Bloggers crave the blogging holy grail.

Some seek Google traffic. Others thirst for a huge email list. Fools need viral posts to make it big.

But no *thing* pays massive blogging returns. Things are just things. But one concept brings you exponential blogging returns over the long haul.

Gaining blogging experience and growing from blogging experience leads to big-time blogging success over a long period of time.

Experience serves as the best teacher. But only if you learn from experience and grow from experience. Every success I experience flows from experience I gained and grew through for a long time. Nothing beats experience. Google pales in comparison to blogging experience. Email lists mean little compared to experience. Blogging experience teaches you:

  • what works
  • what does not work
  • how to feel
  • how not to feel
  • how to trust yourself
  • how to trust the blogging process
  • the pain of failure
  • the sting of criticism
  • the freedom of letting go limiting beliefs
  • the liberation of conquering fear
  • the peace of blogging mainly for service
  • the serenity of blogging mainly for fun

Experience teaches you every blogging lesson required to go pro. Growing from blogging experiences makes you:

  • patient
  • trusting
  • generous
  • persistent
  • compassionate
  • kind
  • diligent
  • willing to be comfortable with being uncomfortable

I have 15,000 hours of blogging experience since 2008. I grew quite a bit during 15,000 blogging hours. I learned quite a bit. Pros taught me to blog successfully. But I learned how to blog successfully only through gaining experience by putting pro blogger advice into action. Sans experience, blogging is a useless endeavor. Everything you learn means nothing until you act on knowledge acquired. No one gains blogging experience for you because only you gain experience for yourself.

Walk one mile in your blogging shoes. Walk 100 miles in your blogging shoes. Walk 10,000 miles in your blogging shoes. Every visitor you attract to your blog and every penny you earn blogging manifests by growing through blogging experience.

Highly experienced bloggers discover how blogging experience pays exponential returns over the long haul.  One blogger earned upwards of $20,000 in a single day at times during his profits peak. He blogged for 15 years before earning such income. Why? He had 15 years of blogging experience for:

  • careful analysis
  • growing
  • learning

to benefit from the experience. 15 years of blogging experience grew his skills, exposure and credibility to epic levels. He also genuinely noted he would still be blogging 15 years after day #1 if he never made a penny. He blogged mainly to enjoy himself. He blogged to have fun, primarily. Experience taught him following your passion for a long time can lead to big-time profits if you monetize your blog abundantly.

Blogging experience sears lessons onto your mind that you never forget. Growing through blogging experience allows you to leave struggling, failing tactics, strategies and habits behind. I learned – painfully – through blogging experience how publishing 60 paper-thin posts to two blogs every day leads to burnout, failure and misery. I grew out of that strategy. I never tried the strategy again. Why? I learned my lesson by growing out of that blogging strategy into more fun, freeing, successful blogging strategies, courtesy of my experience.

Stop Worrying Start SmilingGain blogging experience now. The more blogging experience you gain, the better. Leave your comfort zone. Grow by stretching. Learn. Observe mistakes. Pay close attention to how you feel. Growing through blogging experience seared one idea onto my mind: blog from energies of generosity, peace, serenity, calmness and trusting.

I learned this lesson permanently after suffering through the brutal experience of blogging from energies of stinginess, mental chaos, panic, anxiety and doubting, for a long, long time.

Make blogging easier.

Gain experience.

Even if gaining experience feels uncomfortable now you will thank yourself down the road.


Some bloggers never gain experience for being weighed down by a heavy blanket of worry.

Conquer the habit of worrying.

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