Let me tell you up-front, that if you are looking for a completely free way to build an online business, you will pay for it in TIME!

There really is no such thing as a free lunch. (I explain why, further down.)

But if you want to learn, and you're willing to spend the time, here are 3 resources I can suggest to you. (All of them will recommend ways to speed things up by spending a little money – but you can, of course, choose to ignore these suggestions and extend the time taken by sticking completely with free.)

Rather than producing your own product – which is great IF you have the skill you will need – or deep pockets to pay for help, I recommend you start to build your business online using affiliate marketing – which is making money selling other people's products and sharing the commission with the product producer.

1) Free Training in Facebook Group

One very large affiliate marketer has taken the unusual step of bringing together a group of aspiring and expert affiliate marketers and training them to make money online at no cost. (In fact when you complete his free training, he even starts you off with $20 in your commission account.)


Simple! He's training you to sell his own (and other) products and sharing the commission with you in a more generous way than I've ever seen before – except for those with an ulterior motive – which he'll explain in the group. And if you know NOTHING else, you need to learn the dirty secret of most affiliate marketers. When I figured it out for myself (at enormous expense) I was in total disbelief – but back then I was too trusting.

In contrast to most big affiliate marketers, I believe this guy is completely genuine in his desire to help newbies make money online. And to do this he provides all the marketing materials that most people find SO difficult to produce themselves. Graphics, banners, videos, best ways to find traffic (visitors to your offer).

So – he makes money when you sell his products. And so do you, as long as you apply the training.

Furthermore, it's a two-level affiliate system which means that you can also earn commissions on the sales of others who join the group through your link. (Everything is fully explained within the membership site that comes free when you join us.)

Due to shortage of time, introducing others is the way I've mainly earned from within the group – although I have made a few sales myself, so I know it works.

You'll find a series of videos that you can follow, at your own pace, pausing and replaying if you need to.

If you join the free training group through my link HERE I will be your mentor, and I have backup from my own mentor and the rest of the group.

This (method 1) is the best way I can see where you can 100% make an online income with zero outlay. But you must follow the training and work at it. Money doesn't fall from the sky and into your bank account.

The Money's In The List….

One thing I, and any other successful marketer will tell you, is that the only way to make money online is to have a list of your own contacts that you will email regularly.

It's VERY unusual for someone to make a purchase the first time they see your offer.

After trying for many years to make money online, I only started receiving an online income when I started building my own list and emailing them regularly.

The training above will show you how to do that.

No Money To Build An Online Business?affiliate marketing vs own product

I'm afraid the myth about free businesses online is just that – a myth. If no-one is spending money, there's no profit to distribute! It's not magic and it's not charity. It's business.

There was a time, in the wild-west of the Internet when you could throw up a page and make money online. But it's long past.

It's not what you want to hear, but it's the truth.

The methods above will get you started (especially method 1) but unless you have endless time to put into generating ‘free' traffic you may struggle.

If you seriously have no money to put into an online business, start with method 1, and the biggest favor you can do yourself is to go and earn some:

  • Washing cars,
  • Washing dishes
  • Selling on eBay.
  • Or cut out an expense – maybe your TV subscription or one take-away or outing per month.

Faster profits can come by paying for help and training. The Facebook training group gives away the most free training and the most affordable addon products I have seen. I bought two of them at a life-time cost of $13! If you can't afford that sort of money to get help with your business, you seriously should be considering whether building a business online is best left to others.

Ongoing Help

Whichever of these offers of help you choose, you will also receive free tips and updates from me to help you on the road to online success.

Furthermore, anyone who is a subscriber to one of my mailing lists is welcome to contact me with questions and I'll give you whatever information I can.

Blogging After Dark


Remember….. building an online business isn't as easy as “they” would like you to believe.

I have burned the midnight oil many a time fighting problems, with the result that now I can help you avoid the mistakes I made, starting an online business.

If you have questions about anything in the Internet Marketing niche, please reach out to me here.

Although I don't have the answers to everything, I'm a member of some great groups and I can ask some of my friends in those.

Time To Work From Home

Tragically in the pandemic that started in late March 2020 and the months that followed, many people discovered just how important it is to have a second income stream. I want to help you do that.  When you join the free affiliate marketing training program above you will receive further training and updates about new ideas and tools that I have tested and found to work. Also I will be assigned as your mentor to help you through the training.