About Me and my Retirement Income Business 1Blogging After Dark !

Are you trying to start a retirement income business part-time? Learn a little about me and if you think we're a good fit for each other let me offer you a free consultation as I can really relate to your challenges – because I run my online business alongside a busy offline business.

My name is Joy Healey, from Norwich in the UK, and you can read more about me as a person, and how I got into Internet Marketing, further down.

My online business goal is to provide a supplementary income for my retirement, to maintain the comfortable lifestyle I have now. (But for which I forgot to plan.)

When work from my offline clients is “all done and dusted” I spend time developing my online business – but when my offline clients send me work I have to put them first. Because they pay me very well 🙂

So you'll find me Blogging After Dark…. when most sane people are asleep, watching TV, or enjoying a social life. I guess my blog kept alive my childhood dreams of being a writer. Goal accomplished late 2019 – see below.

How I Can Help You

build multiple streams of incomeI believe in multiple streams of income, for security, and to cater for different choices. To see mine ==> click here.

My main aim is to prevent newcomers to online retirement income business from making the mistakes I made getting online.

Is that YOU? Or – if you're not new to online business, perhaps you have spent many years trying to ‘make it' but still struggling.

It's not your fault, you have probably been lied to.

What I will tell you is that it's really tough to make it alone. You need help from people who have also been where you are now and made it through the struggles.

If you will let me, I can save you:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Frustration
  • Stress

Joy Healey – “Retirement Income” Coach

You CAN start an online business in your spare time. It's harder because you're short of time – but on the other hand you may already have the security of an income, and be able divert some of that into paid resources / training to work smart rather than hard.

Follow my progress, on this blog, and I'll tell you what has and hasn't worked for me, so you can avoid my mistakes.

The skills I have learned in a lifetime of self-employment and years of offline business are transferable. So take advantage of my contacts, experiences and training. If I don't know how to do something, I have trusted colleagues to turn to for solutions and will be happy to point you in their direction.

Claim A Free Consultation

I have made more than my fair share of mistakes online; YOU needn't!

If anyone is serious about starting an online business I'm happy to have a chat about your chosen topic. (With the kindest of intentions I don't want to join any other businesses – I have everything I want.)

What We Can Discuss

First we need to establish what type of online business you want to run. I have particular expertise in 3 areas:

  • List-building – a vital part of any business model, offline or online.
  • Network Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

I have years of experience online – some of it good and some of it bad, and I'm happy to share that with you.

But whether we talk or not, here is what you need to do (if you haven't done so already).

Choose Your Online Strategy

The two strategies I have used, and happy to help you with, are Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. (List-building is essential for both of those).

From experience I know what makes a program good and happy to discuss both with you. If Network Marketing is NOT for you, we can discuss the Affiliate Marketing option. Best learn the pitfalls of both up front, before wasting time and money going down a route where you could fail.

Contact me here to request your free consultation.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is where someone else produces or supplies the product you sell, and you take a share of the profit for any sales you make. There are affiliate programs with physical products (Amazon is probably the best known) but digital products are excellent for any small entrepreneur because there's no need to buy, hold, ship stock.Internet Marketing Free Boot Camp

Affiliate marketing has been a route I tried for earning an extra income via digital products such as eBooks and training courses since I produced my own digital product (ebook) and realized exactly how much time and effort is involved in product creation – over and over again!

So I decided to promote a free training program where the main (and technical) work has been done for me, leaving me to concentrate on the promotion – which I would have to do for my own product in any case!

When you complete the free training program, you receive a certificate of achievement – like the one I received above.

I learned a lot about Affiliate Marketing, but the main thing I learned is that if you pick the wrong affiliate program owner, you are just feeding the product owner with YOUR leads. Whoops. It took me a LONG time to realise that, and it tainted my thoughts about affiliate marketing for a while.

The is NOT the case with the program above – because the owner has developed very clever software where your leads stay with you and you earn commission on most of the products the system markets for you. If you upgrade, you will earn more commissions, but you can still earn as a free student.

You can get started with a 7$ affiliate marketing training here.


I know some people have a dislike of MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing), in which case affiliate marketing above can be a better fit.


Network Marketing

It's not for everybody, but Network Marketing has been the model that's produced me the highest consistent returns over time. One advantage is, because my online business is part-time, and I'm not good with technical stuff, I like a “Done For You” business.

The main problem with network marketing is that it's over-sold, and distributors soon quit when they discover they're not even breaking even after a few weeks, and they've over-spent on a stock-pile of products they can't sell.

It caught me out a few times, so I've written extensively about how I solve the problem of distributor retention here.

In a nutshell the program I promote SAVES you money on health supplements, because it doesn't charge the inflated prices that most network marketing companies have to pay to pay their commissions. Instead, you earn from the membership fee – which also means that you only need to purchase products when you need them – no monthly auto-ship.

Best of all there is no requirement to promote the business to earn commissions. When you take an upgraded membership ($49.95 in month 1 and then just $9.95 a month after that) our team of experienced members will promote your site for you. (No guarantees of when you'll start making commissions. If you want guarantees you're welcome to add your own marketing efforts to ours.)

There's a lot to this business – please click here to watch a very short video to learn more and receive informational emails. Then register free and contact me about our private Facebook group where you can watch a video that explains in depth how this plan works.


Selling Physical Products?

If you like the idea of a physical product, you may like to study eBay, Amazon and eCommerce shops. (Open a free eCommerce shop here.)

They're all good models where people can make money, but I never managed to, sadly.

I prefer digital products, many of which are found in affiliate marketing – eBooks, training courses, webinars etc.

Whichever model appeals to you, it's important to be realistic and choose the right business for your time and finance available and to realise that sales won't just happen automatically.

As mentioned earlier, my whole reason for starting an online business was because I hadn't planned properly for a retirement income.

Here's something else I found:

Retirement Savings Plan

As I hunted for an ‘alternative' retirement savings plan, a friend introduced me to a Private Members Club that suits me well because (a) there no monthly sales targets to meet (b) recruiting is completely optional, so it fits perfectly alongside my other family and business commitments. It isn't a network marketing company. It's another affiliate business – just one level of commission is paid out.

But whether I work on it any month or not, it's been paying me every month since November 2019, because of work I did when I originally joined.

About Me and my Retirement Income Business 2The club offers a low-risk way to spread a small amount of money each month over start-up companies that need funding. When we say “start-up” most of them (see partial list alongside) are already trading profitably, way beyond the dreams of most online entrepreneurs.

Imagine how comfortable financially you'd be if you'd had an early stake in Uber, or Amazon, or Facebook. You probably didn't and I certainly didn't.

What about Zoom shares? Another one I missed LOL

But via the club I have small stakes in the companies shown, and several others. Some have had amazing growth over the last couple of years, even during the pandemic. Some (the wine club) flourished because of it!

Of course – like many other businesses, some have floundered, but that's the truth with real world business, and because my stake in each is tiny, I can sit it out and wait for recovery, balanced by the more successful companies. One of my original favourite companies would have collapsed in the pandemic, except for the fact that the club's management sourced alternative financing and they have been rescued by a publicly listed company whose management team has of years successful experience in the same sector.

It's unlikely that any of “my” companies will grow to match the likes of Amazon – but who knows? Some are already extremely profitable and poised for stock market launch, or take-over.

My risk is minimised because of the wide spread of businesses, and because the club is involved in the companies' day-to-day management.

There's no compulsion to promote the club, I just saw it as a way to save in an alternative way (i.e. better returns than letting the bank erode my spare cash with pathetic interest rates).

The club is available to most countries in the world and you can subscribe in GBP, USD, or Euros.

To learn how the mega wealthy make their money, and your low risk opportunity for a small slice of the action, click here. Open a free account to look round the club and see the quality of the companies involved. It costs nothing to look.

So that's all about my businesses.

Joy Healey – Author

From my earliest years I have always enjoyed writing, and once had ambitions to become an author. Of course that was firmly stamped out of me with warnings about how hard it would be. And I guess in “the bad old days” it was probably the right advice.

Here are some of my early experiences….

About Me and my Retirement Income Business 3

  • In junior school I won the “Cadbury Essay Prize” and received a stack of Cadbury's chocolate bars almost as tall as I was. Wish I had a photo, but that was in the days when a roll of film was a luxury item and not likely to be on hand for an unexpected prize winner.
  • My first fiction stories were published when I was just 12 years old! A friend of my Dad's was a publisher and needed some content written for children's books he was publishing. So for the enormous sum of £25, I hammered out 6 stories on Mum's typewriter.
  • In secondary school I won another prize for essay writing – “Journey Through The Night”. This was a true life journey which went badly wrong at Doncaster Station. It wouldn't be scary now, but when you're 14, it's a different story.
  • More mundanely I wrote software documentation for several packages that probably no longer exist!
  • In more recent years I was sub-editor and contributor to “The Nutrition Practitioner” – a peer reviewed journal for nutritionists.

Joy Healey on Amazon

In November 2019 I achieved my goal to become a published author on Amazon with my book “Grow Your Business: A crash course in online marketing“. 

The book will help you if you are a small business wanting to develop your online presence on minimum budget. But time will be needed to implement the strategies.

My book is mostly tailored to conventional, established businesses, rather than those looking  to ‘Work from home'. While it's possible to earn a full-time income blogging, my friend Ryan Biddulph has done it by publishing thousands of articles and many blogging ebooks on Amazon.

To be completely honest, my book is about starting a blog the DIY method, which I learned the hard way and made MANY mistakes.

Were I to start my blog from scratch I'd use a community with proper training and support. Click >> here << to discover a better way of setting up your blog.

About Me and my Retirement Income Business 4


What Is Best For YOU?

That depends on many factors. What your previous experiences are, and what budgets of time and money you have available.

I'm happy to discuss with you which is most suitable for you.


Below is a little about “me”, the person behind (or in front of!) the business.

My Story Started A Long Time Ago…

My business story, that is!  It's too long a story to tell in full, but here are the main milestones:

  • I have been self-employed in the Information Technology industry for over 30 years now, as director of a software development company which, to this day, supports clients with bespoke software.
  • My very first software client is still a happy customer, and that business runs along well without too much intervention – leaving me to pursue other interests, one of which was complementary therapy, and – in particular – migraine.
  • I got so fascinated by all the different ways to prevent and treat migraine that I wrote an eBook on the subject – and decided to sell it online – like you do, before you realize “It's not as easy as that!”

Several Headaches Later……

About Me and my Retirement Income Business 5To cut a VERY long story short, selling my complementary health eBook online wasn't the “walk in the park” I imagined it would be, even with all my years in the computer industry! But I did it, because I'm such a glutton for punishment.

After this experience I decided to concentrate on “done-for-you” businesses because – to be completely honest – even when I'd “put my all” into producing the eBook, there were far better ones available!

If I had realized the importance of investing in training, I would have got started online faster instead of “teaching myself”.

  • During my “fight to get online” I made so many mistakes I still can't believe I didn't just “give up”. But I'm far too stubborn for that… and I learned such a lot.
  • I'm still learning, because the best Internet Marketers agree that, as in life, if you stop learning, you slip backwards.
  • Of course it's easier for me now, because over the years I have built up a network of trusted colleagues that I can turn to for help.

Joy Healey The Offline Person!

That was “Joy Healey the business-person”, now I'd like to introduce you to “the real Joy Healey”.


  • In 2018 I moved from the suburbs of London to the beautiful city of Norwich, UK and have two sons, two grand-daughters and two grand-dogs: Ossie and Dog-Dog. (Bailey – shown on the left sadly passed over the rainbow bridge but I can't bring myself to remove him from my blog.)
  • My elder son, Russ, is the computing genius who helps my business by rescuing me when technology gets the better of me – all too often! He has an IT degree and worked for 7 years as a network support engineer for a major international company until redundancy struck. He is now pursuing his own business, and supporting mine!
  • My younger son, Matt, has a successful property business. He keeps my house comfortable, looking just the way I want it – and in good repair.
  • I'm blessed that they both have lovely ladies who let me share in their lives.
  • I also have two beautiful grand-daughters
  • In my personal life I'm a confirmed workaholic, but very undomesticated round the house. (My online earnings help finance the luxury of a cleaner and gardener.)
  • I enjoy good food, good wine and….. CHOCOLATE!
  • In my state of semi-retirement, one of my hobbies is  line-dancing, and another is yoga. Both are exercise for the body and mind.
  • I love reading – crime fiction mostly – but my book club introduces me to a wider variety of titles.
  • I'm a member of a local book group, the New Costessey Evening Women's Institute and and an Over 50s Club (O50) both of which have fascinating talks and plenty of outings.
  • I also enjoy and value the companionship of my Church's Bible Study group.


So there's a whirlwind tour of my life and “out-of-working-hours” interests to date. No wonder I hardly ever get to bed before 2am. You can usually find me “Blogging After Dark“.

Before you go, remember to contact me and suggest convenient times for your free half hour chat about retirement income business strategies. Talk soon!