how to keep network marketers in your teamOne of the biggest challenges in Network Marketing (MLM) is how to keep network marketers in your team.

(Updated September 2023).

In the big teams I have built in my past, the depressing statistic was always how quickly people gave up when they didn't see immediate success – in fact when they realised that there was some ‘work' involved in (ANY!) business.

It wasn't just in my team / business – here's an independent statistic.

  • 50% of people who start participating in an MLM business abandon it within the first year (and other equally depressing stats about low earnings in the industry).  Source: The Modern Gentleman

If you're continually having to replace customers / distributors you'll soon run out of steam (and contacts).

But don't go – I have a solution.

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Let's first explore the problem a bit…

Why Do People Fail In MLM?

Well, put simply, they fail because they quit, and they quit because, in many companies:

  • they have to make a product purchase to stay ‘active' and,
  • horrors, they haven't sold or used the stock they had to buy to qualify last month and,
  • they see similar products in the local shop – and they're at lower prices and,
  • they see a distributor in their team has quit, so needs replacing, so…
  • they think: “Oh, this is too hard” and pack up, having lost money, but with a pile of stock on hand.
  • Sometimes they will tell everyone whom they'd previously tried to recruit that, yes, they were right, network marketing is a scam.

Solution To All Those MLM Problems

The home business I recommend solves all those problems with a plan to keep network marketers in your team the like of which I've never seen before. (And yes, I know you've heard it all before… I felt like that until I really concentrated on how it works.)

The difference is…

A Product No-one Should Be Without

  • An affordable product that's essential to everyone with a cell-phone and / or PC (i.e. lots of people!)
  • A unique business in the home business industry – no need to compete with 25+ health and wellness businesses, plus the local shops
  • The best way to run the business is to make an income by building a team and the product itself will keep network marketers in your team.
  • You CAN make an income even without making sales yourself, but I won't B/S you. You'll need to be patient. It's faster if everyone aims to make at least one sale. (One team member made 5 sales in 1 day in his first week, and even more sales came in later in the week!)

No Need To Hold Stock

Because this is a digital (online) product.

Many years ago when I started in product-based MLMs I had boxes and boxes of stock – partly because I was trying to predict what customers would want to buy from me (yes I had to go round local shows and SELL to real live people) – and partly because I was buying to satisfy monthly product targets.

In the age of the Internet most distributors wouldn't even consider an MLM business where their customers couldn't buy online.

Although sadly I know of previously successful distributors who are struggling now because their customers don't understand the ‘loyalty' model. These customers just buy from head office, any distributor they bump into online, or even eBay, where disillusioned distributors dump their unsold ‘stock'. No matter whether company policy prohibits it or not. If you've quit, you don't care about company rules – you just to unload excess stock at whatever you can get for it.

How To Find Out More

You can pre-enrol free – to look at what's on offer and understand the marketing plan.

To use the product you need to upgrade ($9.97 a month plus one-off $40 set up if you choose to be a re-seller and make an income).


You Find MLM Hard To Promote?

So do most people! Because they suck at it. The average distributor does nothing, so earns nothing. But our company training is set to turn you into an ‘Above average' distributor – making one or more sales.

With our company your upline team is helping you by building your business, and when you have a team of paid members ‘under you' it's so much easier to introduce others to a successful business.

Help For Those Who Find Promotion Hard….

One way we help is that we have a team rotator to help everyone find customers.

I run 3 off-line businesses that keep me extremely busy, so I need something that's easy to promote and I have devised a system for myself, and to help others.

  • Answer a few simple questions and I'll give you personalised advice.
  • The company materials are very professional and comprehensive.
  • There is detailed training to learn every aspect of the back-office (it's in the FAQ section) and there's a full YouTube channel.
  • It even includes a mailing system to contact pre-enrolles and paid members.
  • As you see your own rewards and income accumulate you may decide to share the product with others.
  • If YOU introduce people YOU are in control of how your team is built, not someone else.
  • Most important of all hang on in there while the team is built by successful members. Most people quit far too soon, for the reasons described above – which this plan has demolished.
  • Why would you cancel a $9.97 subscription for a product that's essential to anyone who has a cell-phone or computer?


How to Keep Network Marketers In Your Team

There are three reasons this is a winner for members:

  1. Low cost – $9.97 a month for the chance to build a business is an insanely low price. (The business is already in 101 countries and that's expanding.)
  2. Simple, single digital product. You do not have to make extra purchases to benefit.
  3. You can receive a passive income as the team expands. (That said, it's a business – definitely not a get-rich quick scheme – so your income will be higher if you make a few personal sales.)

But who would quit when they have a team, being built for them?

There's a lot to get your head round here…. and if you want full details you can Contact Me

The business is expanding fast. Tell your friends before they tell you.

So the smart move is to lock in a Paid Member position now and then start to fully understand the system by exploring the site and the product.

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