Stressed man and technology overloadOh dear. Last week's post found me frustrated because I had to take a side-ways stop and remove Jetpack, then find a a different way to subscribe to my blog. This I thought I had managed to do, but “things” fell apart and Google decided my PC had been attacked by malware and gremlins.

I run MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) and thought that would keep me covered, but I must have picked up some “nasty”, which I still don't think I've cleared – and no real idea how to. A friend advised me to run CW Shredder, SPybot, C.Cleaner and AdAware, which I have done, but, although the PC seems to be running better, Google is still complaining. My blogging trials seem never ending.

As an aside, I went to see my grand-daughter last Wednesday. She's almost nine months old and at the stage where she is on the verge of walking. She stands next to a piece of furniture, steadies herself, then lets go of her support, waves her hands in the air triumphantly for about three seconds then collapses on her bottom with a bump.

This reminds me of my blogging career. I think I'm getting somewhere, then it all comes down to earth with a crash and I find myself back with yet another mess to unravel. It's easy to forget that the idea of all this blogging was to be writing informative posts about Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA). I seem to spend more time researching WordPress settings, plugins and Internet Marketing techniques than HMA.

Anyway, like my grand-daughter, I keep dragging myself back up off the floor again to have another go.

Actually my paid work is still keeping me very much tied to the keyboard for the moment. After I spend time on that, it's all I can do to manage my weekly blog posts, together with commenting and working my way through emails.

The other day I downloaded a time logging program (  to try and fathom out where the days go – and more to the point – what I do all day.

It started off looking good, but then it blotted its copy-book by telling me off for working too long without a break. I was in full flow steaming through a blog-post and it told me to have a break. Yeah right!

Then – just to be be contrary – when I was doing a different type of work (that needed some pauses for concentration and thought) if I stopped hammering the keys for more than a few minutes, it would prompt me: “It's a bit quiet out there – are you still working?” Big brother is watching!

Both of these extremes were distracting to say the least so I've turned TimeDoctor off for the moment! With luck there will be settings I can modify to train it to my very erratic style of work.

So – another poor productivity week on the blogging front, but at least I'm earning well through other matters.

The good news was that Sunday was Mothering Sunday in the UK and both my boys (now men!) came to see me and took me out for a delicious meal. Next week is another week and I'll hope for better progress ….