How Often To Publish My Blog?

blog post frequencyRegular readers may have noticed that, after starting off publishing this blog almost every day, I have, of late, reduced the frequency considerably.

This isn't just laziness and shortage of time on my part.

It was a considered decision as a result of reading an excellent blog post by Robert Goss.

Sadly that post is no longer there, but I found this alternative wisdom….

How Often To Publish My Blog?

Try to publish three blog posts per week minimum, as long as you can hit your quality standards. You would be better publishing just one really good one instead of three not-so-great ones. Source

After reading Robert's article, because time is – for most of us – a very limited resource I decided that what I should be doing in future is:

  • Posting here, approximately weekly, with an update on my week's Internet Marketing progress – lessons learned, problems fixed etc
  • Ensuring I spent time promoting each post on social media

Before reading Robert's post I was frantically blogging away here, to the extent that I hardly had time to do anything else.

So, in line with the new format, what else had I been up to that week then?

At the time I had been working my way through Sue Worthington's Social Media Training. Sue's training was excellent and gave me a solid grounding in social media, but I see that's no longer there either, presumably because social media has changed out of all recognition in the intervening years. In fact it's become SO complicated I couldn't handle it all myself – see what I do instead now.

Ryan Biddulph Travel Experiences

Update 2020

Well, here I am still blogging, but actually more frequently than my promised once a week. This is largely thanks to the efforts of many guest authors – the most generous of them all being Ryan Biddulph who is Blogging From Paradise. Ryan is a prolific author and blogging expert. Here is just one of his many books.

As well as increasing my frequency of blogging I have also removed several parts of this original article because they are no longer correct / relevant. Hey – the online world just changes!

For instance I removed a section in which I made reference to using Google+ which shut down in March 2019.

If even Google gets it wrong occasionally, I guess I can be forgiven too.

When I first wrote this post it was focused round my health blog, but when the supplier I was using decided I could no longer promote their products to a world-wide audience – well, I shut those sites down. The ‘world' was where my customers came from. Very few were from the UK.

My fault for putting all my eggs in one basket.

2020 Strategy – Marketing Using Artificial Intelligence

In 2020 I am focusing my attention on 2 businesses, one of which I am using to promote the other.

  1. Read my review of Royaltie – the first online marketing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence.
  2. And the business I am using it to promote is a private members club that I am using part-time to generate a retirement income. If you've ever tried to do ‘content marketing' properly you'll understand just how all consuming it can be. But if you click this link to the share club, you will see how I am using Royaltie for my social media content marketing, and it takes me 10 minutes a day.


Starting by reconsidering “How often to publish my blog” several years ago has sparked off an interesting look at what's changed online in the intervening years. Nothing stays constant – especially online.

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Angela McCall - February 26, 2013

Hello Joy,

I just love, love, love Rob Goss. It is a true blessing to be considered as his friend. He calls me “my friend.” *gently smile* He is so prompt and always eager to help anyone that comes his way. He’s a remarkable man!

Well, you know…not only Rob Goss who told me that I should only have ONE blog and ONE niche, but also Adrienne told me THAT on the phone herself. Then when I read Steve Scott’s “guest post” @ Adrienne Smith’s blog, he said the SAME THING!!!! And now I am truly convince if these people made it on just having ONE blog and ONE niche, made 5-6 figures…then they are TRULY saying something a lot. This is WISDOM. They’ve experienced it and passing it unto us!

When I asked Adrienne about healthmatters.info AND lovesexmarriage.info…she said, just let them go and have ONE BLOG. When I heard this the 2nd time around, I was on a WAKE-UP CALL!!!!!! No wonder I was getting all stressed out by having 3-7 blogs going at the same time. And oh, what a RELIEF it is just to have ONE blog to focus on!!!!! 😀

Mind you, I do have passion for “health matters” and “love & relationship” but nothing like my own personal blog that talks about my MAIN profession as a Graphic Designer and Affiliate Marketer…these are my FIRST passion compare to the rest.

Adrienne also added, if you built enough traffic on your 1st blog THEN maybe that’s the ONLY time you would start another. But, even that…it really takes time to build these traffic. Let alone reading just 5 blogs a day for me is a LOT OF WORK…these blogs are not short but long…and I do want to take my time leaving comments. Not just “hello and bye” kinda thing. I really want to spend the time and give attention to EACH of these blogs I follow. I mean I really DO care!

Anyway, I’m going for a walk with my daughter & my granddaughter. It’s soooooo NICE outside. I think springtime has come here earlier than I thought. Will talk more later. xoxo


Joy Healey - February 27, 2013

Hi Angela

Well, I’ll see how it all goes. The problem is I really don’t know what I want to focus on. The health sites have made more money – and hopefully helped more people! – than this one.

But I can’t get over the fact that if I’m looking for info on hair mineral analysis (HMA) I don’t want to read some burblings about Internet Marketing and the trials of getting my HMA site online. I (as potential customer) don’t care how hard Joy finds online marketing, I just want to know about hair analysis. LOL

I still cannot believe you have a granddaughter!!! Lucky you if the weather is starting to improve. It’s cold and miserable here in the UK, but at least the nights are getting lighter which is always more cheerful.

Catch up soon, Joy

Utkarsh Bhatt - February 27, 2013

Just like most of the bloggers, I am also not able to decide when to post. Thanks to the bloggers like you, some things can go to my mind.

    Joy Healey - February 27, 2013

    It’s good to know I’m not the only one with problems setting a schedule. Thanks for dropping by. Please come back soon 🙂


Masini Spalat - February 28, 2013

I always try to publish when I got great ideas.. or at least interesting ones, otherwise I prefer to wait 😀 boring people might make people blacklist you

    Joy Healey - February 28, 2013

    Excellent point. I’m keeping a note of ideas now. It’s so easy to forget them!!
    Thanks for dropping by. Joy

Sue Worthington - February 28, 2013

Hi Joy

Interesting read on Robert’s blog but not sure I totally agree – I see his point though but I usually post more often than once per week.

Now one blog, yes absolutely agree – find your one focus and work on that and that alone – you MUST do this – been there and took a long time to realise you have got to have one focus.

I use my blog to post tips and info and video reviews too – when I send emails to my ‘list’ ( my treasured customers) I like to give info, so if I put that info on my blog it is easier to write an email and include a link to the blog post, so I feel I am giving value rather than just making offers.

Thank you so much for your kind words about my training – that makes it all worthwhile – to know that you are getting benefit from it – you have made my day – thank you!


    Joy Healey - February 28, 2013

    Perhaps I should make “focus” my “Talk to Sue” topic!

    Your training has been great (still is!)

    Please keep up the good work. Joy

Jijin Mohan - March 17, 2013

I heard regular publishing will also fetch us better pr updates in future,but sometimes its very hard to keep regular intervals.

    Joy Healey - March 17, 2013

    Hi Jijin

    I’ve heard the same thing, although I don’t know if it’s still the case as some people say PR is less important now.

    Quality is “the thing”. But I think that to provide regular updates is good common sense to keep in front of clients/readers.

Kirk - June 27, 2013

In my own experience and in talking to other bloggers I find that timing issues vary quite a bit from blog to blog depending upon its audience and topic

    Joy Healey - June 29, 2013

    Hi Kirk

    Yes, the frequency of publishing I receive from other bloggers is very variable. Anyway, will see how I go with a revised schedule.

    Thanks for dropping by. Joy

Mark - January 1, 2015

Nice post Joy!

As long as you’ve found a sweet spot in terms of what’s comfortable
for you and you feel it helps you create your best content consistently.

Then whatever number of times per week that is, then I say go for it!

Every bodies readership is slightly different.Thanks for sharing Rob’s post, it’s the first time I had a chance to read his material and while there,several
of recent post had some very interesting titles.

So I’ll definitely be spending a little time there.

Also, I clicked over to check out Sue Worthington’s social media training course,and at first glance it definitely looks like it’s very content rich!

Thanks for sharing both resources!

    Joy Healey - January 2, 2015

    Hi Mark,

    Great that you explored one of my older posts and I’m pleased to have introduced you to Rob’s work, and Sue’s. As an aside, perhaps that shows that my new Related Post plugin is working!

    I’ve been one of Sue’s students for quite a while now and she never fails to over-deliver.

    Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year, Joy

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