Essential WordPress Plugin: P3 Plugin Performance Profiler

I've recently read a selection of useful blog posts about Essential WordPress Plugins, including the ones below. They are in memory order and please forgive me if I have missed your particular post!

I make no apology for including the 2013 lists from three of my favorite bloggers, because some plugins are just “ever-green” and if you're a new blogger, better learn about them sooner rather than later!

However, one plugin I personally find very useful, and was missing from some – but by no means all – lists was:

P3 Plugin Performance Profiler

It's a free plugin, created by GoDaddy and its stated function is to:

See which plugins are slowing down your site. Create a profile of your WordPress site's plugins' performance by measuring their impact on your site's load time.

I'm afraid I'm a bit of a “plug-in-aholic” (thanks to Jan – above for coining this term) and every so often I have to have a bit of a prune, in which case P3 Plugin Performance Profiler is just the ticket!

“Borrowing” from the GoDaddy description, here are the features that I find most useful:

  • Scan option shows an easy to read “Runtime by Plugin” pie chart that displays the relative run-time for each plugin. If a plugin takes up a large slice of the pie, then it takes a long time to run relative to other plugins. Within the “Current” tab, you will find
  • Detailed Breakdown shows the absolute run-time of each component, including your theme and the WP Core
  • Simple Timeline correlates each visited URL with the recorded run-times for core, theme, and plugin. Hovering over the data point shows the exact URL of the page.
  • The Advanced Metrics display an overview of the scan.
  • Send email summary of the report.

The History tab lists the previous scans of your site allowing you to view or delete them.

Here's a sample chart from P3 Plugin Performance Profiler.

It's obviously too small for you to see details, but that's not the point because YOUR results will definitely be different from mine.

The only way for you to evaluate the results from this plugin is to install it and give it a try!

Running P3 Plugin Performance Profiler

When you install the plugin you will find it under Tools in the WordPress dashboard. Make sure you are on the “Current” tab, and then click “Start Scan”

You have the choice of:

  • Auto-scan – which is fairly obvious and what I use. It takes just a few minutes and you have to stay with that same window open. Go make yourself a quick coffee if this is too hard!
  • Manual Scan – Probably for more advanced users. Click the links and pages of your site, and the scanner will analyze the speed and resource usage of all of your active plugins.

Maybe this isn't a plugin you would want to keep active on your site all the time – although its own results don't flag it as a “big drain”!

However I'd certainly keep it in mind if your blog starts slowing down. (I just ran it now to check out the functionality to describe in this post and the results pointed out a big OUCH for me to look at!)

Over To You

  • Are you already using P3 Performance Profiler?
  • Do you prefer another plugin to do the same job?
  • What do you consider the most essential WordPress plugins?

I'd love to read your comments, and if you found this post helpful, please share it.

Please share

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Jan Kearney - August 26, 2014

Thank you for linking to my 12.5 Essential WordPress Plugins Joy 🙂 I followed your commentluv over here to say I love the P3 plugin and was pleasantly surprised to see my name up there!

I’ll pop over and read others lists too – you never know what gems you’ll discover!

    Joy Healey - August 26, 2014

    Hi Jan

    Well, thanks for introducing me to P3. It really showed me a thing or too about my blog.

    Yes, do enjoy the other posts, there were some very interesting plugins.

    Have a good week, Joy

jonathan - August 26, 2014

Do you use godaddy for hosting?

Do they do a “self diagnostic tool” for their hosting….?

    Joy Healey - August 27, 2014

    Hello Jonathan

    hanks for visiting my blog.

    I don’t use GoDaddy for my hosting, just my domain registration, so don’t know about other tools they have. I just happened to be recommended to use this one and didn’t even know if it was from GoDaddy until I went to install it.


Harleena Singh - August 26, 2014

Hi Joy,

I’ve been using P3 Plugin Performance Profiler since the last couple of years, and I don’t remember how I got to know about it in the first place, but recently my webhosts support executives did mention it to me to use it.

What I do is that I use the plugin, check the results and then uninstall it. You really don’t have to keep it installed as that would really be an extra plugin in your site’s repository.

I think everyone should use this plugin once in a while and this also gives you the estimates for your sites speed and load times.

Thanks for sharing and spreading awareness that might really help other bloggers! Have a nice week ahead 🙂

BTW – I think some error with the CommentLuv 🙂

    Joy Healey - August 27, 2014

    Hi Harleena

    Glad you recommend it too. I’d wondered about keeping it installed when not in use, so yes, that’s a good suggestin to uninstall.
    It gives a ton of information!

    Oops on CommentLuv – I’ll investigate. Thanks for the warning and for your visit!


Tim Bonner - August 28, 2014

Thank you for linking to my post Joy. I’m pleased you found it useful.

I find the P3 Profiler so useful too. I’m terrible with plugins and love to find new and useful ones. When I was still with HostGator there were a few times where I overdid it and my account got throttled. I’ve moved to another host now though and have been able to remove some plugins.

I still keep an eye on them though with P3 because things can get out of hand!

    Joy Healey - August 28, 2014

    Hi Tim

    Yes it was helpful. Speed issues are the reason I need to keep an eye on plugins because there are so many useful ones that I find hard to resist!
    Thanks for coming by. Joy

Emebu - August 28, 2014

Thanks Joy for this posting about P3. You have made some good points there. I looked on the web for more info about it and found most individuals will go along with your views on this web site. But i am a fan of Blogger.com.

    Joy Healey - August 29, 2014

    Hi Emebu,

    I’m glad you found it useful. I used Blogger when I first started blogging, and I know it has improved considerably since I first used it, but many people advised me to move over to a self-hosted blog.

    Thanks for dropping by, have a good weekend. Joy

maxwell ivey - August 29, 2014

Hi Joy; I followed you here from a comment you left on one of my posts. I noticed that we follow some of the same amazing bloggers. I like to think of adrienne as my blogging mama. 🙂 she has taught me all about relationship building and the value of blog commenting. I don’t generally read posts about plug ins. This is partly because I worry about slowing down my site. It also has a little to do with the fact that as a blind computer user I often have trouble installing or configuring them. this one does sound like a real headache avoider because when your site isn’t loading properly the hardest part is finding out what is causing it. It would seem that this plug in should always be installed. thanks so much for sharing. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and becoming part of your community. take care, max

    Joy Healey - August 29, 2014

    Hi Max

    Great to welcome you onto my blog – and yes, we do follow some of the same bloggers. Surprising our paths haven’t crossed earlier, but better late than never!

    I know what you mean about steering clear or plugins – it’s every easy to over-do it. I’m the worst!

    Harleena suggested just installing P3 when you want to use it, then uninstalling it, as a way to save adding any unnecessary load to your blog.

    Thanks for your visit and I look forward to learning more about you.

    Have a good weekend, Joy

      maxwell ivey - August 29, 2014

      Hi Joy; well yes better late than never. i used to check out the comments posted to adrienne’s posts by other bloggers and visit their sites. then an update to my screen reader made that impossible. apple fixed whatever they broke and i just haven’t gotten back in the habit yet. but that’s how you meet other great people out here see who is commenting on the people you respect. looking forward to becoming better acquainted. if you have a question just ask. I’m always open about answers. and harleena’s advice would be good if the plug in you mentioned here were drawing a lot of usage from your blog. have a good weekend too, max

        Joy Healey - August 30, 2014

        Thanks Max. Look forward to keeping in touch.


Ravi Chahar - August 30, 2014

Hey Joy,

I never heard about this plugin.
It’s great to know about such plugin this time. Hopefully this will help many bloggers to keep their blog safe.

This plugin has provided amazing feature to scan manually. Sometimes bloggers need to scan a particular page.

Thanks for the info.:)

Enjoy your week ahead.


    Joy Healey - August 31, 2014

    Hi Ravi

    It’s a “must-use” in my opinion, and I hope it will help you learn more about your blog.

    Have a good weekend. Joy

MindTheNews - September 1, 2014

Thanks for sharing about such a nice and detailed info on P3 plugin. I was really looking for it so that I can use in on my blogs.

    Joy Healey - September 2, 2014


    Glad you like P3. I think you’d really like the My Comment Authors plugin on my latest blog post too.


Tahir Mughal - July 4, 2015

Great plugin list. But I think Antispam Bee is better for the privacy of blog visitor than Askimet what do you think.

    Joy - July 4, 2015

    Hi Tahir,

    To be very honest I haven’t tried Antispam Bee. Why do you prefer it to Akismet – I am open to persuasion 🙂


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