Starting An Online Business?

If you're looking to start an online business, part-time or full-time, chances are I've gone through (and survived) the pains you may experience. Starting with how to get your website on-line! This could be an updated or new website for a conventional, offline business. Or you could be looking to start an online business from home.

I am especially mindful of the needs of people like me who didn't make the best of pension provisions and are now looking to start an online business to supplement retirement income.

Online Business Services From Joy Healey

First off, you may want to know a little more about me.

If you think we could be a good fit for each other, you are invited to request a free 30 minute chat (no obligations) to explore your options. See my Contact page.

If I'm not the right person to do what you need, there's a good chance I know someone who will be just right for you. I work with a team of trusted professionals, built up over many years, and will only recommend someone whose work I believe in.

You may want to discuss the type of business to set up and I'll be happy to share my experiences (good and bad).

If you already know what your business is, here are some of the other questions you may want to discuss.

Blog or Website?

Online business services to help grow your business

Some small businesses market their services on social media because it's free. Along with many others I think this is a mistake, as you don't own the platform and the site could shut you down for any reason. Think that's alarmist? Well it happened to me and I never found out why!

So instead I believe you should own your own website.

This site that you're looking at is a blog – personally I add new content to it every week, but it's your choice how often to add content. You could even set it up and add NO regularly content, just update the static pages.

Some small businesses may not have the time to maintain a blog. For instance, an electrician (or other trade) may just want to be found quickly online, and give bare contact details to potential clients.

Whatever type of website you choose, it's vital that it's mobile friendly

So, for most businesses with no existing website I recommend the use of a mobile-enabled (responsive) blog – for many reasons that are detailed in my Amazon book “Grow Your Business – A Crash Course in Online Marketing“, currently available at a low special price.

My book explains how to get your site setup without spending a ton of cash.

Once your blog is set up, you have the flexibility of handling your own site management, or sub-contracting your online business services out.

It's all explained in the book.

Why spend time on website creation when you can be spending time on the aspects of your business that you are really good at?  Let's explore this a little more….

Web Design Service

Some people tell me “It's easy to create a blog, why would I pay for it to be done?”  Yes, it IS easy to start a blog, but it's also very easy to get it wrong and then spend hours and hours adding on the bells and whistles (and protection against hackers) that you should have added in the first place.

A few years ago I used to offer a web design service. Here's a site I created a few years ago:

But because YOU have your own ideas, I now believe you should be heavily involved in the design of your own site and that would cost many hours of my time, so I recommend you spend just a few pounds / dollars on my book and do it yourself. Once your blog is created you will know how to update it yourself, as site-owner Jayn-Lee does.

Learn Affiliate Marketing With MOS

Learn Affiliate Marketing

There's a lot to learn about online marketing – I found out the hard way by trying to do it all myself.

The easiest way to start is with Affiliate Marketing – but even that needs some studying. If you just throw up some affiliate links (like I did) you'll be very disappointed.

Instead of letting you learn the hard, here's a free training course that will take you step by step through the whole process of learning how to do Affiliate Marketing like a professional instead of like an amateur.

Obviously you can try and learn everything yourself (like I did), but time is the most precious resource we have and I wasted so much time (not to mention stress) trying to go my own way.

Click here for MOS Step By Step Free Affiliate Marketing Training.

Learn List Building

Now List Building is covered in a completely beginner friendly way in the free course I recommend above – which also teaches you how to have your own authority blog.

Whether you want your own blog or not, you'll learn a lot from it. So do register for the free affiliate marketing course here.

But if you're not worried about having your own blog, you still mustn't miss out of building your own email list.Trust me – it's never too early to start building an email list!

So here is a VERY DIFFERENT free list building training. Please note: although the skills are transferable, this training is mainly for those in the ‘Online Business Opportunity' marketplace.

I have learned a lot in this group and there's a lot of help available, but unquestionably I found the first (MOS) free affiliate marketing course more straightforward. It is also more applicable to anyone in any more conventional business that the ‘Work from Home' marketplace.

Register for both and see why approach you prefer.

But whatever type of business you choose, the biggest question you need to address is your auto-responder.

Vital Tool For Email Marketing

Yes – the most essential of all online business services is an auto-responder which is a tool that captures your visitors' contact details (via a squeeze page) and lets you legitimately email people who expressed interest in your site / products, but didn't buy first time. So you ‘follow-up' with more information using an auto-responder.

To take a trial / learn more about one of the industry standard auto-responders click here.

Their support and training is excellent and it's very afordable.

When you have your autoresponder in place….

How Will You Get Visitors?

The most wonderful website in the world is no good to your business if no-one sees it. Do you need:

  • Local traffic (for instance for a plumber or electrician)
  • Country-based traffic (for instance for a product that can be supplied by post)
  • World-wide (e.g. if you have a downloadable information product, available to a niche market)

Probably the cheapest way to get visitors to your offers is with free traffic (NOT paid adverts) from your Facebook profile.  I didn't think I could do that, but this very low cost course changed all that.

Click here for Free Traffic From Facebook (affiliate link).

Rather than relying on one source of traffic you will probably want to consider several sources:

  • Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc)
  • Paid Traffic (choose wisely there are some sharks out there!)
  • Forum advertising
  • Community Marketing (time consuming but very effective)
  • Getting Found In Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization)

Much of this is covered in the Free Affiliate Marketing Training course here.

So What Next?

That was a whirl-wind tour through what you need to become a successful online marketer, because what's appropriate for one person is totally wrong for another.

So please let me will tailor a package to your needs by having a no-obligation chat.

If you're looking for coaching services I don't offer them! But I know several people who do, and we can explore which coach might be best for you as some are better than others, let's just say 🙂 Coaching is NOT always the best solution.

Please contact me here with brief notes of how I can help you, and times when you'd be available to chat. I work on London/UK time so I'm sure we can find a mutually convenient time.