I love my freedom.

Here I am on Thursday night at 10 PM, working. I do feel tired. Sleep awaits. But I wanted to write this post for Joy – and you – to ensure this up and coming generation of bloggers clearly understand one thing.

Bloggers pay a double tuition to live a life of fun and freedom. We pay both a work tuition and financial tuition to enjoy our dream lives.

Have you bought my eBook?

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging is a fun, simple, powerful read appropriate for any blogger, even if you do not plan to circle the globe.  In Chapter 5, I discuss why starting fresh beats struggling for years. One such way to start fresh is to earnestly invest money into your blogging exploits, and to be genuine in investing time and energy into serving people generously, if you made no real financial or work investment, prior.

Free, dream-living bloggers did not get lucky. I did not trip and fall into a life of circling the globe as a pro blogger, living in places like Bali and Fiji for months at a time. I invested money in:

  • my domain
  • my hosting
  • my blogging education

among other things.

I also invested years in:

  • learning how to blog
  • practicing my writing
  • creating content
  • building connections

from a generous, trusting, patient, persistent energy. Why do few bloggers succeed? Few bloggers make both commitments from an authentic energy. Some commit for a bit, then quit. Others commit for a few years, then hit the road after millions have not wormed themselves into said bloggers bank accounts. A select few see the journey through, generously working for 10,000 to 20,000 hours or more. These are the top bloggers on earth. Why? Top bloggers are among the few who pay the double tuition.

Do Not Worry

People panic and figure paying a double tuition seems super expensive. Pay money and time and energy? Yep. But consider the alternative; failure. Also, consider the outcome of paying your double tuition: freedom. Imagine how sweet life flows if you do what you want, when you want, where you want to do it. My wife Kelli and I just spent 90 minutes doing our evening cardio during the first cool autumn evening here. But if we preferred, we can do morning cardio, too.  We do our yoga and meditation sessions whenever we wish, as well.

We just returned from a 2 week trip to Brooklyn, NYC. Prior, I spent 3 weeks on the beautiful Gold Coast of Connecticut. Doesn't this freedom sound sweet? Of course it does. Well worth paying the double tuition all pro bloggers need to pay, to become pros.

Do not fear paying both tuitions. Fear NOT paying the double tuition for if you do not pay, you will struggle and fail. Nobody gets through this blogging journey and wins by being cheap with money or work. Being generous in both regards helps you pay up, to play up.

Money grows business. Intelligent, generous effort grows business, too. Pay your double tuition to succeed with your blogging campaign. The more freely you give, the more freely you get.