly stored in a wallet online (purely to pay for adverts) has suddenly become worth enough that I needed to learn FAST how to get it stored securely in a paper wallet and that paper taken away from my house. I also learned how to take out my initial stake, so that whatever happens now is pure profit. PS It really is small, but having finally made Bitcoin profits I intend hanging onto them. Top priority and done.

How To Spend Crypto-currency

Bitcoin profitsOne reason why I have been previously been very reticent about crypto-currencies is, where do you spend it?

I have a solution now. Although the way BitCoin is going, I am going to HODL – which I learned today means “Hold On for Dear Life”!

Crypto-currency is a steep learning curve for me but I am picking up lots of tips from a group of people I have worked with (profitably) in the past.

I'll admit that my son tipped me off about BitCoin a couple of years ago, but I ignored him and have (maybe?) become interested in it too late.

My Offline Work

What is actually taking up most of my time is that an offline client has come up with a mass of paid work for me and as always I have to put that first, because it's still my biggest earner. I'm a little frustrated because I'm excited to work on my Instagram project AND learn more about the new currency…. but “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” so paid work comes first.

However, having changed my plans and caught up a little, I'm feeling better already. I have even been inspired to write this blog post, which – earlier in the day – seemed a bit of a pipe-dream.

Am I the only person whose mood is improved by working rather than by relaxing?

Taking Time Out To Reflect

Earlier this morning as I looked out of my back window at the snow, feeling a little sad about missing what I had planned to do tonight, I reminded myself just how lucky I am that I am inside and warm, and have just eaten a hot meal.

I remembered hearing a Radio 4 Christmas Appeal to help those who are homeless.

I'd heard it a few times and put it to the back of my mind, but looking out of my window this morning and imagining being on the wrong side of it, with nowhere to call home, I just HAD to go and make that donation.

In case you think that homeless people may be “partly to blame”, I heard about people who lost good jobs through recession, illness or some other family crisis. After that everything spiralled downwards.

Many people are only a couple of missed pay cheques away from financial disaster. Are you?

Have you got enough money to live the life you hope when you approach retirement? Can you afford to retire, or will you have to work on, and on, and on?

And anyway, even if they did make a mistake or two, I think most of us have blundered occasionally in the past. So let it be “pay it forward” time to help someone get back on their feet again. It's coming up to Christmas after all!

Even if you're not able to donate to Radio 4 Christmas Appeal personally, please share this, so others can.


Please share

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Dr. Erica Goodstone - December 12, 2017

Hi Joy,
I can see why you might feel overwhelmed. You have been involved with a lot and attempting to learn more and more. Glad you stayed home and caught up a bit.

I smiled when you talked about staying inside with snow outside. I felt the same way here in South Florida. The weather became suddenly much colder and I was chilly all day – did not want to leave the house although I did go to the bank and later to the health club just to warm up in the jacuzzi, sauna and steam.

Dr. Erica

    Joy - December 12, 2017

    Hi Erica,

    I felt much better for my catch-up thanks.

    Much as I like learning new things, there has to come a time when I stop learning and start implementing. This free Instagram course is just the trigger I needed, and I’m encouraged to see that even after just a week I am starting to see results. (It’s not monetized at the time of writing, our first stage is to build an audience.)

    Oh yes…. jacuzzi, sauna and steam sounds a great idea!

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Marquita Herald - December 12, 2017

Inspiring message Joy, and thank you for making that donation. I have chaired 3 county food drives and there are many people who believe that the homeless are just lazy or irresponsible. One of my favorite stories is about a man I met during my first food drive. He had been laid off due to a downsizing at his work and it didn’t take long before he and his family were forced to leave their home and move into a shelter. I was able to help him connect with the right agencies and within 3 months he was working again and at the time he agreed to join me for a talk to the local Rotary Club his family had just moved into their new apartment. All he needed was a helping hand.

    Joy - December 12, 2017

    Hi Marquita,

    That’s the perfect story about someone who was homeless and deserved that helping hand, so glad he got back on his feet again and even better that he’s attending the Rotary club talk. Hopefully hearing his story the club will donate to this cause too – they’re a good organisation.

    I work with our local Foodbank too, another very worthwhile charity.

    Thanks for your story and I hope it inspires other people to help the homeless.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Donna Merrill - December 12, 2017

Hi Joy,

Wow you sure have a lot on your plate to drive you to overwhelm. But I’m sure you will fend the storm because you are a savvy business woman.

When it comes to Bitcoin, I was just starting to understand it all when things got crazy. I didn’t invest after all. The idea of where to spend it kept me from jumping in the pool.

However your crypto currency you are into sounds more well planned out having an array of things to purchase with the currency. The more you learn about it, the more you must tell us!

With Christmas around the corner, I too have my head in a tailspin lol. I am in the middle of product production and am key focused on that end. I am also trying to keep my head afloat with all the other parts of business.

It is so great that you have an off line client and putting that person first. I know how it is lol. We do have to put our clients first and eventually catch up with all the other responsibilities we have.

All the best to you and don’t go out in the snow 🙂


    Joy - December 12, 2017

    Hi Donna,

    I do tend to push myself LOL. I had really intended to use the Sunday evening after that blog post for relaxation, but somehow it got to 2am and I was still tapping away at the keyboard!

    Well – after what people told me would be a Bitcoin plunge on Monday, it didn’t happen. So although I was planning to seize it as a buying opportunity, in the end I didn’t. Still, I spent some useful time finding out ways to “sell it high” and “buy it low” – but it needs a lot more studying before I am confident enough to implement it. Haha….. someone has given me a “virtual trading account” with $100,000 in it and I’m even too scared to use that!!

    This new cryptocurrency is much more at my risk level at the moment as I can get started with it for $220. That’s $50 now plus a $170 product purchase. Although that could be as little as a one-time purchase, obviously the aim of the retail platform is that we will make repeat purchases from a huge number of different products. The coins became available to us after the webinar on Sunday evening and the affiliate website looks good. The product vendors are due Jan / Feb and being sourced by a guy I already know (online). He has an import business, so he already has the contacts to do it.

    To me at the moment it’s a bit of a punt, and too early to show any results (except my Coins have doubled in value LOL) but watch this space!

    Well – I’m feeling a bit of a wuss at the moment. I was meant to go to yoga this morning but the snow was still there and I’m on a bit of a hill. I looked out of the window and saw my neighbour slipping and sliding all over the road so I’m afraid I texted an apology. On the plus side, although the temptation was high, I didn’t slip back into bed, I got up and worked on my offline client job!

    Good luck with your own Christmas and product tailspin 🙂

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Elise Cohen Ho - December 13, 2017

I am fascinated by many things you mention in this post. As to the BitCoin conundrum, I too chose not to invest. I had many issues with it including it being difficult to find someone who could explain it well.

    Joy - December 17, 2017

    Hi Elise,

    The problem with finding someone to explain it is that there seem to be too many people with their opinions and it’s hard to know who to trust.

    I found the Youtube videos at the Bitcoin 101 Blackboard series helpful. Someone in a Facebook “beginners group” recommended them to me.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Sonal Talwar - December 15, 2017

Hi Joy

Am sure there are many things to make you overwhelm. Well I have heard and read a lot about Bitcoin but was never too sure about it. People now I see are crazy over it. I have never invested so far into it.

Keep up the good work!

    Joy - December 17, 2017

    Hi Sonal,

    I didn’t so much invest in Bitcoin as “happen to have some by accident”. A supplier I dealt with wanted paying in Bitcoin, and what I had was the “loose change” that I had almost forgotten about.

    I don’t like to see people going crazy over it, as I think that’s a route to get burned!

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Shantanu Sinha - December 15, 2017

Hello Joy,

Great one over here 🙂

The whole thing you set up over here is something very interesting to go on with.

I just followed your new instagram page.

Bit coin is something I never been much into them, yeah I know that they are kind of some pretty golden investment which
can help us to get some gold mine or like that.

Thanks for the share.


    Joy - December 17, 2017

    Hi Shantanu,

    Thanks for following the new Instagram page. Although I am completely new to Instagram I have been encouraged by the results so far. We still aren’t monetizing it, but it’s nice to see an audience gradually accumulating.

    Not sure about the Bitcoin and gold link LOL.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Rachel Lavern - December 15, 2017

Hi Joy,

I think most people go into overwhelm at this time of the year. Most of us have a lot on our plates and now we have to add shopping, decorating, cooking, social events, family gatherings, etc to that plate.

I can relate to the snow surprise. In California, we usually wear shorts and T-shirts but we have had a few occasions to temporarily trade them in for jackets when it snowed. We don’t know how to act in the snow!

    Joy - December 17, 2017

    Thanks Rachel,

    Yes – life is so full-on these days that to add Christmas to it can be the straw the breaks the camel’s back!

    Funnily enough the snow was actually a relief, because it gave me an excuse to opt out of some extra events, and take time for me.

    Likewise, snow takes me by surprise in Harrow 🙂

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Nicole Jade - December 26, 2017

I live in Western Canada, where I was born. Snow has always been part of my life. I can’t imagine experiencing it for the first time, which is why I have enjoyed reading some of the other comments 🙂

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